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A comment in today's Ask Me Anything diary by elfling, piqued my curiosity about what lies hidden in the Hidden Comments. I don't generally spend much time there finding that my life is already too short, but the comments in today's diary made me feel I may have missed something thanks to our new super-dooper, high-efficiency robotic spam-killing machine.

So, I went into the Hiddens and found some of the following gems that you too, may have missed and really need to complete you as a person.

All the way through EHR, doctors in numerous locations can at the similar time recover documentation used for the same patient. This is for the reason by EHR, files are not stored in physical locations, but in databases, making them more accessible to doctors and former medical staff.
And speaking, I think, of medical devices:
Balloon catheter indwelling catheterization of patients who need to bring the gospel in clinical applications more widely, but with the increase of its application, catheter removal difficult situations are also increasingly common.
Totally unrelated is this poetic paean to our need, our very adoration, for automobile money alternatives:
Travellers car – they have been your adoration, need, high-closure, procuring individual. Secured automobile money alternatives will be extended world along all the loan economy. Purchasing an auto or an entire new car is without a doubt a charming excursion with secured auto financing. According that will National Statistics' previously a-year research, additional men and ladies in Britain have an excess of than couple of autos rather than no auto in any case. With an amazingly change in today's condition your need for autos has improved into precondition. To purchase a secured automobile account is when simple the way it is confused. With this colossal pack of secured car fund elective, you may even pick one which sparkles your brightest. Be that as it may all the sparkles are not by any stretch of the imagination gold. It is to a degree correct having secured automobile account. They might maybe appear all of alluring and promoted utilizing 0% Apr the last thought is, it still won't show to be your secured auto advance package type.
If not a car, perhaps it is a project that may cause your sparkles to brighten:
Experts claim that whereas there is an excess of projects in the LUCKNOW city. Moreover, there is hardly any project that is on the verge of completion this year as results of an individual are reluctant to put money into new projects.

Then there were a series of diaries about mining equipment. I think.

A Jaw Crusher

Domestic mining equipment industry, Hongxing Jaw Crusher in the capacity as well as the effectiveness of superiority has not go beyond. Hongxing JC series jaw crusher movement is one of the world"s most advanced and proven four-link mechanical design theory, increases the crushing chamber bidirectional nip angle, short brackets put on a large angle to reduce the transmission angle and eccentricity, improve product performance and reliability.
A Vibrating Feeder
Vibrating feeder is also called the vibrating feeder. Vibrating feeder in the process of production, but the massive, granular materials from the storage bin evenly, timing, and continuously give into the device, can be broken in the sand and gravel production line continuous evenly feed machinery, and carries on the coarse screening for material, widely used in metallurgy, coal mine, dressing, building materials, chemical, abrasive and other industries crushing and screening combination equipment.
And a Ball Mill
Ball mill is a kind of heavy machinery manufacturing, in the work often have large noise, the use of operator is very helpless, that almost all the hope ball mill can like other small machinery as quiet work.
If your roommate has a mother-in-law, doesn't that mean you are living with a married person?
my roomate's mother-in-law makes $77/hr on the internet. She has been fired from work for seven months but last month her payment was $19383 just working on the internet for a few hours. see post....
With these, if you have seen one, you have seem them all. Of interest is only the relationships:
  • my buddy's sister-in-law makes $88 every hour on the computer
  • my roomate's aunt makes $88/hour on the computer
  • my co-worker's half-sister makes $73 every hour on the internet
  • my roomate's mother-in-law makes $77/hr on the internet.
If money doesn't appeal, a home pc will get you a Mercedes, a macbook air only a used Caddy.
  • My Uncle John just got blue Mercedes-Benz E-Class Hybrid only from working off a home pc.
  • My Uncle Joshua got a six-month old Cadillac Escalade just by working online with a macbook air
This diary taught us a handy way to prevent our skin pores from falling asleep:
After finishing your exercise session in the fitness center, ensure that you bath to be able to get rid of sweating. The warm shower will certainly eliminate almost all remnants of sweat and germs which will trigger itchiness and clog your skin pores. Whenever taking a shower, make use of warm water to open your skin pores awake.
One diarist wanted to help obtaining a small business loan
Obtaining a small business loan help the business owners to get the small business loans they desire for their business.
And he followed up with this diary:
Do you know about the likely fascinating factors undefined reap from getting a business loan from financial lender? Let’s discuss few of the many good factors undefined reap from getting a loan from a business loan lender.
But this is my all time favorite and reminds me of nothing so much as trip into the mind of Sarah Palin:
Catch in turn at this time is someplace the orb is the preeminent and the largest part complete in turn regarding the orb inside the people and abroad, for the reason that we at all times provide a variety of in turn linked to the orb you are in the humankind.

Here, all covered with a very complete and detailed so as to appoint you feel by household on behalf of a long-long look by all the in turn with the aim of are at this time, on behalf of you are a right football fan you ought to at all times admire the news we at all times hand over, for the reason that the in turn you understand will be very beneficial on behalf of you so everything becomes fascinating

EDIT: I just wanted to note that if any of these comments and/or diaries were written by sincere posters for whom English was a second or perhaps third language I would not have included them here. But these are all hidden comments/diaries from spammers and they just don't get the same respect from me. If you are going to spam a site, you should use the correct language.

EDIT #2: These excerpts are not from hidden comments (okay, the make money online ones were, and if inappropriate I will delete) but from diaries whose tip jars were hidden. The diaries are still around for all to read, but you will have to find them yourselves.

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