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Over $238,000?  Those are liberal contributions from Washington.  This Matt Silverstein guy can't beat me!
Big announcement coming from Matt Silverstein, James Inhofe's Democratic Challenger in the 2014 Oklahoma U.S. Senate race.

Details below per Silverstein's Facebook page:

Status Update
By Matt Silverstein

Please SHARE our Facebook Page !!

We are excited to report that our campaign is really starting to build momentum !! We filed our candidacy on June 7, 2013 and in less than 4 months, because of supporters like you, we have brought in over $238,000.

We need your help to keep our momentum going. Please SHARE our Facebook page with your friends and them to LIKE our page and tell them it's time for fresh, new, independent leaders.

Thank you for your support !

~ Matt

In addition, looks like one Republican voter in Oklahoma is voicing his support:

Larry Sturgill

Count me as a Republican for Silverstein.

Like ·  · 7 hours ago

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Note that with over $238,000 reported by Matt Silverstein, this has potential to eclipse what 2008 U.S. Senate Candidate Andrew Rice had up to April 2008, when Laura Clawson reported he raced $431,000 total at that time.

This difference this time is that Matt Silverstein has a potential to be an even more credible candidate than Rice was in 2006.

Okiedem51 commented on one of my previous diaries the following about Silverstein:

I've met Matt, too (0+ / 0-)

And he's so much more viable than Andrew Rice it isn't worth mentioning.  Rice ran admitting he was a liberal and was on the same ballot as Obama.  

Matt is a businessman who is attacking Inhofe for wasteful spending and clearly draws a line between smart investing in things like education and science and wasteful spending like Inhofe handing out contracts to his buddies who fund his campaign.  

Another thing Matt has that Rice did not -- GOOD POLLSTERS and FIRE in the belly.  

by okiedem51 on Mon Sep 02, 2013 at 05:10:25 PM PDT

Now here's the big question:  At some point, will Michael Bennet and the DSCC get involved?

Here's the first video I found of Matt Silverstein speaking.  He's sure fired up!

In addition, Silverstein also has this posted on his Facebook page to indicate what kind of person he would be as U.S. Senator:

In addition, Silverstein is looking to be a big fighter on income inequality and poverty:
For any of you who didn't catch my previous diaries on Matt Silverstein and his campaign, you can read them below:

Matt Silverstein Talks Marriage Equality and More:

Matt Silverstein writes letter to Google CEO Larry Page on fundraiser for James Inhofe:

For someone who is running in arguably the reddest state in the U.S. (unless you argue Alabama, Arkansas or Kansas take the prize), Silverstein certainly doesn't seem to be a bad candidate.

So if you're living in Oklahoma and need to have a reason to be fired up, why not get fired up about defeating the climate change denying ringleader (aka James Inhofe)?

If you're looking to support Matt Silverstein for the U.S. Senate in Oklahoma, here are the necessary links:

Matt Silverstein for U.S. Senate:





Ready to give Senator Inhofe a big ass whopping?

12%6 votes
50%25 votes
8%4 votes
2%1 votes
14%7 votes
14%7 votes

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  •  Besides money which he needs ... (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    wasatch, Nulwee

    what he wants to do is build up the grassroots by having meet-ups of 15-20 people where he can interact personally. The day I met him, he had to leave because he had another one to attend. I think he is trying to do several every week.

    Call his office and set one up ... he is very personable. As one long time Dem said, his ego does not get in his way of interacting with people.

    "I want to live in a world where George Zimmerman offered Trayvon Martin a ride home to get him out of the rain that night." Greg Martin, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida

    by CorinaR on Fri Oct 18, 2013 at 03:16:49 PM PDT

  •  Rice (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    He had an, "I'm better than you" type of attitude, and that doesn't play well with Oklahomans, especially those living in the rural areas.

    Granted, that wasn't his biggest problem, but it's a flaw a candidate shouldn't have if they are running for office.

    As an Oklahoman, it would sure as hell be nice to send Senator Inhofe back to Oklahoma permanently, but this state looks like Texas did in the early nineties; basically, Republicans will dominate for the foreseeable future.  

    •  Rice got 38% of the votes in 2008 (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      wasatch, CorinaR, Nulwee

      As CorinaR points out, Silverstein is personable.  That's a contradiction to what Rice was in 2008, at least based on your assessment.

      The big question is:  Could Silverstein get above 40% of the votes?  And could his race have an impact on Oklahoma Democratic grassroots?

      I'm not saying Silverstein is another Wendy Davis but the more I read and hear about him, the more appealing he is to the broader electorate.

      •  I'm seeing (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        Jim Inhofe campaign signs at high school stadiums during homecoming.  I work in TV so I see a lot of local football highlights.  That's a great idea, buying ads at stadiums during homecoming.

        At some point he is going to have to throw the President under the bus though.  

        The Senate has no guts. The House has no brains.

        by gossamer1234 on Fri Oct 18, 2013 at 03:36:00 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

    •  Each election is different (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      There's no doubt Republicans are more popular than Democrats in Oklahoma.  That's not the question.  The question is can this Democrat beat Inhofe ?  And I think he can.  I've been watching Oklahoma politics for a long time and I've watched things swing back and forth unpredictably.  

      This young man knows the message to win over those people who have plugged their nose and voted for Inhofe in the past.   He's definitely smart and personable but he's also tough.  He'll play well with rural guys who want to have beer with him, urban businessmen as he is a businessman, and he is very appealing to women.

      It doesn't hurt that he's very good looking and has a beautiful wife and daughter.  The optics are good.  

  •  Hoping he can make a difference. (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Hope the DSCC gets involved.

  •   Matt Silverstein could benefit from our tech (0+ / 1-)
    Recommended by:
    Hidden by:

    I'm Justin from redmeetsblue

    We are a Silicon Valley firm and have created a fundraising tool, which integrates social technologies and and allows candidates like Matt to fundraise on the Issues.

    Let me know if there is anything we can do to help Matt's campaign out.

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