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Watching this TED Talk discussion about slavery in America was like taking a punch in the stomach. I had no idea human trafficking existed so blatantly here in our own backyards.

In this video, Tony Talbott candidly talks about his feelings after his first real encounter with human slavery. It was during the Gulf War. At the age of 23, Talbott and his buddies decided to visit a bar in the Philippines called, Sweet Sixteen. He came to find out find the bar/brothel was given that name, not only because there were 16-year olds, but because there were no girls dancing or 'working' there over the age of 16. Let me rephrase; The oldest prostitute was 16 years old. Yes, I had to let that roll around in my brain for a bit, too.

This TED Talk took place in Cincinnati, A pril 2013. Talbott goes into detail as to where slavery is most prevalent in the U.S. and ironically, Dayton, Ohio has been reported to have the highest amount of human trafficking. Why does this industry continue to thrive?

"It's all about the money. Human trafficking is insanely profitable. If you really think about it, you can sell a kilo of Heroin once; you can sell a 13-year-old girl 20 times a night, 365 days a year." And you should feel a little outraged about this. You should feel upset about this. And that's great - but it's not good enough." ~ Tony Talbott
Toward the end of his discussion, Talbot encourages us to take action, and he lists a number of ways. Slavery was legally abolished 150 years ago. Illegally, it is a fact of life for many women and children.

Photo Courtesy of Salvaton Army

Special Thanks to TED Talks.
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Originally posted to Leslie Salzillo on Sun Oct 20, 2013 at 02:49 AM PDT.

Also republished by This Week in the War on Women.

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