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Ted Cruz recently told the world he thinks he is only doing what God wants.

Does that mean God also told Ted Cruz to fold in the face of the larger reality of the US Senate Vote to end the shutdown and fund the Government?

Funny Ted, your Republican-God seems to be of 'two minds' ... on the topic of "shutting down the Government"?  One day he wants it; one day he don't.

Cruz on God’s role in the shutdown:  ‘His will be done as it will be’

by David Edwards, -- Oct 14, 2013

“Where do you see God in all of this fight that’s going on in your life right now?” [CBN’s David] Brody  asked the Texas senator [at the Values Voter Summit].

Well, David, you know at every stage, my prayer to God is that His will be done,” Cruz insisted. “As it will be.”

Fox News host Mike Huckabee, however, told Brody that Cruz had probably done more harm than good for the Republican Party.

“We gave the Democrats one incredibly early Christmas gift,” Huckabee observed. “I’m not going to fault Ted. He believes what he was doing was going to be helpful. But at the end of the day, you look and you ask, ‘Are we any close to defunding Obamacare are ridding ourselves of it than we were?’ The answer is no.”

Funny Ted, Sean Hannity's radio replacement doesn't seem too keen on your recent Jeremiah antics, either.

Of course, Ted Cruz has some rarefied religious air, to co-opt and somehow live up to (some that the Huckster knows better than to find):

Of Course Michele Bachmann Believes the End Times Are Here

by  Abby Ohlheiser, -- Oct 7, 2013

Over the weekend, Rep. Michele Bachmann seemed to confirm what the congresswoman has long hinted: that she believes we are all currently living in the end of days, as fortold by the End Times scripture in the Bible. Speaking to "Understanding the Times" host Jan Markell, Bachmann connected the U.S.'s support of Syrian rebels directly to biblical prophecy that she believes outlines the signs of the end. On the show, Bachmann first falsely claims that the U.S. is funding and arming Islamic extremists in Syria, then says that based on that claim, "we are to understand where we are in God’s end times history."

Back in 2011, Mother Jones did a long, quite good, story on Bachmann's mixture of prophecy and politics.

Just give him time and Tez Cruz will probably end up Out-Bachmanning Bachmann ...

Of course, in the Religious-Republican End-times world view, "Time is Short" -- SOOO you better get cracking Ted ... Your End may be Near.

Yet those in the Faux-Religious branch of the Republican Party, may also have a say in the matter. Could be their Faux-God might finally end up telling The-Enders to "Respect Authority" ... and maybe even to 'Render their government taxes unto Caesar', too?

Religious teachings, can be "funny" that way ... so much depends on the eye of the beholder, and the individual story-lines, the reader chooses to focus on, too.

Even so, Religious Hypocrites sometimes just cannot help themselves ... it's part of their M.O.

The Ted Cruz Armageddon Is Coming

by Michael Tomasky, -- Oct 18, 2013

The elections will be crucial. If the GOP loses control of the House because of perceived Tea Party looniness, Cruz will be blamed and held accountable. As for the Senate, it’ll be just slightly more nuanced. We’re seeing now that all these Tea Party people are going to challenge establishment Republicans. If some of them win their primaries but lose the general to a Democrat -- if, say, Nancy Mace, the Citadel grad, beats Lindsey Graham but then loses in the general, giving South Carolina its first non-racist Democratic senator since Fritz Hollings, who’s probably the only non-racist Democratic senator the state has ever had -- Cruz will, again, be blamed and held accountable. But say Mace wins, and a few others do too, even if the GOP doesn’t take control of the Senate. And say the Republicans hold the House. That’s a slightly ambiguous result. But any ambiguous result is easy for a demagogue to spin into a great victory. It’s precisely the kind of thing demagogues do best.

If the results a year from now don’t give the establishment the excuse it needs to bury him, Cruz will be off to the races. And then, Armageddon will come. To whom will the establishment hand the silver cross and vial of holy water? Chris Christie? Jeb Bush? South Dakota Senator John Thune, who offends no one (not yet, anyway) and who quietly voted for the deal to reopen the government and avoid default?

This will be a war. And it just might be a war the extremists will win. Establishments have power and money, and it is true that Republican voters have typically, after all the noise, gone in the establishment direction (McCain, Romney). But the insurgents have been advancing the beachhead, and unless they’re pushed back once and for all, it’s only a matter of time. But an epic battle looms. I cry for what these maniacs are doing to my country, but at the same time I plan on enjoying every minute of it.

Could it be, that in Republican Paradise, things might not always be a "matter of God's will"?

Because in order for Republicans to maintain their tenuous grip on their 'Standard-bearer' Power -- there's another voice that they will ultimately have to listen to, heed, and follow -- and that would be the Voice of the Voters.

What these so-called Republican 'Standard-bearers' (like Ted Cruz) fail to understand is --

The American People have "our will" too -- our Constitution designed it that way. And the People will ultimately have the last laugh, on these loons these over-zealous, self-exalted torch carriers.

Once that day happens, and happen it must -- these Faux-Representatives will finally know what "Real Trouble" really is.  Once the People's Will is finally done.

So be it; and let's make it so. Let's vote for sanity (Brand-D). Let's vote for the world not to End, anytime soon.

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