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I had finished a post about what the right wing is reading. I read "" and I was stunned. I admit I get tired talking about politics, mental health. P.T.S.D. etc.
Some of you may have read my posts as "everyman" or "pregnant man". If you have,you know Amy.
This story is for those of you who don"t. My first "real job" after college was selling medical equipment.
If you ever wondered what an oxymoron is ,walk into  Children"s Cancer ward. Colors are yellow and bright. Toys are everywhere and bald children are laughing. I was selling a product to nurses but I could not take my eyes off one little girl.
Her name was Amy and was in Foster care. Her current family rarely came to see her;they barely knew her.
She had a Cancer that would kill her in a year or less. I asked permission to talk to with her, 'Go ahead I was told" she speaks very little.
It was slow going at first but I think she liked the fact I treated her as just a kid, I kidder her about being bald because I almost was.
I would visit her at nights and she began to ask me questions about life,the Earth and whats it like to be grown up. I looked at her in the eyes and said being grown up is nothing special, its much more fun to be a kid.
I was trying not to but I was falling for this kid. She was getting sicker by the day.
One day a nurse and I took her out of the hospital to see the Animals at the zoo.
By now,I was holding her,and one night she asked,"does it hurt to die?"
That"s a question you have to think about. 'No silly,you just go to sleep."
You wake up in a "Glory field of flowers and children playing and animals," When you look up in the sky in Heaven you see the Face Of God and He is smiling."
She was stunned when I told her the field is where God picked the Angels he needs."
"I am going to be an angel?" You bet you are,wings and everything.
You get to make the rainbows. "Oh.yeah that is when people in Heavenare coloring and smiling at you,"
One night as I was about to enter her room, a nurse stopped me and said "Amy has maybe a few hours left, I walked in the room and I thought someone would be there but it was just me. I laid down to hold her. She could barely open her eyes. She said
I am going on that trip you told me about. I muttered 'No one knows for sure honey."
"Yes they do,she said,"
The room grew silent and I watched the machines. I pulled her close and I gave up,tears started to flow down my face. Why? She died before she lived,
Time had stopped and finally a voice said"Mike she has left us. you have to go."
I kissed her forehead and walked out the door.
Part of her had moved into my memories
I will never forget a brave little girl all alone who I never saw cry. She was the strongest  person I ever met. Her name was Amy.

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