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For those unfortunates who are scifi illiterate, and do not realise who the "Q" are, all we can do is sigh. To have missed the awkward acting of Beverly's son, the welcome appearance of Riker's  beard, or to missed seeing an android have sex while intoxicated, well, let's just say that your education is in need of a reboot and updated software.

In Star Trek: the next generation, "Q" is a nearly omnipotent multidimensional species that resides in the Q Continuum. They claim to be super-smart, able to travel time and space in an instant, and create trouble for everyone around them.

In the TV shows, "Q" is portrayed perfectly by actor John de Lancie, an arrogant, smug, obnoxious, and exceptionally irritating creature who so resembles Texas Politician Ted Cruz, that once the connection is made, Star Trek TNG (and the next two series) take on a whole new meaning.

Just like Ted Cruz, Q cannot suffer fools. To make matters worse, like Cruz, Q claims to be several thousand times smarter than the smartest human, although Q's frequent missteps and errors belie his boastful claim. As I said, the similarity between Q and Cruz is almost painful. Now that Cruz rests his blessed butt in the US Senate, I suspect that his vaunted IQ falls someplace in the middle of the senatorial pack (the outliers at both ends are easily identified, although ultra-conservative senators tend to gather at one standard deviation below the median, and liberals tend to gather at the opposite end).

Q manages to piss off everyone he comes into contact with and just when you expect Q to portray the slightest hint of humanity, an arrogant insult sweeps aside your hopes and expectation. Cruz has the identical ability.

While Q can travel in time and space, Cruz only thinks he has such magical powers.

Seriously. Look at Q. Or Cruz. Are they not the same person?  More to the point, aren't today's TeaBuggerers as arrogant, irresponsible, obnoxious, and irritating as the Q?


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