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Some may point out the in-fighting between Michele Bachmann, Ted Cruz and Grover Norquist, and other Tea Party bigots. They are certainly snarky with each other –– but only when each one gets MORE national coverage than the next.

These are vindictive, tiny-minded, narcissists.

They will always behave like vindictive, tiny-minded, narcissists.

Like all diagnosed narcissist they rage at each other when one gets more attention. However, just like little drops of toxic mercury they will snap back together when good things push them around.

If they are not all on the same team, then why did Ted Cruz and Michele Bachmann BOTH sign the Norquist Pledge? If you are an enemy to somebody why sign your soul away to them? Well, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Grover Norquist holds the lead-rope on Cruz and Bachmann even if those two are not smart enough to understand that fact. He holds control on the Tea Party Caucus because he holds their ideology. He rebukes them at will, and will ultimately back another Neo-GOP against his minions if necessary, in order to remain in power.

• • • •

Tea Party Caucus Member by Wikipedia
Here is a chart of Tea Party Caucus members. This is a snapshot of ideology. The red stuff is what has infected the nation’s finances. These little red areas are where Tea Party members of Congress call home.

This isn’t exactly a nice cross section of the nation. Literally, these red areas decided how best to run the WHOLE entire country.

Heck, those Mormons in Utah have a hard time managing all their wives –– who are they to decide the fate of the rest of the nation.

A casual glance at the chart demonstrates that the areas are back-waters, folksy and given to anti-guv-mint hallucinations. I should know I was born in a back-waters village in Michigan and lived in Bastrop Texas. I know my back-waters stomping grounds!

I can also see why Michele Bachmann calls herself the receptacle of this Tea Party Caucus movement.  Garbage in. Garbage out. Just like all good receptacles. She speaks in Absolutes about issues she doesn’t understand. Ignorance is its own battle-cry for these people. They don’t want to be right. They just want to win. Michele’s rational for causing a Federal shutdown? In her own words:

“I think the reason is because President Obama can’t wait to get Americans addicted to the crack cocaine of dependency on more government health care. Because, once they enroll millions of more individual Americans it will be virtually impossible for us to pull these benefits back from people.”
Really? Health care is not ‘crack cocaine’ for the masses. Do you really think a 4 year old with an asthma attack is ‘addicted’ to the crack cocaine of health care? Perhaps the little kid just wants to live. Perhaps his parents want her to live.

Perhaps America is big enough that we ALL want a little kid to survive a night of deathly illness. Perhaps we want to protect society from contagious outbreaks for the safety of the nation. However, to accomplish this rather modest goal of public safety, we need parents to take sick kids for medical care instead of sending them to school because they fear the costs will destroy the family.

Consider purchasing a book: Extortion Politics and the Blackmail of Lady Liberty

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  •  Were you listening before? (3+ / 0-)

    Evidently not:

    Just like all good receptacles.
    (Guessing you mean Ms. Bachmann once again, amirite?)

    Several people offered suggestions for your consideration, including a warning that your mysoginistic language (as used in your earlier title) does not fly well here. Your response was a whiny "call out" diary with more links to several of your books, and a lot of heel-digging on your part.

    Your last line in this otherwise fairly shallow diary makes this latest outing seem even more like "ad-copy" rather than any serious attempt to generate useful discussion --- in other words, this looks very much to me as being little more than outright spam. We have enough of that already.

    You will have no rec or tip from me, but the HR in your tip jar is for spamming. You probably won't care, but you do now understand after your two most recent diaries what an "HR" means, right?

    My guess is you really don't care how long you last here, as long as you can post enough links to your books to draw traffic from here. May be correct; may be mistaken.

    Others may agree, or disagree with my opinion.

    It will be interesting to see how well this goes for you.

    •  It is a quote from her about herself. (0+ / 0-)

      I do not care how long I last here, if I cannot quote politicians. I do not particularly care about your opinion on this... I stated my position yesterday.

      I changed Michele's own word 'receptacle' to mean a holding place of garbage; this is a fair and balanced comparitive for the Tea Party Caucus ideas - and since she is the Chair - it is a fine comparitive as well.

      I cannot help it if Michele Bachman makes an easy target of herself. Let me put her actual words in her actual mouth for you, since you are rather fixated on 'me'.

      "We are not going to be the mouthpiece of the tea party. are not taking the Tea Party and controlling it from Washington, D.C. We are also not here to vouch for the Tea Party. The people are the head of the Tea Party. We are here to listen, to be a receptacle."
      - July 2010.

      Now, I wasn't there at her news conference so I am quoting via outside sources like the Washington Post. Perhaps I am wrong to quote her?

      However, if you are going to be in a liberal political forum I suggest you focus on politics and not your perception of how I perceive women.

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