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Hurray for Kathleen Sebelius telling it like is and keeping her cool during the latest House GOP Witch Hunt.  It was sooo nice to see an adult in the room.

As for Wingnut Rep Blackburn and her jabbing pencil, upon reflection she clearly demonstrated what is GOOD about The Affordable Health Care Plan.

Blackburn's snarly quip, “Some people like to drive a Ford, not a Ferrari. And some people like to drink out of a red Solo cup, not a crystal stem. You’re taking away their choice,” demonstrates her total stupidity.

How wrong you are, Congresswoman.  Unwittingly you prove the Administration's point.  You demonstrate exactly why the ACA is so important to Americans.

Because there ARE minimum standards, whether for a Ford or a Ferrari; whether for crystal stemware or Solo cups.  And there are rules for grandfathering in antiques.

Some examples below the magic squiggle.

UPDATE 3: 6:04 pm  Added image of the Blackburn stabbing pencil and link to YouTube.

Watch the stabbing pencil :)

UPDATE 2: 5:50 pm - WOW.  Honored.  Wasn't expecting the Rec List.  Thanks, friends.

UPDATE 1 5:35pm  I was reminded that I forgot the horse-and-buggy analogy so I'm adding it now below the squiggle.

Dear Uneducated Congresswoman,

Yes, you can drive a Ford rather than a Ferarri.  

However, what you cannot do is strip the turn signals off your Ford and claim it is still street legal.  Nor can you disable the airbags.  You cannot legally drive it without working stoplights.  You cannot drive it without seatbelts.  In fact, in most states, you cannot legally drive your Ford without the seatbelts securely locked.

So whether you have a Ford or a Ferrari, your preferred car must meet minimum government standards.

Unless, of course, your choice is to drive a Model T.  Antique cars, put into service before certain safety dates, can be "grandfathered."  People with "grandfathered" insurance policies can still keep them.

But you CANNOT take a 2013 car and strip it down to 1926 standards.  Illegal.


Heck, Blackburn can go to Washington in a horse-and-buggy if she wants... as long as it has the required warning placards and is off the roads by dusk (or has battery powered lights).

No one has ever taken away the choice of the Amish... but they also must and do comply with basic safety regulations for all.

With Blackburn's mentality, riding behind the behind of a horse may be the best solution for her.

The same is true for containers used for human consumption of liquids.  In the restaurant business I can choose to serve my customers in crystal stemware (and charge appropriately for the capital investment in stemware and cleaning and sanitation equipment).  I can also serve my customers in Solo cups.  What I cannot do is rinse out the Solo cups and use them to serve other customers.  The rules and regulations covering this choice are far too numerous to list in a single diary.

So whether you are being served in crystal stemware or Solo cups, your preferred container must meet minimum government standards.

So for all your pencil jabbing, YOU just demonstrated quite clearly why JUNK HEALTH INSURANCE is either being upgraded to meet current standards or being cancelled.

Your stupidity is absolutely amazing.  Thank goodness you are only working 16 more days this year.

Originally posted to Eman on Fri Nov 01, 2013 at 02:30 PM PDT.

Also republished by North Carolina BLUE and Three Star Kossacks.

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