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This was a generic AP story:
Gov. Chris Christie was re-elected with ease Tuesday, demonstrating the kind of broad, bipartisan appeal that will serve as his opening argument should he seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.
"Broad bipartisan appeal"? I don't think the 'baggers are going to like that one... as you'll see below the fold.

the only winners last night were the Progressives. Some pretended to be conservatives, and some pretended to be libertarians, but they were really all working for the Progressives.
And that's supposed to be bad!
The Cuccinelli campaign asked Christie to help them out in VA, but Hindenburg Jr. was too busy cleaning out all the donut shops all over NJ. He only slobbers over and embraces his commie pal, didn't you know. He is a phony scumbag who can never be trusted. He says he's "gonna get things done". Mr. Reach Across The Isle. That's the LAST thing we need is more capitulation from New Jersey's most famous hot air balloon. How America ended up with so many losers is hard to figure out. No vote from me for Eclair Boy.
So ... he's fat?
Enjoy it, Christie. It's the highest office you're going to win. If conservatives have anything to do with it you won't be the Republican nominee in 2016.
Given the 2008 and 2012 Republican nominees, it doesn't seem like conservatives have anything at all to do with it. But here's hoping!
'll admit, like many other stench Conservatives,
I just do not know what to make of these election wins.

I mean, are guys said were we winning big, that we had this and the American people were behind our cause.......... especially in Virginia. They told us the American people were rejecting Obummer and his cronies!!

Seriously the what F^CK?

Who's pulling who leg here???

Well, the first problem is that you're a "stench conservative."
If Christie runs in '16, Bill and Hillary will make "infarction" a household word. They'll send Chelsea do this hit. Knock knock. "Hello, Mr. Governor. Wanna see my baby pictures?" BAM! Myocardial infarction. Another Clinton bodybag.
Another stench conservative.
Christie basically ran unopposed, the dems are cheering him on. they, the media and the rovian rnc/gop want him to be the 2016 nominee so we have another loser like McCain, and Romney. they were the dem/media/rove choices too and a liberal cannot win a republican presidency.
McCain was amnesty, Romney was romneycare, they both lost.
Christie (and jeb bush) are both. he would be another sure loser if he runs for president as a republican. if he changed parties to democrat now, he would probably give Hillary a run for her money for 2016
Karl Rove and the RNC want to lose the 2016 election because they got exactly what they wanted when Rovian project Mitt Romney lost?
Romney was far from perfect but of the pathetic crop of candidates we were given...who had the best chance at beating Obama?
Newt? Santorum? Bachman? Paul?
If Cruz, Rand, Walker, Lee or people like Dr. Benjamin Carson run...we wont have to worry about Christie Crème getting the nomination.
Santorum, Bachmann and Keyes were stupid. But some dude Benjamin Carson, on the other hand, is THE REAL DEAL!
NJ ballot initiative just enshrined a high minimum wage into the state constitution, along with constant increases for cost of living adjustments. NJ small businesses and job creation is about to be destroyed like never before, and fatso never said a word about it and the media gave him a pass.
And yet businesses still don't flock to Alabama...
If the GOP chooses the fat tub of lard RINO Christie as the candidate I will NOT vote for him! ENOUGH! Send the disgusting fat man RINO out to fellate Obama again, then he can run as a dimocrap.
Yawn...He's eaten donuts bigger than N.J.
Christie is truely the TOTAL description of a RINO! Mentality and PHYSICALLY!!!!!!! for sure. Didn't he eat Hurricane Sandy?
just start sendin the left-sided sob chocolate eclairs and cream puffs, it'll soon take care of itself.
He's fat, if you hadn't heard.
Christie is anti-2nd amendment, refuses to drill in NJ, appoints Muslims as judges on the NJ bench because he doesn't think Sharia is a threat, Supports ObamaCare and as governor REFUSED to join with the other GOP governors fighting it in the Supreme Court....and and on the liberal list goes with the most fattest RINO in the GOP herd.

The liberals know a good thing when they see it.

Why won't Christie see that Sharia law is a threat in New Jersey???!?
If I want to vote for a democrat ...I would vote for Chris Christie. If he runs in 2016 as the GOP candidate....I am not voting for him. He is a bigger RINO than McCain and Romney and it was almost impossible to vote for them but I held my nose. With Chris Christie - no way. Nothing the GOP can say about "winning" will get me to vote for him. What have we won if Christie wins - ANOTHER DEMOCRAT! Whoopee


As for me...I am on 'CRUZ CONTRO LEE'...because they stand with me...not party...America!

New Jersey got $60 billion of federal funds for Sandy relief, $25 million of which went to a “Stronger than the Storm” tourism campaign that showcased a certain gubernatorial candidate and his family. (source: hot air)

So, here is Gov. Chris Christie, taking one-third of the money appropriated from taxpayers across the country, designed for the victims of "Sandy" and using it to further his own political career, by cloaking it in a "morale" campaign with HIM as the centerpiece.

It's the CORRUPTION, stupid.

Stupid is thinking that $25 million is one-third of $60 billion. Heck, stupid would be thinking that $25 million is one third of $60 million!
Read these words and remember them. Chris Christie is a monster. He will get the GOP Nomination in 2016 (if there is a 2016) and run against Hillary Clinton. Both are part of the "Shadow Government" which is very real (even the Clintons admit they are part of it) and he will lose to Hillary Clinton. On purpose. The polls will be rigged and we will have had our third bloodless coup. Chris Christie will take his "Golden Parachute" and drop into the Bahamas with a lifetime pass to Olive Garden, he will bask his fat ass with fun, sun and female "Fatty Chasers." He will own a huge house to fit his huge piece of garbage bloated carcass comfortably and he will also inherit another 4 foot long tapeworm to keep him company until he dies and goes straight to hell for his willingness to help along the process of destroying our once great Republic. Mark my words. Scribble them on your refrigerator note pad. I don;t care, tattoo it as a "Tramp Stamp" because this is what will happen if We The People don't step in and end these monsters as "Public Servants" and ship them to Leavenworth. Every last one of them. All! We are sheep!
I hadn't realized that the year 2016 was in doubt.
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