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The Fireworks.

Hamad Karzai is taking on the Infidel practices of inflicting torture and life imprisonment at Guantanamo.

Hamid Karzai has made a public announcement throughout Afghanistan that he demands return of Afghan citizens held in the Guantanamo prison. This is a key condition for signing the proposed military alliance with the United States -- a condition for American troops to remain in the country.

NY Times reports that Karzai is demanding that the U.S. close Guantanamo. That's not what we get out of Kabul and the English language resources there.

Karzai is anything but a Swiss-bank-account torture-cellar American-backed dictator. His father had taken the lead out of Kabul after the Russian War. He is an educated man. Reportedly he speaks seven languages, including Dari Persian and French.

Karzai has survived three assassination attempts that we know of. Goes with the territory. Considering what a psycho-sexual turn-on Gitmo is for our RWNJ-VRWC nut jobs, don't be surprised to see attempts number four, five and six show up in short order.

The Karzai family planned ahead a decade ago, assuming the worst. They moved out of Afghanistan. They set up restaurant businesses in the remote, primitive environs of urban Massachusetts, Maryland, and Chicago, Illinois. Good restaurants, apparently.

The Durrani.

Hamad Karzai is the hereditary leader of the Durrani tribe in Afghanistan. All 5,000,000 of them.

History lesson: there was a day two-hundred-and-fifty years ago when the Durrani tribe ruled an area larger than Persia. Two-thirds the size of India. Coming out of Afghanistan they held Kashmir and modern Pakistan, and territory up into the modern 'Stans. They conquered the Moghuls in Delhi and, almost uniquely, had the good sense not to try to hold on to India.

This was before mass-produced modern guns arrived in the area. The Durrani made their conquests with hand-to-hand fighting.

Kabul was the Durrani capital with Peshawar as a summer capital. Now the hereditary head of the Durrani is President of Afghanistan, which is still the size of Texas.

Apparently this man, Hamad Karzai, takes his traditional responsibilities seriously.

Are Americans an Effective Fighting Force?

Corporate media hammer Karzai relentlessly. He is depicted as the reason for what are the consequences of America's blunders in Afghanistan. If Taliban kill squads come in from Pakistan, blame Karzai. If Army troops don't have IED sniffing dogs like the Marines, blame Karzai.

If the Drug Biz has more money than the central government and builds Poppy Palaces around the country, blame Karzai. (ISAF went hands-off for poppy and marijuana 2001-2005. That lunacy cut the price of smack in half for EU and Russia. It also left Drug Biz pumping out $80-billion of annual product from the Ghan.)

Simply, in this type of war, success comes when you knock out a source for enemy incursions. Americans never do that. Never have, never will.

Same time, Taliban is not in the business of holding territory outside of Helmand. This is not an organization that has anti-Russian militias to organize for a general takeover.

A unity government makes sense for everybody involved.

Now, over here, our corporatists got everything they could ask for to bitch about. That lousy Wog don't love no Gitmo ! The commie-pinko-Socialist #$%^*&^ don't want us attacking private homes in Afghanistan either.

What ??? He don't trust America....

Popcorn ??? Yeah, a brew and a tub of popcorn for this one.

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