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Last night, I applied for insurance on I'm one of those so-called "uninsurables" - insurance companies declined to cover me because I have... allergies (way!). So, while I was gratified to have completed the enrollment process, I believe I stumbled across the real reason Republicans have been trying to scare the public away from the ACA website.

Join me over the orange caduceus to see what I discovered.

Oh sure, there are plenty of stories circulating now - like Joan's FP post today - about people finally being able to get quality, affordable health insurance because of the Affordable Care Act. But that's only half the story.

After I was successfully enrolled (which by the way only took half an hour for myself, my wife, and my three offspring), I was almost instantly given the news that I qualify for coverage! Yay! followed by a page of other news about the new law. I've been keenly interested so I was already aware of most of that information.

The one exceptional item - the thing that I am convinced has Republicans foaming at the mouth - was buried at the end of that page.

Here's an actual screenshot from my session: photo real-reason-republicans-hate-obamacare-website_zpse2b9f0e3.jpg

Do you see it? Do you understand why the Republicans have been so anxious to "kill the bill?" Pronouncing the website a train wreck, trying to keep people away?

Here, let me make it a little easier to see:

real-reason-republicans-hate-healthcare.gov2 photo real-reason-republicans-hate-obamacare-website2_zps1d347329.png

Still can't see it? Let me zoom in real close:

real-reason-republicans-hate-healthcare.gov3 photo real-reason-republicans-hate-obamacare-website3_zpsc37962e5.jpg

Right there, on that page, is everything the Republicans hate: a program designed to help people of modest means, run by the government - AND giving those same people an opportunity to exercise their franchise.

If there really was a left-wing conspiracy funded by George Soros, I'd put in an expense request to get the list of people who had created an account on, and around October 1, 2014 I'd mail them each a postcard with a very simple message:

You know that health plan that you signed up for last year? Democrats made that happen. Not a single Republican voted for it. In fact Republicans did everything they could to keep it from happening. Remember that when you vote.
Demonstrating that government works (when the right people are in charge) - and then telling the people that same government just helped that they can do something to keep government working? No wonder the Republicans are in a frenzy.

UPDATE 1:51pm EST (scoop won't let me use the update feature)
Reclist? thanks everyone! (first time)

As a follow-up - as noted in the comments, just because people can register to vote does not necessarily mean they will exercise that right - either by habit, or because of obstacles Republicans are trying to put in the way. In either case, the answer is the same: stay engaged. Don't agonize, organize!

UPDATE 2 10:00am 11-Dec-2013 (scoop apparently doesn't like my Chrome installation, either)
First, let me apologize for leaving out the VA/Tricare option from the poll. "Tricare for all" would be an excellent improvement to our health care delivery system.

Several commenters noted that the ACA would be saving their families a lot of money starting next year. Others pointed out that due to the increased competition, their employer-sponsored plans were going to be MUCH cheaper, saving the company and employees thousands of dollars.

By coincidence (and I don't believe in coincidence), I got an email this morning from Families USA, an advocacy group that has been pushing for better healthcare for all Americans. They have set up a website and a Facebook campaign to make it easier to share these kinds of success stories. So if you have one to tell, please do!

Families USA website

Families USA ACA success story Facebook campaign
Dear Mark,

This holiday season, there's one big thing we're thankful for – that the online health care marketplaces opened, giving millions of uninsured Americans the opportunity to enroll in health coverage.

But, while we're grateful for this opportunity, we're also thinking about the millions of Americans who haven't yet signed up for coverage because they don't yet know that they qualify.

The best way to ensure that everyone who is eligible actually signs up for coverage is to spread the word and highlight stories of successful enrollment. But to do that, we need your help.

Mark, spreading the word is easy, and it makes a big difference. Simply share our Facebook post with your followers and help spread the word about the benefits of health coverage that the Affordable Care Act now provides.

Or, draft your own post and share why this issue is important to you. It might not seem like much, but the more people who share, the broader our reach, and the more people we can encourage to enroll.

Post on Facebook


Will you get health insurance through the exchanges set up by the Affordable Care Act?

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