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Libertarians are posing as liberals and trying to RATFUCK the left.Their primary goal is to undermine the Democratic Party and hand elections to Republicans.Their strategy consists of...

1) ingratiating themselves with the progressive media
2) Pushing the meme that Democrats are just as bad (or worse) then Republicans
3) Dismissing Racism as "identity politics"
4) Promoting far right wing politicians as "true progressives"
5 convincing disgruntled progressives to vote 3rd party or not vote at all
6) Attack traditional Democratic Voters & their issues

Examples below

At a talk given the day after the 2010 election — one that was a disaster for Democrats — “progressive” writer and civil liberties lawyer Glenn Greenwald gave a talk at the University of Wisconsin, and expressed the hope that Democrats might suffer the same fate in 2012.
even though I know that by abstaining or supporting a third party, I’m going to be sacrificing some of my short term political interests; I’m going to be causing a few more Republicans to be elected than otherwise might be elected; on balance, I’m willing to sacrifice my short term interests in order to do something to subvert the stranglehold that these two parties have on the political process because electing more Democrats, even though it’s a little less scary, accomplishes nothing good. And everyone’s going to have to decide for themselves when they get to that point, and I think and hope that that point is pretty close.

They are taking money from the KOCH BROTHERS and pushing their agenda...

...the idea that taking money from the Koch brothers for a one-year drug-decriminalization project shouldn’t be disclosed each time Greenwald attacks progressives while defending the Kochs’/libertarians’ pet projects—as when Greenwald defended Citizens United, much to progressives’ confusion, or when Greenwald attacked our article in The Nation about the Koch-funded libertarians leading the anti-TSA union campaign—is plain wrong and ridiculous. Payoffs and influence-peddling usually come in more subtle forms than payments marked “BRIBE.”
...we don’t see it as benign when Greenwald simultaneously protects libertarians, defends Citizens United, and attacks journalism critical of Koch-funded libertarians.

They are defending racism...

Tom Tancredo isn't a racist...

Leave aside the political stupidity of labeling as bigots and racists a huge portion of the electorate which is becoming increasingly concerned about illegal immigration and which agrees with Tancredo’s sentiments.
Intellectually lazy and smug people love to casually throw insults like "racist" around because it saves them the trouble of addressing the substance of an idea with which they disagree, and because it makes them feel so very superior and enlightened.
The notion that a nation requires a cohesive "national identity" is hardly the malignant invention of the Ku Klux Klan or White Supremacist groups. It is a central prong for how our country was formed and how it has survived.
But if the approach of pro-illegal-immigration advocates is going to be to follow the example of people like Willis and Drum's commentators and simply scream "racist" at anyone who expresses concerns about the impact of the vast numbers of illegal immigrants pouring into the United States, then their loss in this debate will be as inevitable as it will be well-deserved.

And joining with RACISTS to help further their political agenda.

... saw something that actually made me lose some more respect for Greenwald, which I didn’t think was possible. His associations with the racist Pauls is pretty bad...
...revealed that Glenn Greenwald had been a speaker on something fatuously named The Young American Liberty Tour...
...the moderator, Jack Hunter, the goddamn luchador of the losers, the Southern Avenger.

They promote Radical Right Wing White Supremacist Militias


Libertarians are trying to hijack the left and hand it over to the Koch/Paul/GOP cabal.They are trying to shut down conversations on RACE...while trying to mask their own racism.They want to remove core Democratic constituencies from the playing field..once they can do that, they are able to peel off enough votes to hand victories to the GOP.

The election of a Black Democratic President has caused them to ramp up their efforts.


Should libertarians be allowed to undermine the left?

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30%22 votes

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