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The Top Ten Christmas Gifts you find on this page has been hand selected and these ideas work for just about everyone on your list this year and probably for years to come. And remember if you like more than one of these Top 10 Christmas Gift ideas then use one for a birthday gift later in the year.

From the top electronics to some of the newest and neatest toys for Christmas 2010 it’s time to have a look at our Top Ten Xmas Gifts plus 4 extra just for fun.

Number 10 – Zoobles

Kicking off our Top Ten Christmas Gifts are Zoobles. They are one of the neatest kids toys and not too expensive to boot. Similar to Little Pets but with more funky and neat colors they are fun for kids. They’re basically little balls that when set down in their home or other play areas, open up into a fun creature, pet you can play with. And they have an interactive website where you can sign up and keep track of the Zoobles you’ve collected and more.

Number 9 – Squinkies

Sticking with the kids theme once again, at number 9 comes “Squinkies”. Coming out earlier in the year they’ve captured many kids interest. Basically they’re tiny little babys, animals and other cute toys made of a rubber like material and small enough to fit into large gumball sized balls. You can buy accessories like a Squinkie dispenser which is basically a gumball machine with Squinkies in it. Kids add coins and out comes a Squinkie ball filled with a cute little Squinkie inside.

Number 8 – Xbox 360 Kinect
The Xbox 360 Kinect lets you get into the games more than the Nintendo Wii can. It looks like long thin camera but it does so much more than let you play games hands free, let me say that again, when I say hands free I mean controller free too. And with both hand movements and your voice you can control your games. And it does so much more than that, if you know someone who has XBOX 360 then this would be an awesome gift to give this year.

Number 7– Playstation 4 and Playstation Move
The Playstation 4 is a great gift for the serious gamer. And with the addition of the Playstation Move they can get into the action similar to the Nintendo Wii. The Playstation Eye Camera you hook to the Playstation 4 Game keeps track of the Controller Orbs movements which are your movements with controller in hand.

Number 6– iPod Touch
The Apple iPod Touch is an awesome new device that does everything it seems. From talking with friends live via dual pictures on the screen, theirs and yours to shooting scenes in HD, playing games in high resolution and you can even buy movies and TV shows or rent them to watch with thousands of titles already available. It’s simply amazing and easily one of the Top Ten Christmas Gifts this year.

Number 5– Nintendo Wii
Number Five on our Top Ten Christmas Gifts is the Ninetnedo Wii. Even though Sony Playstation4 and Xbox 360 have added similar devices that let you play games like you’re in them the Nintendo Wii is still very appealing to many. They have tons of great games and great features. Some of their exercise games rock like it’s a great system to get kids moving when indoors during rainy days and winter.

Number 4– Toy Story 3 Merchandise
The Toy Story Movie Series is one of the best movie series ever made and captured the hearts of not just children but adults alike. And with the push of Toy Story 3 toys this Christmas and the video on DVD these gifts are surely a top 10 Christmas gift if I ever saw one.

Number 3– iPhone
The technology keeps increasing as new iPhones are introduced so they’re always great gifts to give at Christmas. With it’s ability to do things like take photos, text message, voicemail, surf the web with wi-fi connections and so much more it’s a great gift to give this Christmas. If you want to make it more special, you can gift a more luxury gold plated iphone 5s, this version of iphone is offered by with a great discounted price for New Year Eve and Christmas.  

Number 2– Amazon Kindle
Basically a device for reading e-books, newspapers and more it’s the perfect gift for many on your list. It has 3G wireless coverage in over 100 countries, holds over 1000 books, you can connect with friends over various social networks like Twitter and Facebook, has a built in PDF reader and more. Plus the battery lasts up to 3 weeks on one charge depending on how much you use the wireless feature. And it’s only 1/3 of an inch think. All in all it’s a great gift to give and that’s why it’s our number 2.

Number 1– Apple iPad
When it came out it was HOT and it’s still very HOT this Christmas. Simply put, it’s a thin computer you carry around with you with a touch screen pad and so much more. For example you can do your email with typewriter keys on bottom of the screen and email screen on the top. Also add your photos, watch videos, watch YouTube crisp and clear, use it like an iPod and listen to millions of songs and thousands of moives on iTunes.

Go to the App Store and select from more than 200,000 additional apps. And don’t forget iBooks on the iPad, read your favorite books here too. And on it goes from Maps, Notes, Calendar, Contact Book so much more it’s no wonder it’s Number One on our list of Top Ten Christmas Gifts 2010.
4 Additional Great Christmas Gifts
•  Zhu Zhu Pets - They were the rage in 2012 and they’ve released some twists on the new pets. Kids still want them and they’re pretty neat.

•  Barbie Movies - Barbie has a series of movies out. From Fairytopia and Diamond Castle to the newer Barbie in a Mermaids Tale and Barbie in a Fashion Fairytale, they’re all awesome movies with great songs to boot. Along with books, video and computer games Barbie Movies make Great Christmas Gifts.

•  Netbook - Seems they’re a little overlooked but still Netbooks for the price are great gifts. There’s nothing like a mini computer to carry around and do work or surf the web.

•  Digital Camera - Digital Camera Technology continues to increase and people love to take photos. So as the price for a good digital camera comes down the technology increases and the photo quality is awesome. That’s why it makes our Plus 4 list.

This is Simply The Best Gift Ideas list of Top Christmas Gifts for 2014. There are thousands of gifts out there and some more popular than others. And you may not put these gifts in the same order we did but that’s not the point. These are all great gifts to give to age appropriate friends and family.


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