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FoxNews has done its best to completely ignore the Chris Christie scandal.  Or when they did have to mention it, downplayed it. There is absolutely no reason to do this.  Not telling your idiot meritocracy brigade does not mean you are going to help your 2016 best chance at all since all legitimate outlets are covering this.  You just lower your own credibility even lower--but I guess that never mattered.

I am in a hotel this morning so I have watched all the news channels for two hours.  Every one has a story featuuring Chris Christie's office willfully shutting down the bridge, except for one.  

On FoxNews, I  got GOP talking points on unemployment benefits.  Something about minimum wage.  (At least they didn't call it the Black Teenage Unemployment Act like they did yesterday).

Some Fox News airhead trying to moderate a debate between the terrible, terrible legalization in Colorado (And of course jumping in everytime on the conservative side--"think of the children!").

And an entire segment (which was also featured on Megyn Kelley last night) about Fox New's latest manufactured scandal of a black family who made a video teaching their child to swear.  (Granted, its appalling and disgusting and the family is deplorable. But google "toddler swearing" on Youtube and you get a TON of hits, and all of them from a white family.  But this one family gets singled out with the Fox Headline saying "THUG" toddler".)

So we discuss "Thug Toddler" for awhile complete with several child advocates and prosecutors discussing how terrible that is.  (Yes, it is, but is this really the top news of the day?)  

After an hour of waiting I get this:

"Shock and outrage today (finally, I thought) over Obama's statements in not believing in his own Afghanistan strategy!"  

(Cue a sting of Fox News guests: "He's as low as any president can go", "I can't believe it". blah blah blah)


FINALLY, since Christie said he would give another conference on this (since yesterday's was a major fail), Fox said they would cover it.  (If they didn't cover it, they know it would be a story onto itself.)  Although leading up to it they did say that is was important to note "there is absolutely nothing that ties the governor to this".  Bullshite.

(I should also note that the LAST WORD said by the Fox News anchor right before Chris Christie started talking was the word  "Benghazi".  They were discussing how Obama handled scandal because of course they were. )

Fox News, FOR ALMOST A YEAR AND A HALF, has desperately tried to turn Benghazi into a scandal.  The "dam is about to break" is what we were told anytime they got a scrap of new, useless information.  Just a few days ago the big story was headlined growing outrage at Benghazi report.

Fox is ticked that this recent rethuglican scandal exploded and they cannot ignore it.

WHERE is the Benghazi outrage?

Greta Van Sustren:

It can be fair to be suspicious (many of you may have been suspicious what President Obama knew about the IRS scandal or not…or the Benghazi video stuff), but in the end, it is actual evidence, not suspicion, that matters. Political critics sometimes forget that.
Well said, Greta.  Benghazi.  And their lapdogs ate it up:

Fox News commenters:

What is so ironic is that the Dems are still not owning up to finding the truth about Benghazi and all of the other incidents they label non important, but one day into this Christie scandal and the media and the Dems are all over it calling for blood
We have a President who bragged about smoking pot and being a coke-head; whose preacher raged against white people as having created AIDS to destroy black people; who palled around with domestic terrorists; who has murdered Americans in the middle east; and who was an accomplice to murder in Benghazi; not to mention the NSA, domestic surveillance; IRS scandals; etc. etc. etc.
And somebody closes a car lane as a political tit for tat, AND THIS MAKES HEADLINES!
ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME???!?????????????!?????????!
Hillary Clinton's incompetence led to four Americans (one, an ambassador) being killed. But Chris Christie is MEAN!!!
horter @davidplouffe: Christie shuts down bridge:DEVASTATING! Obama shuts down access to war memorials:
Sounds like a democrat operation to bring Christie down
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