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Early in the Obama administration Democrats, being the statists they are, were trying to pass financial regulation reform in wake of the financial collapse of 2008, which, as we know, was Obama's fault.

One part of the bill that was shaping up is known as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This was a big brother like agency that would strip consumers of their freedom to be put through the ringer by the financial industry. Naturally, freedom loving people everywhere condemned the idea as another example of the government not trusting the people to dig themselves out of the holes they voluntarily let the finance industry dig for them. Too much government the critics complained.

Then word spread that the Democrats were going to drop the CFPB out of the Dodd-Frank bill. That angered leftists commies, and they went into action. They started petitions to demand that CFPB stay in Dodd-Frank. As a tea partier, I was so busy misspelling posters demanding government stay out of my government backed student loans that I accidentally signed the petition. Then I and millions others accidentally sent off emails to our congressmen and senators demanding CFPB stay in the Dodd-Frank Act.

I and millions of others accidentally called our congressmen, senators, and the White House and demanded that CFPB be a part of Dodd-Frank. And then it passed and Dodd-Frank became law. After overcoming efforts to block the formation of the CFPB, the new big brother agency finally got up and running. What I didn't know is how this agency would come to steal my sister's freedom.

Earlier in 2013, my sister's car broke down. Because she had no other transportation she couldn't get to work, and she lost her job. Ahhh, the taste of freedom! She fought with the dealer to fix the car. The dealer tried to tell her her warranty didn't cover this particular situation. She brought in her warranty and showed the dealer in black and white that her warranty did in fact cover this situation.

Any way she talked to the people who held her loan. They told her that given her circumstances she wouldn't have to pay the note on the car until further notice. But she wanted to pay something, but they insisted "no" she wouldn't have to pay the note for the time being. When she got a new job she went in to start paying on the car again. The finance agency told her "no wait till you get back on your feet and get your bills caught up." They refused to accept payment.

Then not long after that the finance agency sent her a note saying that she was delinquent in her payments so they were going to repo the car.

Now, since I love freedom and hate big gubmint, when she told me of these things you can rest assured that it was only an accident when I slipped up and told her of the CFPB and accidentally gave her a link as to where she could file a complaint.

Over the last several weeks she willingly forwarded emails she had from the finance agency to the big gubmint agency. Frankly it made no sense to me. Why are you willingly showing your emails to a big gubmint agency? And better yet, why didn't the big gubmint agency just pull her meta data file from the NSA?

Any way, we got the tragic news yesterday. My sister Colleen had all her freedom to the right of caveat emptor stolen from her by the CFPB. According to Toyota, due to "certain complaints" they fired the manager of the finance agency, the repo guy (who, it turns out, was also the person who told her she didn't have to pay the notes on her car) and several other employees, and have offered her a deal to keep her car, and start paying notes again. So, she can keep her car. But at what price? Apparently, thousands of people will lose their freedom in a similar manner, and we'll be one step closer to communism.

And I know that you libtards at Daily Kos fought for the creation of this agency, so I hope you are happy! So, you are happy aren't you? Well, you should be because I am thrilled.

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