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Haven't seen this diaried yet, so here goes: PNNM EXCLUSIVE: Koch Brothers to Shut Down NM Operations Ahead of 2014 Election

Lede from the linked article:

ALBUQUERQUE – A new ProgressNow New Mexico investigation has discovered that only a little over a year after setting up shop in our state Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the far-right special interest front group bankrolled by the Koch brothers, is saying “adios” to the Land of Enchantment.

Pam Wolfe, AFP’s Field Representative in New Mexico, confirmed late last week that AFP was in fact “reallocating their resources elsewhere” and will no longer have any “boots on the ground” in New Mexico.

More below the fold.

And just why are they making this timely decision? Because NM progressives have been kicking butt! And also, too - the rank & file New Mexican is mighty sick and tired of our Gov. "Faux" Susana Martinez (also known as Tejana Susana) and RW shenanigans in general. More quotes from the article:

Following a brutal year for New Mexico conservatives that saw numerous progressive victories across a range of issue areas, the group that has been called “one of the most powerful conservative organizations in electoral politics” has decided to shut down their New Mexico operation. AFP’s decision to pull their money and shut down their New Mexico chapter comes right at the start of an important election year where the Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Auditor, one US Senate seat and every NM House seat is up for grabs.
In other words, they're leaving just as we're getting warmed up ;)
NM Telegram similarly reported that the Koch brothers’ group and others spent more than $500,000 on TV ads and AFP organizing to defeat a 2012 increase in Albuquerque’s minimum wage.  Despite that influx of conservative cash, the measure passed with 2/3 support.
Emphasis mine. Because I like emphasizing the good stuff!
During the 2012 elections, for example, AFP brought their Obama’s Failed Agenda bus tour to New Mexico to try and weaken Obama here. Their rallies drew a few dozen people at each stop but nothing close to the turnout they should have been able to produce with so many thousands of “grassroots” supporters across the state.
Heh. I remember going to see Obama when he was campaigning in 2008, a week before the election. Something like 40,000 people packed into the field at UNM to rally for him. (40,000 is larger than most towns in NM!)
In 2013 alone, New Mexico progressives achieved marriage equality through an historic grassroots effort outside of the legislative process.  Conservatives in the state legislature, including many supported and promoted by AFP, took weeks to organize a legal challenge and news reports frequently noted the lack of organized public protest or opposition to equality efforts.
Yep, proving once again that the Land of Enchantment is for lovers! I could go on, but do read the story, which has also been reported by PoliticusUSA and HuffPo, although I don't have a link for that yet.

Parting is such sweet sorrow, oops, I mean schadenfraude, so I thought I'd celebrate by posting some "goodbye" songs in the comments. Feel free to join in!

8:16 PM PT: Wow, thanks for the comments & kudos everyone! Not to mention the Rec list :)

A couple of people have cautioned against turning a blind eye to the Kochs & their tentacles as they have many more ways to infiltrate a state or community. Believe, we're all well aware of that in NM! As the linked article concludes:

"STAY TUNED - Monday’s news on the exit of AFP is the first of a series of reports unraveling the Koch brothers’ network across New Mexico.  AFP isn’t their only tool in the state and if you care about democracy in New Mexico, you’ll want to read our next report."

Nevertheless, I firmly believe in celebrating our victories, no matter how large or small (and this one is a BFD!) because that's how we build up momentum to keep going. Celebrating and maintaining eternal vigilance are NOT mutually exclusive, in my opinion! So read on, enjoy the videos and feel free to add your own and keep on truckin' as we work to kich the Koch Bros OUT!!!

8:22 PM PT: Ooops, I didn't pay enough attention to the politics of some of the musical artists whose vids I embedded in the comments, sorry about that. I'm really just having fun and going for the lyrics and all. But - if I can think of a "goodbye" song from Neil Young, I'll definitely post it!

Originally posted to jan4insight on Mon Jan 13, 2014 at 06:29 PM PST.

Also republished by Good News and New Mexico Kossaks.

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