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On stupid David Gregory's Meet The Press, Dianne Feinstein & Rep. Mike Rogers 'implied' that Edward Snowden is a Russian spy and the Russians helped him collect data showing the NSA was illegally data-mining information on US citizens & leaders of sovereign countries.

Naturally, Feinstein and Mike Rogers did not offer any "facts" to support their implication.  They only offered "questions." Questions that were intended to give the "impression" and to "plant the seed" in the mind's of The People that wooooo "Snowden is a Russian Spy."

Remember, Feinstein & Rogers have access to the NSA Spy Program data which would include Snowden's phone calls, emails, purchased goods, etc. yet ... yet ... even with NSA data, they have not, and to date cannot offer proof to their implication of Snowden.

Dianne Feinstein said

"I think that's a very difficult thing. Because the whole purpose of this program is to provide instantaneous information to be able to disrupt any plot that may be taking place."
So, with all that 'instanteous' NSA data-mining they both have access to, how come they haven't found any "proof" to their "Snowden is a Russian-Spy" implication?

And why the hell didn't David Gregory ask them: "IF Snowden was a Russian Spy wouldn't your 'instantaneous' NSA data-collecting show that?"

Ok, I think we all know David Gregory is too stupid to ask a good question and my overall point is: Feinstein & Mike Rogers are engaging in Propaganda using "loaded messages" to produce emotional responses to direct hate toward Snowden.

To further Feinstein's & Rogers' Propaganda Campaign against Snowden, they enlisted Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) to help them. Again, with zero evidence to support the BS "Snowden is a Russian Spy" implication, the GOP top member of the "Homeland Security Committee" implied that Snowden is a Russian Spy during his interview on "This Week."

I think it is pathetic, disgusting and completely unethical for members of Congress, especially high ranking members of Congress, to start a Propaganda campaign and accuse Snowden of being a Russian spy with absolutely no proof at all.  

In fact, these pathetic, disgusting members of Congress cannot even find any evidence within their "instantaneous" NSA data-collection to support their "Snowden is a Russian Spy" implication.

And naturally, both David Gregory and George Stephanopoulos are too stupid to ask important real-time questions.

Below is the "Meet The Press Transcript with Dianne Feinstein & Mike Rogers.  Below that is the "This Week" Transcript with Michael McCaul (R-TX).

"Meet the Press" Transcript

This was a thief, who we believe had some help, who stole information the vast majority had nothing to do with privacy.

Who helped him?

Well, there were certain questions that we have to get answered. Where some of this aid, first of all, if it was a privacy concern he had, he didn't look for information on the privacy side for Americans. He was stealing information that had to do with how we operate overseas to collect information to keep Americans safe. That begs the question. And some of the things he did were beyond his technical capabilities. Raises more questions. How he arranged travel before he left. How he was ready to go, he had a go bag, if you will.

But how high level, do you think?

Well, let me just say this. I believe there's a reason he ended up in the hands, the loving arms, of an FSB agent in Moscow. I don't think that's a coincidence, number one. Number two, and let me just talk about this. I think it's important.

You think the Russians helped Ed Snowden?

I believe there's questions to be answered there. I don't think it was a gee-whiz luck event that he ended up in Moscow under the handling of the FSB.

That's a significant development if it's true.

Well, I said we have questions we have to answer. But as somebody who used to do investigations, some of the things we're finding we would call clues that certainly would indicate to me that he had some help and he stole things that had nothing to do with privacy. And just real quickly, though.

Real quickly.

The oversight that is conducted, that's what is the interesting thing about this. With all the disclosures, we find out, holy mackerel, the court's involved. Both the Senate and the House committees are involved. There was plenty of oversight of the programs. And it was very restrictive, only 288 times that they even used the business records in 2012.


And do you [Dianne Feinstein] agree with Chairman Rogers that he may have had help from the Russians?

He may well have. We don't know at this stage. But I think to glorify this act is really to set sort of a new level of dishonor. And this goes to where this metadata goes. Because the N.S.A. are professionals. They are limited in number to 22 who have access to the data. Two of them are supervisors. They are vetted. They are carefully supervised. The data goes anywhere else. How do you provide that level of supervision?

Is it critical, then, to get to the bottom? And will you investigate who might have been involved and whether there was any link to the Russians?

Absolutely. And that investigation is ongoing.

Absolutely. Absolutely.

Sure. But you have to remember al-Qaeda has changed the way they communicate based on this. That puts our soldiers at risk in the field. That's a real dangerous consequence. Nation states have started to make changes that concern us great.
We're going to have to rebuild whole aspects of operations from our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines that will cost billions and billions of dollars because the information he stole and gave, which we believe is now in the hands of nation states, who are doing something with it. There's no honor in that.

All right, we'll leave it there. Senator Feinstein, thank you very much for being here. Chairman Rogers, thank you as well.

"This Week" Transcript
STEPHANOPOULOS: You heard President Putin say that Edward Snowden can stay in Russia as long as he wants. I wanted to get you to respond to something from your colleague, Chairman Mike Rogers, of the House Intelligence Committee, said just being released this morning.

He says that there's reason to believe that Snowden had the cooperation of Russian security services. "I believe there's a reason he ended up in the hands and the loving arms of an FSB agent in Moscow." He says, "I don't think that's a coincidence."

Do you agree?

MCCAUL: Hey, listen, I don't think Snowden -- Mr. Snowden woke up one day and had the wherewithal to do this all by himself. I think he was helped by others.


MCCAUL: You know, to say definitively, I can't -- I can't answer that.

But I personally believe that he was cultivated by a foreign power to do what he did. And he -- I would submit, again, that he's not a hero by any stretch. He's a traitor. He -- he lives not very far down the street from where I am right now, enjoying probably less freedoms today here in Russia than he had in the United States of America.

STEPHANOPOULOS: That's a pretty serious charge, sir.

Which foreign power do you believe cultivated Edward Snowden?

MCCAUL: Again, I can't give a definitive statement on that. I -- but I've been given all the evidence, I know Mike Rogers has access to, you know, that I've seen that I don't think he was acting alone.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Let's talk about President Obama's NSA reforms, the National Security Agency reforms he announced on Friday. I know you attended the president's speech on Friday. You support the programs. You think they've done good for the United States.

Any objections to what the president proposed?

God, I don't know who is dumber: David Gregory or George Stephansopoulos
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