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Well, he actually said she'll kick Christie's Ass. (I'm not quite as rude, at least in titles.)

The Rude Pundit describes himself as an acquaintance who has spoken with her on numerous occasions, and has met her husband and kids.  He is friends with one of her campaign advisers.  "Here's what the Rude Pundit believes about Dawn Zimmer::

She is as compassionate and honest as they come in the sordid world of Jersey politics. She is really friggin' smart, scary smart, so she would not have told her story unless she thought through the consequences, especially of talking to the U.S. Attorney. And she is tough. You don't know what she took on to win mayor in Hoboken. We're talking an entrenched political culture that thought it could destroy her, and she went right at them and, eventually, won. The old machine is fading fast, dying off and moving on. Zimmer kicked its ass. Christie underestimated her and thought he could roll over her. Instead, she's put on her ass-kicking shoes again.
You can tell she's tough.  She laughed off the $70 million aid crap as the bullshit it is.  She released a couple of letters today that back her up.  She's not backing down.

Unlike the Rude Pundit, I don't know Dawn Zimemr.  But (even taking into account that I am prepared to believe the worst about Christie), I found her appearance on Up with Kornacki to be completely credible and utterly compelling.  So much so that I sat down after watching it and wrote Dawn Zimmer: A Face for the Christie Victims.

These creeps put an honorable woman and public servant in an impossible position.  One more reason they deserve to go down .  .  .  hard.

Originally posted to Bethesda 1971 on Tue Jan 21, 2014 at 07:59 PM PST.

Also republished by Christie Investigations.

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