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According to Mike Huckabee, renowned male expert on women, religion and erstwhile candidate for the Republican nomination for president, “I think it’s time Republicans no longer accept listening to the Democrats talk about a 'war on women. . .'" He continued, saying, that Democrats control women by telling them that “they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing them for them a prescription each month for birth control because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of government.”

Join me past the 69ing P's to for an in depth analysis of this statement and what women should do about it.

It's, first and foremost, a lie. If anyone can provide a quote from any democrat telling women they are "helpless without Uncle Sugar. . . ," please prove me wrong on this point.

Second, it is a total reversal of reality. Red states and republicans have been trying to substitute government control over women's right to decide what to do with their pregnancies. Indeed, more abortion control laws have been enacted in the past three years than in the previous 25 years combined. They have been actively trying to suppress a woman's sexual freedom by insisting on abstinence only sexual education.

Third, and forgive me if this sounds sexist but in my experience, no woman can engage in coitus without a man, so why is it that only a woman's libido needs to be controlled by the woman? What about the man's libido? If anything, I would think it should be the other way around.

Finally, the statement is a non-sequitur. Libido has but a tangential relationship to reproduction. Being horny and engaging in sex does not always result in pregnancy. And there are a myriad of alternatives in contraception. As far as I know, condoms are not covered under Obamacare.

The real point of this statement is that it reveals a total ignorance on Mr. Huckabee's part. Somehow stating that the war on women is but a figment of women's imagination planted there by Democrats does not make it so.

The war on women is being waged by those who would deny health care coverage that is uniquely needed by a woman just because she is a woman.

The war on women being waged by those who would impair a woman in a crisis's ability to make a rational decision by imposing parental consent and temporal limitations on her ability to choose to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

The war on women is being waged by those who, because of religious beliefs that they have, would interfere with a woman's ability to take control of her own reproductive system by denying women health insurance coverage for contraception.

The simple fact is that Mike Huckabee, speaking as a Republican leader, to a room full of Republicans nodding in agreements, is twisting reality with a warped, non-sequitur, sexist lie and denying that he, and the roomful of his listeners are at war with women. They want to impose their beliefs to control women's actions.

I am not a woman, but if I were, I would be angry. Very angry. And I would be scared too. Very, very scared.

I would damn well make damn sure that i voted in every election. And I would NEVER vote for any candidate who took the position that I had no control over my libido and reproductive system. I would never vote for a Republican.

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