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      Folks, it is inevitable that Homo Technologus (that's us humans in one of our most salient aspects) will find a solution to carbon-forced climate change that is technologic and paradigm shifting. I say that with the simple authority of the sweep of human history. Paradigms have always shifted before, first fire, then oxen, then rushing water, then steam, then electricity, then atoms splitting. Something new ALWAYS appears and pushes away the old. So one could could argue from the first principle of "paradigms always shift" that it would be foolish to say that there will not be a technologic advance that will render obsolete the burning of fossil fuel and the splitting of atoms.
        Of course the pressing question is will this new technology arrive in time to save the planet. Someday humans will figure a way to release all the energy we need from the fusion of hydrogen. There are grand and well-financed schemes to recreate the conditions inside the sun. Unfortunately the denouement of these hot fusion schemes always seems to be twenty to fifty years down the road, and we know the hour is getting dangerously late
         But's really starting to look like 2014 will be the year that fusion changes our energy paradigm. As evidence I invite readers to peruse this press release:Industrial Heat Acquires ECAT Technology
         An explanation follows:

         A one paragraph primer on my subject. In 1989 Pons and Fleischmann announced to the world that they had caused fusion to occur in a tabletop electrolytic cell apparatus. Their press release was premature and other scientists were largely unable to replicate their work. Mainstream science denounced their discovery as "junk science" and went back to working on stellar (hot) fusion. However some scientists were able to replicate their work and a small cadre of lonely out of the mainstream folks has been making slow progress with cold fusion ever since. In January 2011 Italian inventor Andrea Rossi announced his ECAT, a reactor that uses pressurized hydrogen with a nickel substrate to release energy through the fusion of hydrogen. His initial demonstrations were weak and unconvincing (it seemed his reactor wasn't working half the time but some of the time it was). But Rossi believed passionately in his invention and has been hard at work since 2011 making it hotter and more reliable. He has now sold his invention to a major green energy capital investment fund.
         I invite the reader to now review the Cherokee Fund website.Cherokee Fund
         As you inspect the website you will quickly realize that these are our guys. Their focus is on saving the planet. They wield funds to the tune of 1.2 billion dollars and they do not look like the sort of people who would fall for a fly-by-night free energy scam. Sceptics Listen Up!! :-) Everytime I have ventured on to the pages of Daily Kos with my ECAT news I have been flamed to a delightful golden brown so I just decided to wait until something impressive comes along. That moment is here. I hope you guys will thoughtfully consider the implications of this news, and if you start to change your minds I could use some help bringing the rest up to speed. Let's help make 2014 the year that humankind realizes that our planet does not have to perish under a blanket of carbon dioxide and radioactive isotopes.

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