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This weekend there was another shooting.  This time it was at a mall.  A couple of weeks ago, there was a senseless shooting at a movie theatre.  I shake my head at this news and grieve for the children.  I grieve for the child of the single mother killed this weekend.  I grieve for the 2 year old toddler of the man shot at the Florida movie theatre.  I wonder what will become of these children without their loving parents.  Or do we even care?  Have we become so use to it that we just turn a blind eye?

And I, like much of America, blame the government for doing nothing about gun violence.   Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I understand politics.  I understand the right to bear arms.  I understand the GOP is in bed with the NRA.  I understand why nothing happened.  In all honesty, I didn’t expect anything to happen with gun control.   I was a lose-lose effort from the beginning.   The NRA may be the most powerful lobby in the world.   However, there were other things that could have been done to address the violence besides gun control but weren’t.  

The conversation always starts and stops with the guns.  Why is that?  The conversation should not even be about the guns in the first place.  The guns are not the problem; the guns are just a means to an end.  The problem is MENTAL HEALTH AND THE LACK OF SERVICES AVAILABLE TO EVERYDAY PEOPLE TO GET HELP!!!!!!

Did I say that loud enough?  Do I need to say it again?

Until we start talking about and dealing with mental health issues the same way we talk about physical diseases, we are going to have this happen again and again and again.   And more children are going to grow up without their parents.   Every single one of these guys have serious mental health issues.  EVERYONE WITHOUT EXCEPTION.    Most likely they suffered at the very least from depression which is a serious but treatable disease.    How many people would be alive if we had this conversation last year instead of the conversation the POTUS TRIED to have about gun control?   How many children would have been saved from having to deal with gun violence in their everyday lives?

The POTUS could have talked about this instead of the guns.  When he couldn’t get gun legislation passed, he could have started talking about mental health legislation that would make it easier for people to get help with anger, stress, and depression so their problems don’t build up like a pressure cooker and explode in violence that takes the lives of innocent victims.   But he didn’t.   Why was that?

Dems in Congress could have found a way to come up with bi-partisan legislation to address mental health issues.   But they didn’t.   GOP in Congress could have changed the conversation from the guns to mental health, but they didn’t.  Why didn’t they?  Somehow they manage to come together when they are under the gun to do so.  Why couldn’t they do something to save lives, to protect the children?  

Most likely, they didn’t care.   Everyone knows that the GOP doesn’t care about everyday Americans and their lame propaganda to make American’s think differently isn’t working.  Americans are more apathetic  today and less likely to participate in elections because from their perspective, it doesn’t matter who gets elected into office.  Nothing matters.  Nothing changes.  And No one ever listens to the will of the people.   So why should they vote if nothing ever changes?  And Dems are seen as just as responsible as the GOP.  

In our society, there is no way to keep guns out of the hands of crazy, depressed, angry people if they haven’t broken any laws.  There is no way to read someone’s mind about their intentions when they buy a gun.   They only way to stop this violence is to empower people to get help and provide services that makes it easier for them to get help than it is to go buy a gun and go outside and start shooting people.  

But politicians won’t even talk about it.  Why is that?  Maybe because if they did, then we would have to do something about it.   And this Narcissistic Congress doesn’t do anything that isn’t in their own best interest.  

But when people don’t participate, special interests dominate, and money rules.  When money rules, people are screwed.

Originally posted to pollchecker on Mon Jan 27, 2014 at 06:06 AM PST.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA.

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    Visit the Iraq Memorial Quilt @

    by pollchecker on Mon Jan 27, 2014 at 06:06:28 AM PST

  •  People have to do this (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Politicians will not. Not enough of them willing to stand up for children instead of lobbyists.

    So I diary this and you should keep it up too.

    We owe it to our children. They have a right to live.

  •  Tip'd and Rec'd (2+ / 0-)
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    Whatithink, FrankRose

    For a discussion about what is actually needed to prevent random mass shootings.

    No amount of gun control will prevent someone with no criminal history from purchasing a common hunting shotgun and killing people.

    We need to treat the mind, not the tool. Go after the motive, not the means.

  •  I found this online... (0+ / 0-)

    Still a long way to go but still.....

  •  The problem is BOTH (1+ / 0-)
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    There is no way to identify many of the people who could potentially and intentionally use a firearm to harm someone else or themselves.  For those we can we can massively upgrade medical services for those with severe brain disorders, such as major depression, bi-polar disorder and the many thought disorders under the diagnosis of schizophrenia.  We must, absolutely must increase mandatory treatment laws and facilities for the nearly all young males who are a danger to themselves and others.  Sen. Creigh Deeds is pushing for such legislation in VA. His son nearly killed him (with a knife) and then shot himself with a firearm in the home (there were no bullets kept there-he purchased them). Deed's son was told there were no psych beds available the night before and the "hold" on him was only 6 hours. There is a shortage of psychiatrists, and we need to have a "national service" system of medical school loans for Drs that are forgiven as they serve in understaffed specialties and areas.  And we need to subsidize the building of facilities and programs (we know what works).  We also need a massive public information campaign to help parents and others identify signs and symptoms of kids who are starting to get into trouble.  A case in point appears to be the Maryland Mall shooter where the mother apparently was not aware of how deeply her son had fallen.  Treating severe brain disorders without stigma would help, too.

    I think immediate law changes would be to a) require states to enter those who are adjudicated severely brain disordered to enter names into the background check database and allow doctors to enter these names based on their own clinical assessment.  Require universal background checks on all sales and transfers of firearms.  I also think the minimum age to purchase all firearms AND ammunition should be raised to 21, just like we do for alcohol.  We should have ammunition purchase background checks, too.   Doing all of these together will reduce some of the deaths and injuries we are now seeing.

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