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There's a particularly interesting and revealing species of bat flitting around the shadowy corners of the Internet right now, but I fear it's very ephemeral and will be gone before you know it.    Let's snag a specimen and see what we might could learn from it, shall we?

Suddenly, oddly, out of seeming nowhere in the last days of January 2014, fourteen years after the turn of the 21st century, we have some Youtube videos popping up "investigating" the recent heavy snowfall in the South (in areas that rarely get snow) and "revealing" that the "snow" doesn't seem to melt like you would expect it to when you apply heat.

Like a hoard of starving ticks grabbing onto a passing dog, the chemtrails conspiracy people and various assortments of other tinfoil types immediately had the explanation: massive government conspiracy!  Proof that Chemtrails are real!  And that September 11 was a government plot! Alien technology was recovered from the Roswell crash!  And so on.

Of course the videos were simply and easily debunked by obvious science.  But did that slow down the hue and cry?  Of course not...

Unwilling to let "evidence" go when it so neatly reinforces their belief system, the batshit brigade pushed back against anyone trying to "discredit" them.  The examples are numerous but let's let 'Trent' here represent them:

I tried this experiment 3 times. The first time at home in my own yard. The last 2 times I took the advice from Big a and I got snow from a very secluded field in the country and a sample from the city. Well, guess what you supposed scientists……QUIT STICKING UP FOR THE GOVERNMENT AND OTHER MEDIA AND MONEY INTERESTS!! I got the same results from ALL 3 TESTS and the SAME SMELLS ARE PRESENT, DUMB A**ES!!!! SO WHAT ARE YOU GUYS HIDING FROM THIS FAKE REALITY!!!! YES, THAT’S RIGHT……….FAKE REALITY!!!! A LOT OF CRAP IS GETTING FOUND OUT BY THE AVERAGE JOE……..ISN’T IT!!!!!??? ANYTHING CAN BE FAKED!!!!! EVEN HISTORY!!!!! AND THE GOVERNMENTS, ELITISTS, LOBBYISTS, FDA, AND THE PHARMACEUTICAL TO MENTION A FEW ARE THE ONE’S INVOLVED IN PRODUCING THE FAKE REALITY WE LIVE IN NOWADAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHEW ON THAT FOR A MOMENT AND JUST PONDER WHAT REALLY IS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!
Well, the human race is full of nutcases, and they have found the Internet.  Stop the presses, right?

But there's just something compelling to me about this particular manifestation.  The sheer comic preposterous absurdity of it against the rapidity and sureness it was pounced on and adopted by those that are "in the know about the REAL truth!"

A video gets posted on a popular site and links get posted to it on the various well-known conspiracy sites.  More people try and replicate the results and post more videos.  More links and word spreads as it goes viral.  Within hours furious debate breaks out.  Rational people debunk it.  The believers just scream louder.

What makes this stand out is the blatantly obvious impossibility of the conspiracy being true, no matter if you believe the absolute worst about the government.  How many million tons of water, or chemicals, would it take to produce the quantity of "fake snow" alleged here?  Now imagine the airlift capacity it would take to drop it all in a matter of hours over thousands of square miles. Only God Herself could do such a thing and even she would be hard pressed to amass the sheer quantity of "chemicals" necessary to make the millions of tons of fake snow.  It's insane to believe this is even remotely conceivable.

But the True Believers don't pause for a microsecond to consider any of this.  Someone has proof that they are RIGHT!  That's all that matters!  It doesn't occur to them that if they had any last lingering shred of credibility left outside their bubble this will kill it off.  If people don't believe you, SCREAM LOUDER!

What could be seeing here is the conspiracy industry finally, decisively, jumping the shark.  Not that it will slow them down or shut them up.  

But for the average Jane out there paying even a little attention to this madness it's the clearest reveal yet that they just don't give a furry bat's ass about reality.  They've got their agenda and that's all that matters.  Sanity and common sense be damned.  They'll jump fifty sharks if that's what it takes.

In a day or two this will be old news....but when the next conspiracy craze bubbles up out of the tinfoil, I know what I'll be replying:  

Fake Snow!  Fake Snow!

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