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The world has experienced the venom of America's "Reich Wing;"  The unadulterated hatred of the GOPosaur;  The wretched vomit that is FOX --- and the aforementioned scum of American society has been forced, through usurpious means, to expend priceless quantities of time, energy, effort, and money to counter the cultural rape of this nation.  What, I wonder, would happen if the world stopped grinding it's teeth at these piteous fools, and instead simply declared them to be extinct?

Imagine that a particular local retail entity (Marc's Discount) had installed large, flat-screen televisions over some of its cash registers, and these checkout-lanes were the only ones open unless there was enough business to warrant opening other registers?  Now, envision that, whenever any of these specific checkout lanes were open, its television was tuned into FOX news?  What would happen if someone asked to have the channel changed --- and when management refused, that someone were to simply walk out of the store, leaving a cart full of perishables sitting in the middle of the aisle?  Now, extrapolate from "an individual" to "several dozen."  Might this not have an effect on that business's ability to propagandize the local populace?

Now, suppose that a local gas station (Sheetz) does the same thing as that aforementioned retail establishment.  Imagine someone pulling up to one of the pumps, pumping only a small quantity of gasoline into the tank, walking into the store, and spending 10 minutes shopping "for a bottle of pop, or a pack of gum?"  Would such a covert act inflict any measureable financial pressure on this establishment"  Maybe not --- but if that singular action by one unique individual were expanded into a concentrated effort by half a hundred individuals --- all focused on a specific time-frame --- one could envision a gas station that's effectively shut down for maybe as much as an hour.

Let's move on to a local restaurant (Maple Leaf), again with large overhead televisions all tuned to FOX news.  What would happen if a pre-planned group of individuals and small groups all happened to show up for dinner, all 15 minutes before the evening dinner rush, all ordered a light meal,  all taking their time eating, all leaving over-generous tips to compensate the wait-staff for the lost business, and all denying the business owner perhaps a thousand dollars in sales?  Is there a possible effect on this owner's ability to give money to the Republikanner Beastie?

Could families choose to drive a half hour out of their way to enroll their children in a live theater class, rather than support a local theater organization that's populated with Teabaggers?

Could mere citizens ignore the pleas of their own communities by "weaponizing" their purchasing power, and taking that power elsewhere?

Is it feasible to say, "I will occupy this place of residence in Community A, an embrace the dual vision of providing my financial support to Community B while, at the same time, denying Community A that financial support?

If I live in a given community, and commit to such a course of action, I both (1) deny that community my financial resource and (2) prevent that community from offering the physical space I occupy to someone else who would provide that community "their" financial resource.

To "occupy" a singular fixed location (Wall Street being an example) does little more than to provide the political situation their ability to break a specific siege in one single stroke.  However, to occupy, perhaps, hundreds of thousands of locations would effectively deny the enemy any ability to concentrate their resources against the organized action while simultaneously denying that enemy the financial resources to conduct operations against us.

In the end, no siege against a well-funded institution can succeed if that institution continues to get funding, and the "big money" being leveraged against us does not come from the big-moneyed interests: it comes from US.

Let the siege begin....

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