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I generally am a pretty even-tempered person, but I have to say I'm getting more and more ticked off listening to Republican propaganda parrot after Republican propaganda parrot blather on and on about how horrible it is that Obamacare will allow people the breathing space to work the equivalent of 2.5 million fewer job's worth of hours.  That they have the gall to pretend these are 'lost jobs'.

Are you guys really just that stupid, or that is this more of the same evil 'destroy the American economy and the American people' to prevent President Obama from claiming any sort of victory for the American people?

You know that godawful unemployment we're suffering through?  All of those people you can't stand paying unemployment insurance payments?  That's 2.5 million more job openings for those people.  For people like me, struggling to find work.  People who need to work those job hours to quit scrounging off of parents, to have the, pardon my French, fucking dignity of work you keep harping about.  We want to work, but there simply aren't enough damn jobs for all of us.

So now, when the CBO says that the ACA will allow people to quit worrying so much about unaffordable health insurance that they're willing to work a bit less hard, to retire, to take a break once in a while, you're either too stupid to understand what that actually means to those of us who still need work, or so goddamn evil that you can't bring yourselves to do anything but pretend it's actually '2.5 million jobs lost' rather than 2.5 million more job openings available to those of us out of work.

And that level of vicious idiocy brings even my even-tempered self to the point of irritability.

You have no principles.  You pretend you do, but any time someone actually does something that backstops the principles you claim, you scream like wounded panthers to try and stop it.  You will take food from the mouths of the children you insisted had to be born, you will prevent the unemployed from having jobs available to them, even as you work to prevent them from being given a pittance to stay alive and with a roof over their heads while they're unable to find work because you can't bring yourselves even to simply allow jobs to open up in the private sector incidentally, much less actually create work in the public sector doing far overdue infrastructure repairs.

There may be a few deluded fools who actually think what you're doing is 'good for America'.  But if there is a God, if there is a Hell, I know where the vast majority of Republican Congresspeople are headed after they die.

I'm tired, I want to find work, I'm hurting in my soul, and I know, I KNOW I still have far more help available to me from family that so many of my fellow Americans, who suffer endlessly all so that the ludicrously rich can continue to suck every last penny out of the country, thanks in large part to complicit puppets in our government.

I won't damn you, but you've damned yourselves, and done your best to damn the rest of us with you, both on this earth, and perhaps beyond.

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