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Oh, your tears of unfathomable sadness are so sweet and tasty.  

UPDATE: (People are asking if these photos are real.  Yes they are, none of them have been photoshopped)

The question for weeks hasn't been will Christie run for President, rather when will he resign and can he stay out of prison.

Throughout this scandal, Christie's strongest apologists have been Morning Blow's news team of Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

These two had been tireless promoters of Christie, attacking every outlet reporting straight news on the scandal, attacking viewers on Twitter, attacking their own employers (MSNBC), at one point, even calling Bridgegate a left wing Benghazi (ie fake scandal).  This morning they folded, and they're now they're calling Christie a liar.

This Scandal has legs

Today they were discussing the weekend news that Christie has become radioactive with Republican candidates and Christie's ludicrous denial that he had nothing to do with the not-ready-for-prime-time attacks on David Wildstein.

Reading the headline that Christie never read the statement attacking Wildstein's high school record, Brzezinski asked incredulously, and with dejection in her voice, "how is the possible".  

Scarborough jumped in, "there's no way he didn't see it".  He went further, saying he didn't believe Christie's claims that he didn't know about the traffic nightmare when it was occurring.  He twisted himself into a pretzel saying Christie wasn't behind the traffic jam, but Christie had to know the world's busiest bridge had turned into a parking lot.

When you've lost Morning Blow, you've lost the Corporate Media Industrial Complex

Moving on to the various stories showing no one wants to be seen with Christie, Scarborough concluded he needs to go away (hint, hint).

The fact is, right now, he's a distraction to the Republican Governor's Association.  If a Republican's job is electing Governors and you got a guy running the RGA that has Republican candidates running away from him, that's a serious problem, and he needs to sit down and do some soul searching and see if he wants to defend charges against him or continue this.  


There was time (one month ago), when Christie was the corporate media darling, the toast of the town, the guy they wanted to beer with.   He coulda had class, he coulda had style, he coulda been a contender.   Now he's bum.  A radioactive bum no one wants to stand near with a one way ticket to palookaville.

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