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Let's face it, the last week or so, while serious issues have been going on too many diaries in the rec list have focused on the problems of being labeled a troll, finding trolls, hunting of trolls, and the harmful things trolls and conspiracy nuts bring to places like Kos and elsewhere.  

So, look, this one time, I'm going to explain how you make sure that you aren't a troll :)

This is it:  Get out of your house and go meet with some Kossacks.  Not on a keyboard, not in a comment section, but go out, and meet with some Kossacks in person.

You'll find that most of us don't bite (especially if we aren't asked) and we're generally nice people.   You can look around and think:  There is an election in my state in a few months, maybe meeting up with some other activists now and again wouldn't be a bad idea.   I might find out what is going on in my state or I can discuss issues that are my district with someone who gets it.

Most cities that are represented here on Kos have a local restaurant, coffee shop or a library that will gladly welcome you to go and talk in person.  

The good thing is that when you meet people in person, you're pretty well assured that they are not just 'trolling you' because they are trying to actually do something for their community.

IF they are a troll, and they are secret NSA or Republican Spies out to infiltrate your group, then organizing with them how to walk their district, or having them stuff envelopes or do similar work on behalf of a candidate who needs it is a delicious turn around.  You can feel as though you outed a conspirator and made them work for your cause.   But let's just say they decide to run away from taking an afternoon at a call center or helping distribute signs and literature by telling you they were always just fooling to get secret campaign information, you can inform them they are the worst infiltrator of all time because the idea of 'oh they are making phone calls for money' or 'they distribute campaign literature' isn't really that top secret.   But they are free to keep the pamphlets and, if they are willing to listen maybe you can change their mind.

Here we go.  It's March in an election year.  Many states will have local and city issues coming up this month and next.   States will have local and federal elections in November, 8 months away.   Primaries for most locations will happen over the next few months.

There are plenty of things to do.   So, I'm going to encourage you to go on a troll hunt.  Organize some local meetings in your area.   Get some people together.   Go out, get a drink at a bar talk about what campaigns you care about.

I'm just saying this because spotting a troll in text can be hard.   But if they are sitting right next to you helping to support your candidate, then it's hard to accuse them of trolling you (plus you'll notice they don't have tusks or other supernatural traits).

Too many things to do in my day to worry about pie fights.   But if you want to come and share a lunch with me anywhere in Kansas City.. or if you're interested in how you can help a candidate, that's why I'm here.  Anyone on DailyKos is pretty free to PM me and make their way to an Oklahoma Joes for a Z-Man and some talk.

Because that's how I roll.

How about you?  

Get Organized.   Connect.  Unite.  Act.   as the group title says.   Is there a group in your area that you can join?  Join it.  Does your area not have a group?  Create one.  Is there a campaign that needs you?  Give them 15 minutes of your time.     Make some friends and make a difference.

It's a lot better then worrying about who's a troll and what's a conspiracy.

Do you need to find a Kos Group to Join?  CLICK HERE

Thank you to Glen for posting the link in his comments, and thanks for his work with his group.   That's what this is all about :)

Conspiracies and troll worries?
Ain't Nobody Got Time For That.

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