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Yes there was a war raging in Vietnam but Rick Scott was on a ship selling soda to his shipmates at double the price.  This greedy one was cruising around making money off his fellow servicemen.

Rick Scott is worse than a chickenhawk by scalping his fellow navy buddies by charging them double the price for soda and other retail merchandise.   Here are some excerpts from the Military Times picked up by Mother Jones in 2011.  This all made news due to him making Floridians angry when he and the following people were nominated for Florida's Hall of Fame Heros.   He is anything but that.

The whole idea had to be revamped when the public got plenty angry over his former Chief of staff now Head of Florida State Veterans Affairs, wanting to have a  Veterans Hero Hall of Fame for Florida.

The inductees initially are laughable and downright outrageous.   I am sure Scott was not too thrilled with actually having to honor REAL men and women who served honorably and the qualifications do not necessarily reflect what they sacraficed in the military but their contribution to the State of Florida including business and success.  The truth IMO is the nominating process looks like it was designed by The Chamber of Commerce with a DD214 honorable discharge required.  

I watched the 2013 inductees and saw mostly WWII veterans receive the prestigous award and most were retired military who had started businesses in the State.   I doubt Scott would have taken his name off the initial inductees had the public not pitched a fit and rightly so.   What I did not see was one minority inductee or attendee.

This guy is so sleazy, he has no shame.

Scott, a Navy vet (more on his service record in a sec), was joined on the list of inductees by exactly zero Medal of Honor recipients. Not Fort Lauderdale's local hero, Sandy Nininger, who died in hand-to-hand combat trying to keep the Japanese from overrunning the Philippines in 1942. Not Bud Day of Ft. Walton Beach, the "most decorated US service member since General Douglas MacArthur," who was a POW in Vietnam (and a Swift Boater during the 2004 election). Not Paul R. Smith of Tampa, who manned a machine gun to protect his company of 100 soldiers in the 2003 battle for Baghdad's airport—and who posthumously received the first Medal of Honor awarded in the Iraq war.
Who else was on the VIP list of Florida military heroes? Six former state governors who fought in the Civil War on the losing side. One, Abraham Allison, assumed office in 1865 when his predecessor realized the Confederate cause was lost and committed suicide. Allison then went into hiding, was arrested by federal troops, and served six months in prison for his role in oppressing the Sunshine State's slave population.


.I read this and said this jerk cannot be outed enough.   The very thought of a 75 time pleader of the 5th to avoid Medicare fraud being honored just made me angry.   Scott is wannabe hero.   Veterans hate wannabe's.   Most people hate Scott.    A chickenhawk is deplorable but a guy taking advantage of his crew mates, well that outdoes the chickenhawk..Wouldn't you love to be on the open water with this greedy jerk depending on him to have your back and he would probably sell you bullets.  

When most people think of hero and military veterans.. They think of a person who has sacraficed for their country and are from that home state.   They think of people like Former Senator Max Cleland  in Georgia or Medal of Honor winners or people who have given their all to serve in uniform.  They don't think of two bit con artists ccruising around Bermuda or Puerto Rico afraid of heights selling coke and pepsi double the price and then serving 29 months and getting out early for God knows what.  I would love to see this guy's 201 file.

What were the guv's qualifications for inclusion in the hall of heroes? According to Military Times, he served two and a half years as a radioman on a frigate in the early '70s. And no, his ship didn't see action at Yankee Station off Vietnam; it "spent time in dry dock in Boston and sailed to ports in Bermuda and Puerto Rico during his enlistment," the paper reports.
The article went on to say that
Earlier in 2011 Scott bragged to reporters about the defining moment of his Navy career: The point when he realized he could turn a profit by selling retail goods to his shipmates at a steep markup.:
Scott demonstrated his special business acumen as a sailor on the USS Glover. When the ship stopped selling soft drinks, Scott said the Navy let him bring his own cans of soda pop onboard. For the record, Scott sold Pepsi, Coke and 7-Up. "And so I would go get as much money as we had in the bank. I would go buy all the soft drinks that I could for a cruise and then I would double the price and I made more money selling soft drinks on the ship than I did in getting my pay."
 Seems the confederates did not make it into the inductee Hero Hall but no minorities did either.  
It's unclear when a revamped list of inductees, said Scott, will be made public. Nor is it apparent whether the six Confederates will make the final cut. Prendergast certainly left the door open when Military Times asked him those questions. "We are committed to including a diverse array of highly distinguished veterans of all eras who served Florida and the nation," he explained.
This was all from 2011 and glad the public called him and his stooge on it and I hope they call him out in 2014.   I will do my part to take this bony alien apart bone by bone of his greedy deeds and tell folks who didn't know this kind of stuff.

He talks about his poor economic background A LOT.  I wonder if it was always this way or only when his parents saw him crawl out from a rock and he stole them blind from the minute  he could walk.

Originally posted to Vetwife on Mon Mar 03, 2014 at 12:05 AM PST.

Also republished by North & Central Florida Kossacks, Military Community Members of Daily Kos, and DKos Florida.

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