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Another run back to the middle of 2013 as the trial mentioned in the opening report has just been settled in Feb. 2014.  This action took place in Bellingham in solidarity with the west coast occupy the ports action in Nov. 2011.  The only defendant arrested both in this action and at the eviction of the Occupy Bellingham camp was asked what public service he had done in answer to the first charge and he cited the time spent in the Occupy camp; as to the second charge he cited the first action as his community service to stop the coal trains and focus attention on the global warming that may get worse than it was 250 million years ago when the planet suffered the extinction of 90 some % of all species on the planet.  Methane from Siberia was blamed then.  The melting north is seriously threatening to do it again.  That's not funny.  A little of what follows is.  Old news but some still pertinent.  

The Bellingham twelve, arrested for chaining themselves to the railroad tracks as Occupy Bellingham part in the west coast Occupy the Ports action in December of 2011 have been ordered to complete eight hours of community service.  They have agreed that the most important community service that they can do will be to block the tracks for eight hours.  The community has stepped up and offered support.  Six hundred citizens, at present, have pledged to stand with them in solidarity. This is two days after the announcement.  Calls from Canada, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and even Ferndale have come in with pledges to join in as this problem [global warming] threatens to wreak havoc world wide if it cannot be mitigated.  Two groups from China have expressed interest but don't want to be identified openly.  Early estimates of expected pledged participants put  totals at fifteen hundred to two thousand people.  Police may join this community service action as they have kids too.  Money has spoken louder than life and refuses to listen, period.  Estimates could be low.  The numbers of people realizing the need to make a stand are growing exponentially.  If this sounds like hyperbole comma imagine the media refusing to mislead for money, calculate engagement levels and tell me.  People are awakening.

Natural yard care classes are being held.  Imagine, human animals needing to learn how to work with nature.

Bradley Manning was required to learn the rules of the Military Codes of Conduct.  Being a good soldier he took them to heart.  His actions reflected this.  Discussion has started.  His reward is still being considered.  Those demonizing him have been thumped, locked up and tortured.

Oregon has a state bird, tree, song and even soil.  Now it [Oregon] has designated a state microbe.  The state insect may launch a protest as it will no longer enjoy the largest population of entities
 being honored.  Ignored probiotics are considering options.  Viruses do not comment.

The Enron scapegoat, Jeffery Skilling, is having his prison sentence reduced.  The twenty four year sentence will be reduced to thirty six years.  That's some accounting banksters can understand.

Regulators are putting disgraced sports coaches in key positions in the biggest banks.  They are expected to whip them into shape.  Finally, community service we can believe in.  

Misprints and edits of XR news reports will not be tolerated.  This is not Wikipedia.  Really funny alterations may be allowed but only we can make that determination.  We retain full intellectual property rights without having a single smart person on staff.  We only report the news we don't write it.  We don't lie or mislead either.  Our viewers no this.

Comedy is in the news; as if there is anyone left in America  who didn't already know that.  Too bad it's not always funny.

Due to a misprint in the law, tort reform has only affected pastries.   Mmm pastries.  Pastries now have standing.  Scofflaws are trembling.

More deformed fish are being found down stream from the tar sands.  Some deformed humans upstream.  Schindler is compiling a list [of the fish not the humans].  First Nations people are speaking up but being mostly ignored.  'Silent No More' may weigh in and they have the spirits of ancestors on their side.  All  marshalable help will be honored, respected and appreciated.

Forty five years ago, after marching to campaign for higher wages for workers, Martin Luther King was shot.  It's nice to know that problem was solved long ago.  We refer to both wages and shootings, not to mention unnecessary wars like Viet Nam.

The Supreme Court has come out against the Trans Pacific Partnership.  Their status as imperial rulers with the final word on everything will be unsurped when multinationals take the sovereignty that the TPP provides and the constitution doesn't.  I'm not sure what their problem is, they can still decide whether marriage is gay or not, or whether rocket launchers are protected arms.

The Pledge of Allegiance has been altered for the first time since God was added to it.  The new pledge is:
   I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, free of corporate rule, indivisible, with equal justice irregardless of income, the freedom to vote and healthcare for all with the liberty that comes with it.

Electronic music is organic.  Just ask your computer if you don't believe me.

In science news,  Complex sulphur based life forms have been discovered dispelling assertions that more primitive forms are an aberration.  Under sea vents continue to display evolution.

An aside from the news, The First Amendment gives me the right to be stupid if I want to.
                                         The Second Amendment doesn't.

A move is afoot in this country to move discussion, the center of the road, off the fog line and back to solid pavement on both sides.  The right, looking like the coyote in a road runner cartoon laughs derisively and says "in your dreams".  We agree.

A disturbing slide towards seriousness has been seeping into XR reports.  If it intensifies, 'life in a black hole' focus could result.  XR would be forced to implode and regroup till a white hole can emerge and we can continue.  We don't suck,we spew.  Film at 11:00.

Opponents of the lights out action from 8:30 to 9:30 pm tonight have pledged to turn on all of their lights in the hope that it [the light] will be visible from space.  The space between their ears is guaranteed to be well lit.  With counter intuitive grace, so will attention to climate change.

Regulation resistant banksters have banded together to demand their total sovereignty over all resources and life on this planet.  The genecide to economies world wide is too slow.  They have the U.S. now and interest in Russia.  Fleecing countries piecemeal just doesn't get it done.  Forty years we've been at this.  Enough is enough.  Most countries are expected to acquiess to their demands.  The few instances of antibankotics  being used are rare indeed.  Probankotics not so.  The claims  are enticing and  addictive too.  Mutating viral Occupiers from wall street are silent but active.

Nightengales sing when they hear the song of another. They will not sing until they hear a nightengale singing.  Who starts it?  

Rape in the military is in the news.  So much for provocative clothes being a factor.

New investment opportunities are being invented and pushed.  Nobody is buying them as recovery from the last addiction has been slow and investors are still wary about getting hooked again.  Big money is concerned about the increase in attention spans.

Wall street, following the lead of casinos, will now stay open twenty four hours.  Traders given graveyard shifts threaten to strike.  They have no unions though so no worry.  

Sulphur based life forms are demanding the same rights that carbon based life forms enjoy.  We wish them luck with that.

Science says truth is in flux.  Truth argues that it is inviolate, just ask faith.  Critical thought is not questioned on the matter.

The effects of studying butterfly brains could have far reaching consequences.

XR news has been approached to assist in the rewriting of history books going on in Texas.  Wait a minute, wasn't Texas given to the Jews for a homeland after WW2?  XR news accepts the offer.
Stay tuned for peace on earth.

Content editors at XR news have been given a raise.  We're not saying how.

Effective propaganda slips in the back door.  It never knocks on the front door unless it is already in the house.  Now if it would just do the dishes and vacume before washing brains.

An AA rating on investments means more than an AAA rating if the benchmarks are flexible enough.

Pope John Paul is known to have been reading a book on mysticism when he died.  They may need to be banned [books on mysticism not Popes].

Lobbyists for privatized jails pledge to double prison populations within ten years.  Newly passed and proposed laws will facilitate this increase.  Prison industries can exploit a huge under utilized work force that is free of unions, has healthcare provided, doesn't have to be paid, can't demand more rights, don't vote and can't leave.  This strengthening of American competitiveness will put us on a par with countries enjoying the benefits of our huge trade deficit.  The only currently identified draw back is citizens with serious and unaddressed health concerns committing crimes just to get in.  Industry is not concerned with that as it's not their bottom line being compromised.

Questions about the use of trusted financial instruments will not be tolerated as they could threaten our national insecurity.

Placebo laws are passed in congress.  They don't do anything but thirty percent of the population believes they do so they have gravitas.  Real laws aren't amused.

The sun is shining as it has for eons while the  ancient sun is shouting warnings about an uncertain future as more of it is burnt.  One thing is certain.  Change is inevitable.  Directing it may or may not be a sysiphean task beyond the capabilities of humanity so we shouldn't try.  It's not easy to roll a rock up hill.  Fantasy can do it.  If fantasy won't we'll make a law.  Listen up  nature.

Congress repeals laws of gravity.  Gravity files suit in physics court.  Sisyphis takes a week off.  Elevator operators are out of work.  NASA too.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet join the occupy movement.  Carlos Slim and the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia scoff at the move.  Denmark and Norway wonder what took so long.

Disclaimer: This report is an objective dissemination of recent and future events.  If facts conflict with your cherished opinions please click now so stress levels don't rise from having to think:

Signing off now as we move to an undisclosed location in the Ukraine for no reason.

                                    XR News Service.                        Xenored reporting.

P.S. Gravity asks the Supreme Court to rule on reinstatement.  Arguments are found to have no weight or standing.

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