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I’ve been thinking a lot about what I see going on for the last few years.  The republicans have said no to absolutely everything except tax cuts for the rich.  What with all the voter suppression sponsored by them and all the gerrymandering they’ve accomplished, and the myriad of all the things they do that actually harms Americans, I’m talking about unemployment extensions, food stamps, etc. I have come to the conclusion that the Republicans are the Boots on the Ground for the Corporate coup d’état of The United States of America.  Just think about it and try to include all the things they have done and what they keep pushing at and it really is not about governing, it’s about ruling.  You don’t need to read any further, the rest is just a bunch of questions and I already said what I wanted to say in bold.  Thank you.

Where did all the money come from for the Tea Party?  Why does ALEC write the laws?  Who is it going to benefit?  Why are there so many elected officials against climate change?  Why do Republicans go after the EPA?  Why are they so afraid of the Affordable Care Act?  Is that a fair assessment of what this program can do?  Why is Issa allowed to be the Joe McCarthy of the new century?  Why do they receive a paycheck and not do their job?  You know the economy is in bad shape when a lobbyist has to layoff a senator and three congressmen.  How is it possible that a nation such as us can believe that a corporation is a person?  Where is the common sense in that?  When a corporation signs up for a colonoscopy, I personally will grant them personhood.  The stupid pseudo pimp with the silly hat, completely in the wrong and illegal, destroyed ACORN.  Even being wrong, they won that round.  Take away the vote.  They must truly believe that they cannot win a fair and honest vote, or otherwise why would they work so hard to make voting hard to do?  Thank God for the internet.  There are few places within the corporate controlled media that could be considered fair and factual.  Why is a network that lies constantly allowed to spew?  Free speech, that’s why.  We gotta live with it.  But it doesn’t mean we have to watch it or patronize their advertisers.  That’s the only way some times that is effective, Nestle’s way back when and the old fat guy on the radio.  You know, I’ve never listened to him, but I’ve read things and seen things on the news about him and does he really get paid millions to being an absolutely vile, disgusting, ignorant, stupid fucking human being?  There ain’t enough money for me to do that.  I wish I could hold up a giant mirror with all the congresspersons and senators gathered in one place and have them look in the mirror and ask themselves, “Am I doing the right thing?”  Maybe we should all carry a mirror around and when we see one of these yokels who votes against women’s health care and everything else, hold it up and say, “Ask Yourself!”  Politely of course, my Mother always said when I went out the door, “Try to not get arrested.”  Simple advice.  Might come in handy.  Worked for me, although there were a few times that the locals did not have my sense of humor.  No one is perfect.  Anyone can flush their socks down the toilet.  Peace be with you.  Have a happy.

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