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Recently Markos posed the following question What's so bad about the State of Daily Kos?  and went on to note some statistics.

Given our current U.S. monthly uniques, the state of Daily Kos would have five congressional districts, two senators, and seven electoral votes. Admit it, that would be pretty awesome! And no, I wouldn't run for any of those offices. I sure would be happy to help a lot of you do so, though.
Which prompts me to ask again, What would a Senator from Daily Kos look like? Your thoughts welcome in the comments? Some of mine below the fold.

Well for starters they would probably support the following issues:

Raising the minimum wage.

Taking care of our veterans.

Keeping our troops out of unnecessary wars.

Protecting our elderly.

Universal single payer healthcare.

Equality for all, in the workplace, the public sector, and under the law.

Stopping the TPP, KXL, NSA overreach, and the influence of big money on our legislation and our courts.

Rebuilding infrastructure, and building out for a renewable future.

Educating our youth, and employing our young adults.

Heck, that list might even be the start of a dKos Party platform.

Next, we would want someone who has a track record of actually having worked on these issues, someone who has done more than pay lip service to a think tank generated list of generic talking points. Someone who gets it because of the way they have grown up and made their way in the world. Someone who hasn't become dosed with the rarified atmosphere of the Beltway to the point that they don't recognize what life is like on the ground.

Ideally this candidate would have experience with running successful statewide campaigns, raising funds, debating contentious issues on the radio and TV, and organizing volunteers for effective action.

Heck, just to be thorough, let's find a candidate who has experience with the legislative process, who has sheparded progressive legislation through a divided committee hearing and passage in both houses, maybe even a successful 2/3 veto override vote on groundbreaking legislation that has national implications.

Ok, having found a candidate with such sterling attributes, given a choice, where would we want them to run?  In the state where they were raised, went to school, worked, got married.
In a Blue state, that voted for Clinton, Gore, Kerry and Obama (twice) by strong margins. A state that has a strong independent streak and a history of electing national leaders.. A state that has passed Marriage Equality, campaign finance reform, and privacy safeguards. A small state with a relatively cheap media market so our low dollar grassroots contributions can be more effective. In a state currently (mis) represented by a beltway insider who is happy with the status quo because it works for them and their PAC donors.

What's that you say? There is already someone running that has all these attributes? Someone who is already showing they can raise funds, open eyes, get national attention and speak strongly for progressive issues?

How did this happen right under our noses,

and where do I sign up?

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