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So apparently Paul Ryan is calling the Left's plan for the budget "a full stomach and an empty soul."

I have some thoughts, Mr. Ryan. I have some thoughts.

An empty soul, Mr. Ryan? Really?

Set aside the fact that we live in a secular state with a separation of church and state. Set aside the fact that we would never expect the government to "fill our souls" for us. Set aside the fact that, as an Atheist, I don't believe in the soul.

Set aside all that, for just a moment, and let's engage on the substantive thrust of this claim. Democrats want to feed the poor, sure. But giving poor people food will just - in your words -"discourage them from working."

I can feel my soul withering away already.

If God existed, would he or she want people to starve? Quite the opposite, in fact. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all emphasize care for the poor, not teaching them self-reliance through starvation. So does nearly every other religion I know of. So do many secular traditions, such as Humanism.

Still, Paul Ryan, you say our souls will be empty. Why? What could possibly cause you to think this way? Is it just mean spirited animus against the poor?

Possibly that does serve as your ultimate motivation. But your choice of words is telling. You say you believe that in some way it is immoral to help those who are struggling. Immoral to help the "takers" as you castigated so many of us during your 2012 election. You picked your words very deliberately.

There is a moral philosophy which says helping the poor is not just a mistake, but immoral - a threat to civilization, in fact.

What is this philosophy? Ayn Rand's Objectivism.

Surely you remember it. You said she was why you got involved in politics. You said reading her books taught you your beliefs. You even said that what's happening today in America was "as if we're living in an Ayn Rand novel right now." Then, conveniently enough in 2012, you said you reject it because it's just an "atheist philosophy." Apparently the fact that Rand didn't believe in God was the only part you had a problem with.

And what did Ayn Rand say about helping those in need?

"If any civilization is to survive, it is the morality of altruism that men have to reject"
is what she said. Among many other toxic things.

Why not just come out and say it, Mr. Ryan? Why not just admit you believe, as she did, that altruism is immoral?

Because you know that America would not agree. That's why you have to dress it up. That's why you have to lie to us. That's why you have to lie about what "The Left" believes.

Because you know otherwise your agenda would be rejected.

In 2012, Mitt Romney spilled the beans with his infamous "47%" comments. He showed America what this attitude is all about.

In 2012, America rejected Romney and Ryan.

Well, Mr. Ryan, there's no putting this one back in the bottle. We know who you are, we know what you believe. And we will reject you again.

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