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Today, while reading the LA Times, I discovered this cool article by Robin Abcarian, who reveals How Ann Coulter is helping the GOP destroy its White House dreams. Abcarian sets up an imaginary debate between Coulter and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus over what changes the Republican Party should derive from the 2012 election postmortem. After the election Priebus asked the party tough questions about how the GOP could reduce its alienation of Latinos, woman, the GLBT, and younger voters. The GOP has rejected these questions and decided the problem was "optics," not policies. Her quotes from Ann Coulter raise doubts about whether Coulter is even concerned about changing the optics.    

Coulter: “Everything gets back to immigration. We are talking about bringing in 1.2 million poor people per year here, that’s going to be sustaining Social Security? That’s going to be sustaining Medicare? On top of that, something I think people haven’t really noticed — well, certainly they have noticed it on MSNBC, where they are celebrating the browning of America, but if you don’t celebrate it, you’re a racist. It is going to be people who are not from America who are in theory going to be funding older white people who are getting to their Social Security and Medicare age. I don’t think that can last. At some point, they’re gonna say, ‘Screw it.’ ”

“You have the Democrats who want more immigrants, particularly illegal immigrants, because they need brand new voters, just warm bodies, more votes. Amnesty goes through and the Democrats have 30 million new voters, and I don’t think Republians have an obligation to forgive lawbreaking just because the Democrats need another 30 million voters.”

Coulter: "I mean you have the government often subsidizing bad behavior, you have Hollywood rewarding bad behavior. But there’s also an overwhelming cultural sense, I think it is a political correctness … to end shaming. No. Shaming is good. It’s almost a cruel and selfish thing, for lack of a better term, for the upper classes, for the educated, for the college graduates to refuse to tell poor people, ‘Keep your knees together before you’re married.’ That will solve so many of life’s problems.”

Coulter: "Apparently in the '50s, all Americans littered a lot. And who started a campaign shaming Americans out of littering, with the ‘Keep America Beautiful’ ads? It was actually the corporations themselves …. that got together and funded these ads to shame Americans out of littering. Now, at all these national parks in California where the littering is coming from recent immigrants — 'Oh, we can’t suggest that any one group is doing it. Let’s just shut the park.' And that’s what they’re doing. This is always the solution now: 'Oh, we don’t want to stigmatize anyone.' No. Stigma is good. They stigmatized smoking out of existence. Now we’re stigmatizing unwed motherhood, littering, running across the border illegally.”

Coulter: “You gotta vote for the Republicans one more time and make it clear [to them]: If you pass amnesty, that’s it, it’s over, then we organize the death squads for the people that wrecked America.”

Seriously, Ann Coulter, WTH?  


Do you think Ann Coulter hurts the GOP more than she helps them?

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