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You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Wednesday March 16, 1904
From The Topeka Daily Capital: U.M. W. of A. Official, Chris Evans, Assaulted in Colorado

Officials of Mine Workers Express Great Indignation.

Indianapolis, Ind., March 15.-At the national headquarters of the United Mine Workers indignation was expressed over the assault in Colorado of Chris Evans. Evans is nearly 60 years of age and despite his long service in various official capacities with the miners, he has never been before assaulted. He was editor of the United Mine Workers Journal in this city for several years and served as national statistician of the organization. Prior to being sent to Colorado last November by the executive board he had charge of the disbursement of funds in West Virginia to the strikers. He is the third official of the United Mine Workers who recently has been assaulted in Colorado. The other two men who were assaulted and seriously injured were W. R. Fairley, member of the national executive board from Alabama, and James Mooney, member of the national executive board from Missouri.

Pueblo, Col., March 15-Chris Evans, financial agent of the United Mine Workers, who was assaulted yesterday near Trinidad, today gave the authorities a clue which they are investigating in the form of an anonymous letter sent to Wm. Wardon [Wardjon], national organizer, Mr. Evans and others, warning him and the other officials to leave the camp within two days. The letter also referred to "Mother" Jones and was signed "33."

No attention was paid to it at the time, but Mr. Evans now thinks it a part of a well-formed plot to kill the officials

The Topeka Daily Capital
(Topeka, Kansas)
-Mar 16, 1904

See also: Hellraisers of Feb 15, 1904
"UMWA Organizers Beaten, Mother Jones Not Harmed"

Monday March 16, 1914
Denver, Colorado - Mother Jones Arrived in Denver From Trinidad Late Last Night

John Lawson, Mother Jones, Attorney Horace Hawkins
John Lawson, Mother Jones, Attorney Horace Hawkins
Newspapers across the nation and in Canada are reporting the arrival of Mother Jones in Denver. She was released from the San Rafael Hospital on orders of General Chase, and, depending on the source, either left for Denver voluntarily or was deported from the strike zone against her will.

This report is from The Winnipeg Tribune:


Trinidad, Colo., March 16.-"Mother" Mary Jones, noted woman strike leader, who has been a military prisoner in San Rafael hospital here since January 12, was put aboard a train quietly last night and sent out of the coal strike district. Her departure became known today. It was said this action was taken at her request and on orders of General John Chase.

"Mother" Jones was taken to Denver.

The Winnipeg Tribune
(Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
-of Mar 16, 1914

Photo: John Lawson, Mother Jones, Attorney Horace Hawkins
This could be about the time that this photo was taken. More research needed.


Sunday March 16, 2014
More on the release of Mother Jones from the San Rafael Hospital:

In her Autobiography, Mother Jones gives this account of her release:

Then on Sunday [March 15, 1914], colonel Davis came to me and said that the governor wanted to see me in Denver.

The colonel and a subordinate came for me that night at nine o'clock. As we went down the hall, I noticed there was not a soldier in sight. There was none in the elevator. There was none in the entrance way. Everything was strangely silent. No one was about. A closed automobile waited us. We three got in.

"Drive the back way!" said the colonel to the chauffeur.

We drove through dark, lonely streets. The curtains of the machine were down. It was black outside and inside. It was the one time in my life that I thought my end had come; that I was to say farewell to the earth, but I made up my mind that I would put up a good fight before passing out of this life!

When we reached the Santa Fe crossing I was put aboard the train. I felt great relief, for the strike had only begun and I had much to do. I went to bed and slept till we arrived in Denver. Here I was met by a monster, called General Chase, whose veins run with ice water. He started to take me to Brown Palace Hotel. I asked him if he would permit me to go to a less aristocratic hotel, to the one I usually stopped at. He consented, telling me he would escort me to the governor at nine o'clock.

I was taken before the governor that morning. The governor said to me, "I am going to turn you free but you must not go back to the strike zone!"

"Governor,"  I said, "I am going back."

"I think you ought to take my advice," he said, "and do what I think you ought to do."

"Governor," said I, "if Washington took instructions from such as you, we would be under King George's descendants yet! If Lincoln took instructions from you, Grant would never have gone to Gettysburg. I think I had better not take your orders."

The Autobiography of Mother Jones
-ed by Mary Field Parton
Charles H Kerr Pub, 1990
Pittston Strike Commemorative Edition

See also:
The Autobiography of Mother Jones
"Chapter XXI: In Rockefeller's Prisons"

The Death of Mother Jones-Gene Autry

She was fearless of every danger,
She hated that which was wrong;
She never gave up fighting
Until her breath was gone.
This noble leader of labor
Has gone to a better land;
While the hard-working miners,
They miss her guiding hand.


Originally posted to Hellraisers Journal on Sun Mar 16, 2014 at 11:00 AM PDT.

Also republished by Shamrock American Kossacks, In Support of Labor and Unions, Anti-Capitalist Chat, and History for Kossacks.

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