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I am aware that the Republicans yearn to take control of the Senate. I also know that the prospects of Democrats taking back the House is not possible.

But the prospect of what would happen if Republicans actually did take the Senate, and that is a possibility, was made frighteningly clear by Chris Matthews, David Corn, and Howard Fineman.

All three agreed that if the Republicans take the Senate, and thus control both Houses of Congress, will make Barack Obama's life a living hell.

They will pass bill after bill, knowingly full well that Obama would have to veto them. They will hold up the rest of the President's court appointees.

But the most shocking is that they will absolutely go for impeachment- despite the fact that it is a losing prospect.

Matthews played audio of Republicans leaving no doubt what they want to do. " We have three years to get him."

I am dumbfounded for three reasons:

1. I find it a complete enigma that people, knowing what Republicans stand for and do not stand for, would continually vote against their best interests. I get that older, white people are freaking out about the shifting demographics in the country.

2. Why- please someone give me a really good reason- Republicans hate Obama so much. It has to be more than the fact that he is black. As a 60's person, that thought makes me crazy. It can't be that Obama is such a radical instituting radical policies, because that is not ever going to happen. Do they hate the ACA so much that they would be willing to destroy a Presidency?

3. What the hell is wrong with Democrats? They need to start getting angry about the voting suppression, women's rights, the environment, and any number of things. Democrats must vote in this election. It is imperative.

And yet, where is the call for getting out the vote? Why do Democrats historically sit out mid-term elections. The many intelligent people on this site certainly must care about what will happen if Republicans get more power.

We must, whether we agree with what Obama has done or not done, at least give him a Senate.

I will beg if I have to.

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