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Apparently the Derp is very strong with this one as a former Transportation Official actually, literally has to explain to CNN's Don (Magic Pants Logic-Man) Lemon that "No, Black Holes, Magic, Valdemort, The Rapture, the Bermuda Triangle, and the plot of Lost all probaby had nothing to do with the disappearance of the still missing Flight MH370".

Well, ok, she said half of that.  And not the good half

“Is it possible, Mary?" asked, Lemon.

"A small black hole would suck in our entire universe, so we know it’s not that. A Bermuda Triangle is often weather, and Lost is a TV show.”

– Mary Schiavo, the former inspector general for the U.S. Department of Transportation, responding last night to CNN’s Don Lemon, who asked her whether a “black hole” or some supernatural force may have swallowed Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Yeah, and maybe it was a Wormhole - I saw a really big plane sized one of those on Stargate SG-1 once... Or maybe it was the latest incarnation of The Doctor who simply trapped the Plane in a hangar on board his T.A.R.D.i.S., since it's bigger on the inside?  I mean, Lemon just had to ask didn't he?

Yes, because someone has a theory no matter how hair-brained and two-bit or fucking ridiculous CNN JUST HAS TO GIVE IT AIR-TIME.

Cuz, that's "Balance" - right?

I mean it would just be too dismissive, too unfair, to starting quoting plot-lines from The X-Files or - to be more on point - the Pilot Episode of The Event (Which featured a plane literally disappearing in mid-air just before it completed a suicide crash into a home which including the President and his family).

Because - that could happen - couldn't it?

Yeah, the original author of this article on the Daily Banter doesn't think so either.

Welcome to Peak Stupid at CNN. It’s one thing to spend so much time talking about something for which there are no facts that you have no choice but to just make stuff up, but asking open-ended questions and entertaining wild theories that are completely ludicrous at face value make you no better than, well, Alex Jones. There are already plenty of idiots out there who think that President Obama blew up the plane or an e-bomb may have been detonated onboard, making the jet invisible. Conspiracy theories and left-field speculation can thrive in almost no oxygen these days — and for some they’re the default position whenever a lack of information stating otherwise is present — so to provide cover and sanction for that kind of nonsense on a network that was once as revered as CNN was is unconscionable.

Just because Flight 370 hasn’t been found doesn’t mean the laws of physics have somehow been upended; it just means they haven’t found the plane yet in a search area that’s the size of Australia.

Sure it's unconscionable - it's also business as usual.  CNN and most major media have been unwilling and unable to call crazy bullshit - "CRAZY BULLSHIT" - for years now.  

No matter what level of crap dripped from the lips of Donald Trump - CNN and most other news agencies would invite him back over and over again to tell us his really serious theories about the President's not-ever-real-enough Birth Certificate, or his college transcripts, or whatever.  

Benghazi-madness has been going on for fully two years with no signs of the fever breaking, and ObamaCare Derangement Syndrome actually shutdown the government, but let's not call any of this total insanity what it truly is.

That would be rude.

Let's entertain it's validity.  Let's give it an audience. Let's consider it.  What could it hurt?  What's the harm?  What does it matter?

The harm is that this Derp Storm is gradually bringing the collective IQ and ability to discern objective reality of the nation down to near single digit levels.

The BS has just got to stop. Really it does.


H/t to Yasuragi for the Link.

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