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I admit, I use Facebook as my daily newspaper now.  I get the best news, opinions, and things to read there, and have a very diverse group of friends of every theological/intellectual/ideaological makeup.  I get important updates from people who are experiencing the issue at hand, such as the good folks in Wisconsin desperately trying to convince half of their state that their governor is, indeed, bat-guano nuts.  I get lots of different cool things to consider when I fire up me social networkin'.

However, I am flat out disturbed by one particular thing I keep seeing my fellow libs sharing, and I'd like to address it publically, as due to being silenced by Facebook for over six months, I cannot post on Pages anymore.

Below the creamsicle shwirlie there is a very disturbing meme I'd like for you to consider NOT sharing.

We are at a critical point in our nation's government where the 5 losers on the Supreme Court basically just legalized bribery and money laundering.  This was done through which I am sure was a very purposeful progression from "corporations are people!" to "we'll keep that 'people'-privatized health care or else the natives will get restless for single payer!" to "those 'people' can contribute a fixed amount to as many candidates or PACs as they want!".

I know my fellow "libruls" are trying anything...anything that will lead to potentially fixing this dire problem of the 5 losers making it legally possible to hand out America to the highest bidder.  Really.  I know you all are.  The corporate, capitalist machine that is trying to subvert our government to stuff its own never-satiated maw has so many tentacles in the system that even Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said once in exasperation that he doubted we will ever separate rampant, unregulated, entirely self-serving capitalism from controlling Congress.

One way us "dirty libruls" can focus on the correct solution is to stop sharing this meme:

Just stop it.  Stop it now.

Why stop it?  

Because "Paying Congress Minimum Wage!!" is not addressing the crux of the issue.  It is not addressing Citizens United.  It is not addressing McCutcheon.  It is not addressing legalized bribery or money laundering.  It is not addressing the loser 5 on the Supremes who holds up corporate entites as individuals with all the rights as Americans but none of the liabilities.

"Paying Congress Minimum Wage!!" is another wonderful way for corporate overlords currently trying to turn the vast majority of Americans into legalized serfs to have their Congresscritters even more dependent on bribery, extortion, and money laundering.

What's a better way to combat this? Sign this White House petition to work towards getting an Executive Order declaring Voting Day as a national holiday.  

Share this meme instead:

And go V O T E  in the upcoming midterms, and every single election thereafter no matter who tries to tell you your vote doesn't matter!

C'mon, my fellow dirty socialist Marxist commie welfare-check cashin' Libruls.  Let's get UNIFIED, get to the bottom of this issue and get it fixed permanently by Constitutional Convention!

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