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At The Nation, Michelle Goldberg writes The Rise of the Progressive City—With liberal hopes dashed in Washington, political energy is gathering in cities, where social change is actually possible:

The Bush years were grim for progressives, but they did offer one small consolation: the hope that if only a smart and decent person could ascend to the White House, our politics could be repaired. Now, after years of destructive austerity and hopeless stalemate, that faith is dead. People on the left will debate where to lay the blame, but few will disagree that our federal institutions seem utterly unequal to the challenges of a country still reeling from economic crisis.

Indeed, our national politics are so deformed that it’s hard even to imagine the steps necessary to fix things. […]

At the city level, though, things are very different. Among those who study urban governance and those who practice it, there’s an extraordinary sense of political excitement. An outpouring of books like If Mayors Ruled the World, Triumph of the City and The Metropolitan Revolution hymns urban dynamism. Not all the new urban optimists are on the left, but that’s where most of the energy is. With the federal government frozen, cities are seizing the initiative and becoming laboratories for progressive policy innovation. Amid widespread despair about national politics, cities have become new sources of hope.

“It’s a movement that reflects the paralyzed nature of the political system in Washington right now and the polarization of the political process,” says Neal Peirce, editor of Citiscope, an online magazine about cities that launched earlier this year. “On the local level, you can have these arguments without getting as much into partisan politics. At the same time, we’re having much more discussion about income inequality.” The result is a raft of local legislation intended to address problems that national politicians have let fester. “It’s quite a shift,” says Peirce. “It’s grown dramatically in the last year or so.” […]

Blast from the Past. At Daily Kos on this date in 2008American Exceptionalism and Iraq:

Ever since I chose two months ago to support Barack Obama as the better remaining choice after John Edwards left the presidential race, I’ve not had second thoughts. But neither have I made a secret of my misgivings about various policy stances of the Senator from Illinois. Nowhere have these misgivings been stronger than when it comes to reshaping foreign policy, in general, dealing with the military-industrial-congressional complex, in particular, and, most immediately, figuring out what the United States should do next in Iraq.

While much campaign discussion among partisans has focused on the differences between what Senator Obama said in his October 2, 2002, speech about Iraq and what Senator Clinton said in her October 10 speech before she voted on the authorization to use force, what matters now has very little to do with they said and did more than five years ago. What matters is where we go from here in the sixth year of occupation.

During Tuesday’s hearings on Iraq, as refreshing as it would be—and as accurate—neither Senator Obama nor Senator Clinton (nor any other Senator who questions General David Petraeus) will say "imperialist" in reference to the bloody U.S. visitation on Iraq or its larger foreign policy. Nor "hegemony." Whether it be politicians, or textbook writers, or megamedia mavens, or, sadly, many historians, America simply cannot be attached to "empire" no matter the evidence. It’s just so ... un-American. [..]

Tweet of the Day:

Most homophobes are secretly gay. However, most arachnophobes are not secretly spiders.

On today's Kagro in the Morning show, we're back from the weekend, and Greg Dworkin notes how Gop ACA opponents are still inventing new metrics to be outraged about. Chili's reverses course on their anti-vax error. Jeb looks for a seam to squeeze through. Will it basically be "I'm too reasonable (on exactly one thing) to win?" BiPM's Cheers & Jeers updates us on OK. The multi-faceted Mozilla mess. Sen. Angus King (I-ME) enjoyed much Twitter love for pushing back against Dick Cheney on torture, but Cheney needs to be steamrollered. Privatization FAIL: rural fire hydrants shut down by water company, because their water "is for farms and homes, not fires."

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  •  1,010,188 registered users on dKos now. (25+ / 0-)

    Here are the 10 newest registered users on dKos.  Hope to see their comments and diaries here soon!  (If they're not spammers.)

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    And since our society is obsessed with numbers that end in a lot of zeros as milestones, here's a special shoutout to users:
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    We've added 288 more users in the last 24 hours.  There's definitely been a recent increase in spammers in the last couple weeks.

    And for your Diary Rescue music pleasure, with UConn defeating the cheaters of Kentucky that are making a mockery of college basketball, here's the Eagles' "Peaceful Easy Feeling".

  •  Woo-hoo (8+ / 0-)

    Congrats, UConn!

    Suck on it, Turtle Mitch,

    “I would like to get rid of the homophobes, sexists, and racists in our audience. I know they're out there and it really bothers me.” ― Kurt Cobain

    by Jeff Y on Mon Apr 07, 2014 at 08:33:56 PM PDT

  •  So. Why don't Dems' vote mid-term? (5+ / 0-)

    "Hey, hon. Time to vote."

    "Ad Men, is coming on."

    "OH. Fuck it."

    To quote the greatest philosopher of the 20th century: "I yam what I yam, and that's all what I yam."

    by franklyn on Mon Apr 07, 2014 at 08:35:10 PM PDT

  •  From Ron Paul land... (8+ / 0-)

    here my friend's latest video, on why gun control is racist.  Remember, she's dating Adam Kokesh, the ex-Marine who threatened the armed march on D.C. to "peacefully" overthrow Obama.

  •  It's flooding in the land of anti-Science (9+ / 0-)
    2 People Dead in Major Southeast Rainstorms:

    All along the Southeast, major rainstorms and flooding have caused people to be rescued from the roofs of their homes and abandon their cars, leaving two dead in Mississippi and Alabama.

    “I would like to get rid of the homophobes, sexists, and racists in our audience. I know they're out there and it really bothers me.” ― Kurt Cobain

    by Jeff Y on Mon Apr 07, 2014 at 08:38:27 PM PDT

  •  I wish Chicago was still progressive... (8+ / 0-)

    ...unfortunately, Harold Washington died, and we went from bad to worse with Rahmbo.

    Float like a manhole cover, sting like a sash weight! Clean Coal Is A Clinker!

    by JeffW on Mon Apr 07, 2014 at 08:39:39 PM PDT

  •  Congrats UCONN! Champions for the (8+ / 0-)

    fourth time in fifteen years. Go UCONN!


    Sick and tired of CNN's cynical use of the breaking news banner. Even as a child growing up, when I saw that banner I knew something huge - catastrophic - has happened. The heart starts beating frantically, you break out in a sweat (or glow), and you feel faint. There should be a charge against CNN for violation of journalism code of ethics...or something.

    Maya Angelou: "Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can't be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest."

    by JoanMar on Mon Apr 07, 2014 at 08:42:10 PM PDT

  •  No worries (9+ / 0-)

    'Scientist' Jim Inhofe said its just earthquake season in Oklahoma.

    Continue Fracking, Pay No Attention to All the Earthquakes:

    Could blasting water into cracks in the earth with incredibly high pressure be related to an explosion of earthquakes? Who's to say? In the meantime, strap yourself in—for energy savings!

    “I would like to get rid of the homophobes, sexists, and racists in our audience. I know they're out there and it really bothers me.” ― Kurt Cobain

    by Jeff Y on Mon Apr 07, 2014 at 08:52:45 PM PDT

    •  I wrote a short Dairy on Oklahoma earthquakes.. (5+ / 0-)

      ..caused by fracking. And VOC's (volatile organic compounds) released as a result. thousands of deep punctures that have caused literally thousands of minor quakes:  

      This year has been the most active, with more than 2,600 so far, including 87 last week.”
        but not all are minor:  
      In 2011, a magnitude 5.6 quake— the biggest ever recorded in the state — injured two people and severely damaged more than a dozen homes, some beyond repair.
      It'd be so nice if people got together and told Inhofe that they do not believe his denials any longer.

       So now Inhofe is calling it "earthquake season"  - lol - if it wasn't so destructive. There has to be a point where people stand up and refuse to buy that idiocy - hopefully sooner than later - imo

  •  Deep Thoughts (6+ / 0-)

    from the Tweet of the Day today.

  •  This is tragically creative (20+ / 0-)

    Drone protest photo Droneprotest_zpsbefe0345.jpg

    Artists install massive poster of child’s face in Pakistan field to shame drone operators

    An artists collective has unfurled a massive poster showing a child’s face in a heavily bombed area of Pakistan in the hopes that it will give pause to drone operators searching the area for kills.

    According to #notabugsplat, named after the description given to kills on the ground when viewed through grainy video footage, the artists – with help of villagers – unfurled the giant poster in a field in the Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa region of Pakistan.

    Daily Kos an oasis of truth. Truth that leads to action.

    by Shockwave on Mon Apr 07, 2014 at 09:07:07 PM PDT

  •  On Paul Ryan's Path to poverty budget for 2005 (10+ / 0-)
    “Paul Ryan looks around , sees three unemployed workers for every job opening in America and blames the people who can’t find a job.

    In 2008 this economy crashed wiping out millions of jobs. Paul Ryan says: ‘Don’t blame Wall Street', the guys who made millions of dollars cheating American families. 'Don’t blame decades of deregulation' that took cops off the beat while the big banks looted the American economy. 'Don’t blame the republican secretary of the treasury and the republican President' who set in motion a no-strings-attached-bailout for the biggest banks..Nope’.”

    “Paul Ryan says: “Keep the monies flowing to the powerful corporations. Keep their huge tax breaks. Keep the special deals for the too-big-to-fail-banks and put the blame on the hardworking play-by-the-rules Americans who lost their jobs’.”

    “Well let me tell you, that may be Paul Ryan’s vision of how America works but that’s not our vision of this great country.”

    -    Elizabeth Warren in Minnesota recently  

    Source: Reverend Al Sharpton  @ Politicacs Nation April 7, 2014

    Progressive cities on the rise.

    Looks like the word is spreading that people are turning away from Washington for answers and instead getting things done locally - good deal under Dems control:

    City government is thus largely free of the sort of conservative ideological grandstanding that has left Washington deadlocked.
    I don't always agree with Michelle Goldberg but she's right on this.

    Even areas under republican control, this new approach is a good thing for Dems to pursue in lieu of DC gridlock and other non-sense.
     Republicans have been reduced to fighting at the level and are wrecking any city they control:

    Just as reactionary ideas tend to spread from one state legislature to another—witness the recent tide of state-level anti-abortion laws—good ideas spread among the cities
    the good news is we out number the GOP so if we organize and take it to them at the local level precinct by precinct,  even with the maps drawn up to their advantage, the GOP last refuge and only real strong hold can be punctured big time.

    No more easy protected elections for them, and as rich as the Koch's are there will be thousands of "Iron City"  councils that there is no way they can overwhelm them all

    Thx MB - good deal

    what's it's called when getting ready for action?: "Okay guys/gals - spread out"

    •  Two words: Council Wars... (5+ / 0-)
      City government is thus largely free of the sort of conservative ideological grandstanding that has left Washington deadlocked.

      Float like a manhole cover, sting like a sash weight! Clean Coal Is A Clinker!

      by JeffW on Mon Apr 07, 2014 at 09:19:39 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  I worded that badly . She's right on the idea of.. (3+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Jeff Y, The Marti, Cadillac64

        ..turning away from DC, and looking to the progressive things happening Like Bill DeBlasio is up to,  not that there won't be council wars.
        I also took it to mean that if we can operate at local levels there is no way that a Koched up $ council like Iron city is defensible for the Koch's if we focus our efforts and multiply those local races by a thousand

        The Koch's have a lot of bucks but not if we are everywhere too

    •  Problem is, cities can't do much. (0+ / 0-)

      I don't want that booby prize.

      It's not the side effects of the cocaine/I'm thinking that it must be love

      by Rich in PA on Tue Apr 08, 2014 at 04:24:24 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  Right. The whole county unit system in Georgia was (0+ / 0-)

        in place to keep Atlanta in its place. From
        County Unit System

        Census data from 1960 illustrates the inequities of the county unit system. Although the rural counties accounted for only 32 percent of the state population by that year, they controlled 59 percent of the total unit vote. For example, the state's three least populous counties, Echols, Glascock, and Quitman, had a combined population of 6,980, while Fulton County, the most populous, had a population of 556,326. Collectively, the three smallest counties had a unit vote that equaled the unit vote of Fulton. The significance of this system was that the rural counties enjoyed a control of statewide elections that was out of proportion to their size. As a result, rural votes served to protect such policies as legal segregation and other aspects of white supremacy by diluting the influence of more liberal urban voters and of blacks, who were concentrated in Georgia cities.
        That blatant abuse met federal courts and died, but its contorted dwarf clones live on in state houses, particularly in the South and Midwest. Here in Virginia there is a complex system, including gerrymandering, to severely dilute the power of NOVA and the Hampton Roads urban areas while also keeping more than usual power in the hands of Richmond, still dominated by "downstate" legislators. When Fairfax, Arlington and other NOVA areas try something "progressive," particularly in areas of firearms such as keep them out of our recreation centers, parks and public meeting places, downstate pulls the Richmond veto card.

        The only solution to this shit is that those professing ideals associated with "progressive" and "liberal" and just 21st century get off their asses every election instead of just the big "presidential events"! Otherwise they are just hypocrites blowing smoke because they are abandoning the real work for change.

        The only foes that threaten America are the enemies at home, and those are ignorance, superstition, and incompetence. [Elbert Hubbard]

        by pelagicray on Tue Apr 08, 2014 at 04:50:33 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

  •  Questions questions questions (10+ / 0-)

    for all of you.
    1. When I first joined Daily Kos and set up my profile and whatnot there was an option I could choose so that all the comments would be aligned flush left. Since I've gone through 4 computers since then I can't find it. Do any of you know where it is? The comments get all spread out.

    2. I've been in the hospital recently and as a consequence I've had to have several X-Rays taken. They always say the same thing. "We've taken them and now we're waiting for someone to read them."
    My question is: How come reading X-Rays is not part of med. school for doctors? I mean what would it take, an extra night class called How To Read X-Rays 101? I bet they could have it down in 2 night classes. It could be a class you take right before you graduate so it's fresh in your memory.
    And I have a foot and a half long metal rod fused to my spine and an artificial heart valve, but I have to take off my necklace so the doctor can look at my lung. I said to the tech that very thing, "I have a mechanical heart valve and a metal rod fused to my spine yet a necklace has everything flummoxed."
    The tech said, "The machine isn't flummoxed the doctor doesn't want to see it."
    I said, "Oh it's a doctor thing? I get it."
    3. Can someone please explain the practice of this doctors privilege and hospitals? Not this time but a previous time I went to the E.R. and the E.R. doc wanted to get a hold of my doc to let him know what was going on. His office refused to answer or acknowledge the hospital's call. He didn't have "Doctors Privileges" there.
    You could be a doctor that works on the President but if you don't have "Doctor's Privileges" at a hospital you might as well be Bob the doctor. And dare the hospital call the doctor the office treats them like they were telemarketers. You know after I got home the next day and the day after I called the doc's office. After days he did not get back with me.
    4. Finally what does it take to get a simple straight answer from a doctor? What are the magic words that make doctors stop talking out of both sides of their mouth? Why can't they even be consistent about simple standard procedures. I was told one thing about the procedure about pacemakers by a hospital doc. And now I'm getting a completely different story about the same issue from my cardiologists office today.
    And I'm stating to be a "Difficult" patient. I can see it.

    Well I'm just a tree, but if I were you I'd listen to your GHOST FRIEND! Howard-Big Bang Theory

    by nellgwen on Mon Apr 07, 2014 at 09:18:43 PM PDT

    •  I think all the comment threads are now "indented" (6+ / 0-)

      in terms of display; I know what you're talking about but can't remember when that became the default mode.

      It certainly does get out of hand during piefights and threadjacks, and I'm sure it's a real PITA on browsers or displays with limited horizontal real estate.

      Wingnut World: where "Noah" is treated as fact and "NOAA" makes stuff up.

      by here4tehbeer on Mon Apr 07, 2014 at 09:45:50 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

    •  About question #1 is this what you're looking for? (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      OLinda, nellgwen, Cadillac64

      Daily Kos mobile view link

      This is the mobile view of tonight's Open Thread for Night Owls.
      Everything is aligned flush to the left, and not staggered (or whatever it's called)

      If you checkout the URL (address) @ top left of page there is an 'm' just before Daily Kos, So the address is:

      But I don't know where the button is on the page that gets ya there. I just googled  (actually Bing) to find this link to the mobile format.

      Hope this is the view you're looking for :)

    •  DRs. (4+ / 0-)

      I hear you. Sometimes (often) one of my doctors just looks at me after I ask what I think is a very appropriate, normal question.

      There have been times when I get home and that's when it hits me, Damn she didn't answer me.

      Actually, I have 2 doctors like this. The first one will just not respond. The 2nd one will comment, but it's completely non-responsive to my question.

      •  A suggestion....get a steno pad. Before you go to (5+ / 0-)

        your appointment, write down the Dr.'s name and the date and time of the appointment.  Then, while you are not flustered or feeling rushed, write down your questions as clearly as you can.

        Leave room for the answers.  Do not leave the Dr.'s office without answers that you  can clearly understand  

        It may take a few times to get the hang of asking the right questions simply and clearly, but it is invaluable.

        Good luck!

        "Live with no excuses and Love with no regrets."

        by The Marti on Tue Apr 08, 2014 at 01:55:45 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  Thanks. (4+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          Cadillac64, JeffW, The Marti, nellgwen

          That's a good idea. I think I've heard it before, but just never actually did it.

          PS. I believe i do ask the right questions simply and clearly. By right questions, I mean the ones I want answers to of course. It sounds like you assume I'm not getting answers because I don't ask questions well.

          •  Welcome. It worked for us. And I've suggested it (2+ / 0-)
            Recommended by:
            OLinda, nellgwen

            to anyone with similar issues over the years.  It's handy for keeping a ready reference to what you've been told, and when.

            If I wasn't clear....a lot of people know to ask the right questions.  
            The problem often lies in being rushed at the appointment.  Sometimes we get incomplete answers, and it helps to slow the process down to make sure both we and the Dr. know we mean the same thing....and that we're not leaving without the answers we came for.
            It's a tool to help us focus, not a critique of the patient...or the Dr.

            "Live with no excuses and Love with no regrets."

            by The Marti on Tue Apr 08, 2014 at 08:43:43 AM PDT

            [ Parent ]

    •  Regarding #2. (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      nellgwen, The Marti, begone

      I worked in radiology for 19 years.
      I did x-ray and CT scan.

      Radiologists read diagnostic images.
      Oncologists deal with tumors and cancers.
      Orthopods put bones back together.
      They're highly trained in each field.

      The most common x-ray done across the globe is a chest x-ray (CXR).
      More than 1000 different disease processes can appear on a CXR.
      When you arrived at the healthcare facility, you wanted real answers based upon real information.
      I assure you, the regular ER doc cannot tell you the difference between pulmonary edema versus pulmonary effusion. It should be said, adipose (fat) can mimic either condition.

      You came for a reason... do you want the most trained and most experienced person looking at the image or not?

      And yeah... get ALL jewelry and other stuff off before the exam. It's simple.
      You don't need to know why, but there's a ton of reasons why the radiologist wants a clean film. It's for your benefit and not the doctor's.

      Your glib comment, "Oh it's a doctor thing? I get it" serves your purposes.
      I will candidly point out that your disregard for the care provider is noted.

      How well do you expect to be treated after you express your contempt?

      I quit healthcare exactly because of patients with bad attitudes. There's no money in the world that compensate for the crap patients abuse medical folks with.

      Suddenly, it dawns on me, Earnest T. Bass is the intellectual and philosophical inspiration of the TeaParty.

      by Nebraska68847Dem on Tue Apr 08, 2014 at 12:15:06 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  The fat just walks away (tm) (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        nellgwen, tardis10

        Sorry, you probably get that a lot when you mention adipose.

        warning: snark probably above

        by NE2 on Tue Apr 08, 2014 at 01:10:55 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

      •  I didn't voice contempt to the people I asked (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        the question to.
        And I could go into at great lengths about the abuses Doctors have laid on me.
        A couple of examples:
            I went into the E.R. because I had problems with my equilibrium, dizziness, feeling faint, difficulty swallowing, feeling as though I was drunk.
        The answer I got from a my doctor at the time was I kid you not. I shouldn't eat so much mayonnaise. And this is after I told him my mayonnaise intake was about a cup and a half a year. And I'm being generous.
           Another time I had sprained my ankle very badly. It took a good year an a half for it to even begin to heal.
           I was told I didn't exercise enough that why I had had problems with the continuous swelling. My foot was the size of a football. A doctor looked my right in the eye and said I had no swelling.
           An oldie but a goodie. I went to get a tooth pulled. It was during the 1st. Obama election. Sarah Palin had given her acceptance speech to McCain's vice president.
        The doctor and his assistant were talking about her wonderful speech I said what are you talking about?
        Oh Sarah Palin's speech. It was wonderful.
        I said, "They're not going to win."
        Oh yes they are they said. And then the doctor through the whole procedure of pulling my teeth he spoke about how Obama isn't American, he's going to take our guns away, and he wants to hide babies in closets and starve them. He was so involved in what he was saying he wouldn't respond when I told him I needed more novocaine until I wouldn't stop yelping.
           Oh yeah and there was an E.R. doctor who gave me a third degree burn on my leg.
           I must have been one of those rare people who get pregnant while on the pill. Why do you ask? Because going by my last period I was due on Valentine's Day. That day came and went. Well it'll be early March, then St.Patrick's Day. Then it was opening day of MLB. Nope it was April 14th. They got the 14th. right except wrong month.
           I'm boring you I can tell. I'll stop.

        Well I'm just a tree, but if I were you I'd listen to your GHOST FRIEND! Howard-Big Bang Theory

        by nellgwen on Tue Apr 08, 2014 at 01:13:12 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

      •  I'm sorry you failed to find the humor it my (3+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        The Marti, JeffW, Nebraska68847Dem

        comment. I suppose it was a bit Paddy Chayefsky. If you've seen the movie The Hospital you'll know what I'm talking about.
           And you'll have  to excuse me but I just today, or rather yesterday went to my cardiologists office for a post-op appointment. And I told them about a complication I was having that sprang up after surgery and I got a blank look from the very fine health care professional and a I don't know why that happened. I don't know what to tell you go see a doctor.
           So you may have to forgive my sour curt note. Really I'm laughing inside. It's just my nerves are raw.

        Well I'm just a tree, but if I were you I'd listen to your GHOST FRIEND! Howard-Big Bang Theory

        by nellgwen on Tue Apr 08, 2014 at 01:29:03 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

  •  MSNBC: Obamacare, Bridgegate, & Jeb Bush (6+ / 0-)

    Ari Melber, still filling in for Chris Hayes, talked about the right-wing still trying to use Obamacare as an attack on Democrats with Michael Steele and Eric Boehlert.  Rachel talked with Frank Rich.  Lawrence talked with Howard Dean and Jonathan Capehart.  Ed talked with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Michael Hiltzik.

    Ari talked Bridgegate with Bob Ingle.  Rachel had on Lisa Brennan.  Lawrence had on Dan French and Scott Raab.

    They also talked about a potential Jeb Bush run in 2016.  Ari talked with Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, Robert Costa, and Michelle Goldberg.  Lawrence talked with Nia-Malika Henderson.  Ed talked with Mitch Ceasar.

    Also, check out Lawrence's rewrite about the rhetoric that Ronald Reagan used to be a "liberal Democrat".

    Ari also talked about the Michael Hayden's sexist remark about Dianne Feinstein over the CIA report with Jess McIntosh, and showed the mistake in Sen. Mitch McConnell's (R-KY) ad.

    Rachel also showed how Anadarko Petroleum's stock price went up despite their massive fine for pollution.

    Lawrence also looked at the America Scores poetry slam, talking with Holly O'Donnell and Xavier Crowell.

    Ed also covered the Dems' fight for equal pay with Zerlina Maxwell and Goldie Taylor, Newt Gingrich's latest brain droppings on the Supreme Court ruling on money in politics, and unemployment insurance with Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL).

  •  God is hilarious sometimes. n/t (5+ / 0-)

    Gondwana has always been at war with Laurasia.

    by AaronInSanDiego on Mon Apr 07, 2014 at 09:41:15 PM PDT

  •  Liberal Hopes dashed (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Nebraska68847Dem, Cadillac64

    This article notes at the top that "liberal hopes are  dashed" in DC.  Well, maybe, depending on what you think liberal should mean.  But let's be clear - Obama and the DC DEMs did not pass progressive legislation in his first two years because THEY DIDN'T WANT TO!  The DEM House passed  many useful, progressive bills , which died in the Senate because  a mere threat of filibuster  literally makes 41 greater than 59, in the "world's greatest deliberative body".  It took 3 years after the disastrous 2010 midterms for Reid to offer up some dubious filibuster reform, which doesn't even make filibustering  obstructionists  get off their tails and run yap to an empty chamber all night.  Obamacare is  a desperate attempt to keep the USA as the only "advanced nation" without a real, universal health care system.  Obama appointed Goldman Sacs insiders to "fix" the economy, and of course the fix was almost all to the good of the top-level investor class.
    Obama promised in 2008 to "change the culture of lobbying in Washington DC."  It HAS  changed  -its bigger than ever!   Obama has been to the right of Reagan on economic issues, and he has adopted the GOP dogma of austerity, rather than make an attempt to  explain to the people that when the private sector fails, it is up to government to create jobs.

  •  "arachnophobes are not secretly spiders" (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    The Marti, Cadillac64

    I want 1 less Tiny Coffin, Why Don't You? Support The President's Gun Violence Plan.

    by JML9999 on Mon Apr 07, 2014 at 10:05:17 PM PDT

  •  . (5+ / 0-)

    "So listen, oh, Don't wait." Vampire Weekend.

    by Publius2008 on Mon Apr 07, 2014 at 11:32:21 PM PDT

  •  Congrats Digital Rights Ireland & thanks (4+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    begone, Cadillac64, JeffW, Eric Nelson

    Yes,it is just another step but at least it is a step in a better direction.

    Europe’s highest court has given a judgement in the challenge taken by Irish human rights advocacy group Digital Rights Ireland (DRI) to the EU’s regime of Data Retention and mass surveillance.

    Digital Rights Ireland welcomes European Court of Justice decision on Data Retention Directive

    The Court has found that data retention “entails a wide-ranging and particularly serious interference with the fundamental rights to respect for private life and to the protection of personal data” and that it “entails an interference with the fundamental rights of practically the entire European population”.

    "George RR Martin is not your bitch" ~~ Neil Gaiman

    by tardis10 on Tue Apr 08, 2014 at 02:07:23 AM PDT

  •  We know Goldberg's claim about national politics.. (0+ / 0-) wrong because Republicans have showed us that change is possible.  They managed to change things in the wrong direction and they didn't use magic, nor did they rely upon some huge structural advantage in favor of conservatism.  I don't think that kind of unsupported defeatism, even in the ostensibly happy context of cities-as-progressive-bastions, should be on the front page, even indirectly.  We have plenty of ordinary diarists for that.

    It's not the side effects of the cocaine/I'm thinking that it must be love

    by Rich in PA on Tue Apr 08, 2014 at 04:22:45 AM PDT

  •  How wonderfully conservative (0+ / 0-)

    Frustrated by a distant and out of touch federal government, local governments, the ones closest to the people, rise up and act.  Need to raise taxes? OK.  You are raising it on locals who will hold you accountable and who will receive the benefits of what you do.

    Barry Goldwater wins.

    LG: You know what? You got spunk. MR: Well, Yes... LG: I hate spunk!

    by dinotrac on Tue Apr 08, 2014 at 04:40:56 AM PDT

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