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Wisconsin State Senate President Mike Ellis was caught red-handed or perhaps red-tongued and not by some Democrat, but by the odious James O-Keefe (missing his pimp costume) and his Project Veritas:


In the video Ellis talks about getting around half a million dollars in to the hands of a key consultant, Judi Rhodes, a familiar Republican fundraiser, so that she or someone else could go on the attack of his Democratic opponent.  "She will manufacture the crap", as he said in the video.

If the name "Mike Ellis" sounds familiar, you'll remember his well-publicized moment of infamy here:

Yup, the same guy who rammed through a terrible anti-woman bill by telling Democrats to sit down and shut up (and broke his gavel base banging it down so hard and so repeatedly) has been caught again being naughty.

This is the first time in a very long time that Ellis has even had a challenger for his gerrymandered seat and it seems to be unhinging the guy who has been a proponent of campaign finance reform.

Why would O'Keefe go after a Republican?

Project Veritas also has gone after Republicans, including U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner of Menomonee Falls because of his support for rewriting the Voting Rights Act after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down part of it.

Some conservatives have called for a primary challenge to Ellis, who has been at odds with other Republican leaders on issues such as expanding voucher schools.

Yes, it looks like the GOP are starting to eat their own.  Rather than standing by, I'll be glad to help.

In the video, Ellis — who has long championed campaign finance reform — discussed having his fundraiser, Judi Rhodes Engels, help run the supposedly independent group. But in the interview, Ellis said he had never spoken to her about the matter.

Rhodes Engels also said she had never discussed the idea with Ellis — and quit working for his campaign just hours after the recording of Ellis' barroom comments was posted online.

Ellis' opponents pounced on the recording, calling it hypocritical for a longtime advocate of campaign finance reform to talk brazenly of setting up such an operation. They said it was implausible Ellis wouldn't have known such a move would be illegal given how long he has worked on campaign finance matters.

Of course Ellis has seriously walked back his remarks on the video - insisting that he has never, ever set up the PAC.
"I have never set up any 'super PAC' nor have I had any intention of doing so nor have I ever had any conversation with Senator Ellis about it," her statement said. "I will not work for any committee that would imply that I would improperly do so. I have terminated my contract with the Ellis to Madison Committee."

Ellis faces Rep. Penny Bernard Schaber (D-Appleton) in the Nov. 4 election. Democrats consider the race one of their top targets.

Senate Minority Leader Chris Larson (D-Milwaukee) said it was "interesting to see Republicans going after Republicans." He said Ellis' comments showed Democrats had a chance to unseat the veteran lawmaker.

"It's obvious that this is just one example of many Republicans, you know, who are looking to do whatever they can to remain in power," Larson said.

Ellis said he regretted his comments and was frustrated they had been recorded.

"There's absolutely no privacy anymore," he said. "You can't even sit and have a Diet Coke or a beer and talk to a friend without it being secretly recorded.

"I guess I have to learn to put duct tape over my mouth because any time you're out in public you're fair game."

Oh, poor baby.  Such a victim (typical Republican).  Let me give you a nice fluffy tissue to dry your crocodile tears.

And, with that pitiful "I'm the victim here" statement, Ellis joins a long parade of folks that are oh, so sorry - but only AFTER they've been caught.

Please join me in enjoying this GOP created fiasco.

Originally posted to Puddytat on Wed Apr 09, 2014 at 02:29 PM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive.

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