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Old man on old computer
A classic.
How about a good old-fashioned hate mail-a-palooza? It still trickles in. Never as good and voluminously as it did pre-GOP civil war era. But for those who want to relive the glory days? Consider this an annual treat.

All below the fold!


So you want to save the world you say
Then plant a dumb-ass liberal today
Excellent fertilizer 'cause their so full of shit
Their so freaking boring won't be missed a bit
They wallow like swine in their ignorance with glee
Specimens found at scum-town NBC
Their Godless, clueless, useless forms of life
who use the blacks while leaving them strife
There stupid and dumb and ugly as hell
Cruel and rude and look like they smell
They lie to your face then bring up the race
They know not facts so can't keep up the pace
Liberal professors to dickhead protestors
Lame steam media to child molesters
Commies and perverts to sexual oddities
These are their fruits and evil commodities
Till you wake up and start thinking for yourself
This scum will remain deceiving someone else
They only exist hiding behind their lies
Until you wake up and open your eyes
You owe it to yourself to prove all things.
Only then will you know the gift TRUTH brings
Don't be their slaves they don't even like you
Know what there doing then tell them FUCK YOU

Hmmm... what rhymes with "douchebag teabagger"?
Hey assholes.....It's amazing you buffoons get anything done with your worthless presidents dick in your mouths? Oh wait, that's right, you assholes don't do shit anyway except to bitch, moan and whine. Classic bedwetting liberals. Classic. I thought with all the faggots that work there at your trainwreck that you clowns always love a good hard-on. Remember, Randy Maddow from MSLSD also wants his dick sucked too. What?!? Then make fucking room!?! You assholes are worthless!!! Liberal bedwetters are known for sucking alot of dicks at once!?! I know you clowns stand around in a circle-jerk getting each other off. Is that why you assholes support the LGBTLMNOP crowd? Keep up the good work losers and keep on sucking....
Woah, some of us can suck a lot of dicks AT ONCE? I admit. I'm impressed!
Dear Mr. Moulitsas;

Greetings from a retired educator in western Canada.  I am neither a Democrat nor Republican as weren't my parents and grandparents before me.  We have two main different political parties here Tweedle-Dumb and Tweedle-even-Dumber, take your pick, and so does the U.S. They just operate under different names.

This is not about political parties but about lies being told about Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Young people in Canada, and even some in the U.S., are being taught that Eisenhower conspired to murder the Canadian unicorn, the Avro Arrow.  This is not even close to true.

The real Mach 1.9 Avro Arrow was made by always British-owned Avro Canada and was cancelled for reasons of economy [nearly five times the price of a Voodoo] and performance [only two-thirds the range of a Voodoo].  President Eisenhower was not involved in the cancellation at all.

Outside of the U.S. most countries know that the CIA worked to overthrow Diefenbaker and soon it will be revealed that the program began before Diefenbaker turned against the U.S.  That is not the point.  The issue is about U.S. citizens repeating politically motivated lies about a great American like Eisenhower.

The lying about Ike must stop.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely yours,

Murray Balascak

Dear god, you are right! Those lies about Eisenhower MUST STOP. Why, I was out for milk when I heard the people in front of me in line start with their "Eisenhower cancelled the Avro Arrow blah blah blah" with nary a mention about the Voodoo (it was nearly FIVE times as expensive!) nor the economic reasons for its cancellation. I mean, you can't turn on the TV without hearing people talk about "Eisenhower and the Avro Arrow" this, and the "Eisenhower and the Avro Arrow" that! You, sir, are an American patriot who is also Canadian, but we won't hold that against you because you have dedicated to righting this historical wrong. Godspeed in your mission to clear Ike from these scurrilous lies!
I want to take a legal action against my ex-spouse

I want to take a legal action against my ex-spouse for
breaching the court's decree with regards to payment
of child support,alimony and medical support. Kindly
advise if you currently taking on new clients .


Seriously, why DID you ever marry Joe Walsh?
Being repeatedly banned from commenting or even writing diaries on my own page.

You KOS whoever have 24 hours to apologize for blocking my ability to write here and allow me to post comments and my articles to my page. Not doing what I ask will result in my attacking you as the pseudo-ZioNazi propagandists you appear to be by blocking my writings. Zionists are busy escalating war and I don't see anything against them here. All Jews are not ZioNazis. In fact many Jews in Israel protest against apartheid and the evils of Zionism. If you don't like the term ZIONAZI stop acting like them. If you block me one more time for using the term "ZioNazi' I will know who your masters are. If the monetary system monopolizing, weapons dealing, war profiteers are your masters at least let the people know so we can develop real open discussions somewhere else.

Wait, you can open up real open discussions somewhere else ... ON THE INTERNET? My ZIONAZI masters sure won't like that.
I'm doing you like I did newsvine, newsweek, abcnews, washington post, etc. You have letters with cussing in them published to your daily(ZioNazi)kos all the time as long as they meet your perverted progressive bunk agenda. What a bunch of censorship happy pompous ZIoNazi money worshipers. Screw you pig worshippers in Sheeple clothing. Koch heads have as much dignity as you creeps. Bend over and spread your stinky arse cheeks and I'll give you something to censor.
Damn, I guess my 24 hours are up.
Markos is DOA in 2016

Hey Whack Job,

Nobody cares what you think.  Nobody takes you seriously.  You are a raving lunatic.  Accept the fact that the democratic ( i mean Marxist) is DOA now, in 2016 and for the foreseeable future.  So go back to the nut house that you escaped from.  

Only question is whether 2016 conservative tears will be a better vintage than 2012.  
what the masons of the south did/please avenge

Several sattelites have stolen my whole body and I am barely operable. The governmen has stolen so much energy from me. It is a quality of life/human rights violation and it must be stopped. It is an experiment involving NASA to become a receptor human, just because of some personality traits and that I was a stoner. Every organ is in use by a receiver. I have sent hundreds of letters about this illegal torture chamber and the satellites still went through. All of the satellites in the world are watching and torturing my organs. They can do anything they want to people they do not want because they are paid off by different entities. You can probably see it if you request access to it from the military The organ damage can be seen by exoskeletal. Request these images from the military. This is what happens when the military tries to take over our system. They control you and do damage accordingly. It is hard for me to walk straight and my entire body is wearing down. My oxygen has been stolen by three of the best programmers in the world Sanjeet, Vivek
and an Irish programmer named Ben Puryear. Some families hired them to use me up. They have been using me up for quite some time, and I wish they would stop pulling, that is the band 11 programmer. I should live just as long as them, they are in their 30s or 40s.

They patented thinkvantage and did something with visual basic in the 90s and many more technologies off my brain. I want all the technologies to come out. My brain thinks on word association and pictures because the left is in use. By more control over the individual they do more damage to the body with the receivers. The government plans to do this to people and they will not be able to survive, there is a particle warfare experiment on people they do not like.This is America's war on the weak.They are turning people into "old men" and "old women" in the USA. They killed people with a cell membrane sucker device called the heart chip It is a very sick process by which they use your internal organs and suck oxygen up from every receptor. They torture organelles off of the body and can even vaporize platelets and bone marrow. It is a contract between international haarp and CIA masons. We are not going to survive the programmer agenda, they say the pull only two hours at night, but it is actually all the time. I might need to undergo a heart transplant in the near future because of the heart chip. They are all watching me with their military communication system. It is torturing me to the point of almost being brain dead. They are doing a military pschosocial experiment on everyone and they tested out several German eugenics on certain individuals that the masons do not "like" in NC and the south. I also happen to be half indian and half white, which is why they did this. I do not know the total of eugenics experiments tested on me by international haarp. The most damaging one is the heart chip and it controls your lower body and does damage to it. The electronic sounds reveiver transmits radiation in and I hear sounds from every electronics receiver. It transmits radiation into the brain from every electronic receiver and it is very difficult to prove the sounds coming in [...]

I cut off the last few thousand words of this, because ugh.
bad grammer

Your headline "look to" is incorrect. It is slang and you are too smart to use it. It is part of dumbing down. People and inanimate objects disappear, the do not went missing and there is first, no first ever, and one may not look to do something because it is not a verbal . It is wrong and you can choose to be correct so don't us it please. I know you like this as much as when I was taught it. Have a great day.



I'm appppproprieateely chastizede!
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