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Proof that no matter how cray-cray you are, or how unforgivably violent your ideas or tendencies are, you can always find a friend somewhere.  From Talking Points Memo...

Marionville, Mo. Mayor Dan Clevenger spoke warmly this week of Frazier Glenn Miller, who allegedly went on a killing rampage on Sunday in Overland Park, Kan.

"He was always nice and friendly and respectful of elder people, you know, he respected his elders greatly. As long as they were the same color as him," Clevenger said while laughing, according to television station KSPR. "Very fair and honest and never had a bit of problems out of him."

Clevenger said he sympathized with some of Miller's views, but didn't like to broadcast that.

"Kind of agreed with him on some things but, I don't like to express that too much," Clevenger, the owner of a local repair shop, said.

"Kind of agreed..."?

Isn't that a little like being "kind of pregnant", or is it just me?

The story goes further...

...KSPR unearthed a letter to the editor that the mayor sent nearly a decade ago to a newspaper in Aurora, Mo. in which he expressed admiration for Miller's mission.

"I am a friend of Frazier Miller helping to spread his warnings," Clevenger wrote, according to KSPR. "The Jew-run medical industry has succeeded in destroying the United State's workforce."

What's scary about this is the fact that he is an elected official.  That means people actually voted for this clown.

I tell ya, it's stuff like this that sometimes make me weep for this land.

Click here for the full TPM story.

Originally posted to Jawillie's World on Wed Apr 16, 2014 at 12:24 PM PDT.

Also republished by Show Me Kos.

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