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February 24, 2014- Amherst- Governor Cuomo outlines his 2014-15 Executive Budget.
Asshole Democrat and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is apparently wigged out at the Siena poll showing substantial support to his left for a Working Families Party candidate. The poll is certainly emboldening the WFP party to think big, either with a general election candidate that would seek to supplant the GOP as the state's #2 party (and its preferential place on the ballot and on commissions), or even by backing a Democratic primary challenge to Cuomo.

After spending months gleefully shitting on liberals and rival elected Democrats (pretty much everyone not named "Cuomo"), the governor is suddenly on the defensive.

Cuomo gave a defense of his liberal street cred today
Cuomo says that if liberals want public financing, Dream Act, WEA passed, then work to elect people who support those measures
Cuomo on WFP challenge: "I don't know if there's a lot of space to my left."
There is as much space to Cuomo's left as there was to Joe Lieberman's left, which is to say quite a bit. Heck, on economic matters, he's a Republican.

But he's particularly wrong on that second tweet above. He says liberals should work to elect people who want those great liberal policies. Fair enough.

But it was Cuomo who signed into law the extreme GOP gerrymander that gave Senate Republicans an unfair advantage in a state in which they can barely garner a third of the vote statewide. He even supported the GOP gerrymander after spending a year pretending to fight to reform the redistricting process. Kind of like how he pretended to clean up corruption in Albany.

And still, Democrats took over the State Senate in 2012, despite that extreme gerrymander. But did Cuomo celebrate that? No, he tacitly supported a breakaway faction of Democrats that kept effective control of the chamber in Republican hands.

And don't even get Bill de Blasio started on the ways the governor is sabotaging his initiatives, in a city in which three-quarters of the electorate voted for him.

So liberals have done their part to shape New York to their liking. The only impediment left is Andrew Cuomo himself.

Originally posted to kos on Wed Apr 23, 2014 at 01:00 PM PDT.

Also republished by New York City and Daily Kos.

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