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This is an update to my diary yesterday "Bundy Ranch 'Security Chief' Kicks Oath Keepers off Bundy Ranch."

The Oath Keepers weren't too happy when the audio video of Booda Bear (within my diary yesterday) was released and Booda Bear said, among other crazy things:

BOODA BEAR: "I can swear on the white skin that covers my ass there will not be an Oath Keeper -- there WILL NOT BE AN OATH KEEPER allowed to set foot on the internal ranch property."

(emphasis Booda Bear, not me)

Sh*t got real, as they say, after yesterday's audio/video declaration by Booda Bear, who is "head of security" circulated.  Booda Bear's right and left hand dudes, one named Jerry & I don't know the other one's name, were so pissed they charged the Oath Keepers with "stealing' being "deserters," "traitors" and accused them of committing "treason of the highest order" against Bundy Ranch.  

In the real world, where we deal in real facts, this is just a pretend war on a pretend battlefield.

UNKNOWN BUNDY SECURITY LEADER: ...these are things you live by our entire lives.  You do not ever leave a man behind on the battlefield.  You do not ever turn tail and run in the face of danger. You do not ever leave a man behind to fall into the hands of the enemy and you drive on toward the objective even if you are the last man standing.  This is [Oath Keepers leaving Bundy Ranch] is desertion. This is dereliction of duty that was done. Ok. ... Let's put this up to a quick vote. Do we all agree this was desertion?

They obeyed a command that is outside of the command structure that they had volunteered to fall under.  Which means they don't owe their allegiance to the objectives here because those objectives create a platform that the leadership revolves around ... and If they obey outside leadership that's called being a traitor.

(emphasis mine)

Here's when sh*t got real.  

One of the 3 heads of Bundy Security Detail, the one whose name I don't know, actually said they, the Oath Keepers, are "lucky you're [Oath Keepers] not getting shot in the back" for deserting Bundy "battlefield."

UNKNOWN BUNDY SECURITY LEADER: ".... but this man and the gentlemen that obeyed that order violated my personal creed.  You don't fucking walk in and say "I'm sorry' and you're back in brother.  You can walk in and say you're sorry and you're lucky you're not getting shot in the back because that's what happens to deserters on the battlefield."


(emphasis mine)

WTF?!? "'re lucky you're not getting shot in the back because that's what happens to deserters on the battlefield."

Yeah, that's classy and Constitutional (snark) ... so long as you toss out Due Process, Right to Trial and all those other pesky parts of the Constitution that prohibit killing a man/woman in the back - in cold blood -- even if that person is deserting on a battlefield.  

By the way, shooting a soldier in the back for desertion is not a punishment in the real US Military.  

Then they discuss the equipment they claim Oath Keepers stole before they 'deserted' their pretend 'battlefield' and

BOODA BEAR: That's something that will be brought up but in my world that's the least of my fuckin worries.  I want to know why you fuckin burned outta here.  I got boys out here ...

UNKNOWN BUNDY SECURITY LEADER: My biggest worry is not coming over the table at that mother fucker.

BOODA BEAR: I got boys out here that are sleepin in the fuckin dirt puttin in 12, 13 hours none of us get a chance to go to a fuckin hotel and fuckin rest up and eaten a steak dinner and hang the fuck out.

Then they yammer on about their delusion the Oath Keepers might be 'working for the' enemy and was sent to infiltrate.
UNKNOWN BUNDY SECURITY LEADER: That means that Stewart Rhodes [Founder of Oath Keepers] is either unaware of what's going on under his leadership he sanctioned it.  And this type of Treason is of the highest order. Ok. It means that he works for the enemy and that he deliberately came here to drive wedge in the unity that's being created here. I'm not saying I know that for a fact. But it definitely, in my experience shows itself to be true.

(emphasis mine)

"Treason of the highest order" ... Ha! He must made-up new, non-legal, definition of treason.

He went on to say:

They are not allowed to participate in this operation any more.  If they come anywhere around here they will be escorted away from here.
A woman in the crowd calls the Bundy Ranch the "kill zone" and says:
WOMAN: "it's been a kill zone since we got here."
... "kill zone." WTF?!

These guys ... have a mental illness.  If these guys weren't psychotic and dangerous, their delusional rhetoric would be funny.  It seems that if someone at Bundy Ranch gets shot it's going to be 'friendly-fire.'

Speaking of shooting soldiers in the back for derstion on a battlefield

Roberts, Geoffrey worte

In 1941 Joseph Stalin issued Order No. 270 which required superiors to shoot deserters on the spot and then Stalin issued Order No. 227 which directed superiors to shoot "cowards" and fleeing panicked troops at the rear.  The USSR  executed over 150,000 soldiers for desertion.

~ Roberts, Geoffrey. Stalin's Wars: From World War to Cold War, 1939–1953.
page 98-132

Ironic huh?  

Little Militia dude applying Stalin tactic to the Bundy Ranch tactic while pretending he's a "patriot." But hey, these are the same guys who were willing to tactically use women as human shields.

Originally posted to TeamSarah4Choice on Tue Apr 29, 2014 at 06:46 AM PDT.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA.

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