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It starts off with an excellent question. One I ponder often.

Why is Obama appointing so many former employees of one Wall St. bank?
She starts by explaining her reluctant vote for Stanley Fischer, yet another Citigroup appointment to add to the pile of expensive suits.
Today, I cast my vote on the Senate Banking Committee for Stanley Fischer to serve in the No. 2 position at the U.S. Federal Reserve. I asked Fischer tough questions – in person, at his nomination hearing, and in writing – and I have been impressed with the depth of his knowledge and experience.

But I cast my vote reluctantly because of my growing frustration over the concentration of people with ties to the megabank Citigroup in senior government positions.

Hop over the Fleur-De-Cheeto for more banking goodness.

Her closing graf is the meat of it:

For too long, the titans of Wall Street succeeded in pushing government policies that made the megabanks rich beyond imagination, while leaving working families to struggle from payday to payday. Many Republicans openly acknowledge their ties to Wall Street, but Democrats have campaigned on an alternative approach focusing on expanding opportunities and leveling the playing field for the middle class. Democrats’ slogans have won some elections, but once in power, Democratic administrations have too often stacked top positions in government with people close to Wall Street. Stanley Fischer is a good man and has earned my respect, but this is a real and growing problem. If the big banks can seize both parties, then the Democrats—and the country—lose the central economic argument that government should work for the people, not just for the rich and powerful.
I can't really add much to this, as the work day beckons.

Let's hope Liz is able to keep the pressure on and bright lights glaring in the appropriate places.

That there are so few like her in our party worries me to no end.

Please read her entire piece - it's fairly short and to the point.

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