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It's another bowl of crow for Rush Limbaugh to eat, and his bowls runneth over these days. Media Matters has just reported more negative ratings that began after Limbaugh made his move in January, to the new southern California station KEIB:
Three months later, Limbaugh's KEIB is a ratings disaster, coming in 37th place in the second largest radio market in America with a .5 rating share in March, the most recent month available, according to Nielsen ratings. (A ratings share represents the percent of those listening to radio in the market who are dialed into a particular station.)

How small is KEIB's audience? So small that eleven non-English radio stations have larger audiences in Los Angeles. And so small that KEIB actually trails four college-run, non-commercial stations in the market. This, for a man who makes $40 million a year to attract big radio audiences? As for KFI, the station Limbaugh left and which switched to an all-local news and talk format, its ratings remain healthy in the talker's absence. A top ten station, KFI boasts an audience six times larger than KEIB's.

And on the East Coast, where Limbaugh was King, he is now ranked 22nd, trailing four non-English stations and one classical station.

Limbaugh's real trouble began in February 2012, when he spent three days spewing lies, hate, and misogyny at then unknown law student, Sandra Fluke. He and 'his GOP boys' didn't like having the women folk advocating for birth control, much less in Congress, of all places. He called Fluke a 'slut' and 'prostitute' and the social media crowd went wild. Think Progress made a mighty good compilation video of the Sandra Fluke rant:

Daily Kos 'Sluts' originated soon after, along with of a plethora of 'Slut' Facebook pages/groups turning up almost daily there for a while. It's been a virtual 'slut-fest' of women's rights organizations, along with some pretty big and bold Limbaugh sponsor boycott groups and pages, which have helped leave Rush Limbaugh over 3,000 sponsors shy. Here's to the voice and pocketbooks of the people.

With his numbers truly sinking, his sponsors fleeing, and his ego deflating, what's a Limbaugh to do? Retire, dear. Do it now. It's been 25 years. You have an easy out. Don't wait until your own Dittoheads turn on you, because they will turn on you, and they are a mean and heartless bunch. You taught them we'll. It's no longer if, it's not even when - it's how

To read more about the above story, visit Media Matters. They have been documenting Rush Limbaugh, via audio/video, daily for 10 years - as of Tuesday, April 29.. Yes, that makes 7,294 Limbaugh audios and blogs. This truth-seeking organization does us all proud exposing repugnant after repugnant in media. They deserve much praise for their work in helping to bring the Limbaugh empire down. You can also find them on Facebook.

To learn more about the Rush Limbaugh boycotts/protests, check out:
Limbaugh Sponsor/Clear Channel/Cumulus Petition 
BoycottRush Facebook Group
Join The Fight To Flush Rush Facebook Group
The StopRush Extensive Sponsor Database

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Thank You, Kossack Richard Myers. Rest In Peace. We Will Finish This.

Originally posted to Leslie Salzillo on Thu May 01, 2014 at 02:08 PM PDT.

Also republished by Sluts, Feminism, Pro-Feminism, Womanism: Feminist Issues, Ideas, & Activism, and Pro Choice.

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