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WaPo LiveStream Joel McHale of Talk Soup and Community will be doing the comedy bit this year. Program speeches start at 930pm ET with PBO scheduled to speak at 1015pm.

What's everyone actually eating for dinner?

According to the Reliable Source, here’s the menu for the evening:

Salad Course: Poached Bosc Pear with St. Pete’s Bay Blue Cheese, Petite Salad of Wild Red Watercress, Candied Pecans and Dried Cranberries, Port Vinaigrette

Entrée: Hand cut Broiled Petite Filet of Beef Served with a Four Day Demi, Onion Brulee Crostini Paired with Herbed Crab Cake on White Corn Fondue, Seasonal Vegetables to include Asparagus, Carrot, Sunburst, Roasted Pepper

Dessert: Tapas display of assorted desserts to include: Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Assorted Mousse Lollipops, Lime Glace, Chocolate Pyramid glazed in crunchy peanut cocoa butter glaze

many haters on Twitter:

I am watching ppl mingle with no commentary on C-SPAN on a Saturday night, which is why I will probaly die alone. #nerdprom
will probably use the update function even though I would prefer to watch the GS Warriors beat the LA Bigotrons at the Staples Center

6:23 PM PT: FROM WaPo:" The Internet wonders what Joel McHale and Michelle Obama are talking about

Every few minutes, C-SPAN pans to the main table in the Hilton ballroom, and nearly every single time, First Lady Michelle Obama and Joel McHale are deep in conversation. They appear to be having a blast."

6:32 PM PT: the pool feed has shown the usual suspects: Wolf Blitzer, David Gregory, etc....

6:36 PM PT: an Arianna Huffington sighting... our evening is complete

6:42 PM PT: finally it begins....10 minutes late and awards given out

6:46 PM PT: Fox cribs the Hollywood Reporter to trash occasion


A-List Celebs Shun White House Correspondents Dinner By Tina Daunt, Hollywood Reporter


"One Hollywood insider says the A-listers are avoiding the event because they get "pawed at" as "people act like a bunch of kids at the Kids' Choice Awards." They may govern the free world's leading nation and regulate the globe's biggest economy, but when it comes to celebrities, Washingtonians are as starstruck as folks from Des Moines. That's why the annual White House Correspondents' dinner has assumed an outsized importance on the capitol social calendar and one of the reasons many locals are feeling let down by this year's dearth of A-list actors and film figures. Apart from Robert De Niro, who is promoting a documentary on his artist father, there will only be a smattering of high-wattage names at Saturday night's edition of the annual event."



6:48 PM PT: Self-promotional video on WHCA

6:56 PM PT: Not unlike a beauty pageant, it's about promoting the WHCA scholarship fund

6:59 PM PT: The event will be like most of them although my favorites include the Don Imus one with Clinton and of course nothing will beat 2011

7:04 PM PT: Typical trade association dinner with the usual recognition how many folks are going to stand, but the best things will be the video piece put together for PBO and the guest comic, although McHale is going to have to do some really good writing to beat some of the prior comics.

7:06 PM PT: Recognizing WHCA's diversity, even though it took far too long...

7:10 PM PT: How long it took them to recognize Black reporters in the WHCA and to give a posthumous membership seems a bit sadly ironic but at least it comes with designating a new scholarship

7:16 PM PT: Official Toast for PBO Bottoms Up! and here comes a VEEP bit with Biden

7:21 PM PT: LOL Pelosi getting tattoo and doing a Koch Bros joke with Biden and Louis-Dreyfus getting tattoos

7:26 PM PT: PBO speaks....puts two ferns up - joke - CNN joke on MH370 (too soon!),  does Fox & Friends potted plant joke Hah!

7:27 PM PT: PBO does Richard Sherman trash-talking joke. Kenyan has been President for the past six years joke! Does Rand Paul / Cliven Bundy joke!

7:29 PM PT: PBO: "Let me tell you something about "The Negro" --- don't start your sentence that way..." Koch / Fox News joke and it'll be harder to convince people that HRC was born in Kenya

7:36 PM PT: PBO trashes Cantor and Boehner "Orange really is the new Black!"  Does visual with the Devil Hell frozen over & Ted Cruz. Does LA Clippers joke. Imperial Presidency visual with Game of Thrones throne. Putin Peace Prize joke: with Hannity & Huckabee...

7:38 PM PT: PBO: Rick Perry naming a TX high school after PBO: Raging Socialist High School  

7:41 PM PT: PBO brings on Sebelius to fix the AV

7:46 PM PT: McHale: hits PBO on GITMO, but follows with Chris Christie joke Kardashian joke...CSpan  

7:52 PM PT: McHale Biden taking to construction cone thinking its Boehner. LOL Bill Clinton cigar joke. Reagan's face on a bag of flour. Christie combo platter joke Bridgegate jokes  

7:58 PM PT: McHale: PBO colonoscopy joke with George Clooney. Secret Service and Clapper joke. CNN is like a Radio Shack in a sad strip mall

8:07 PM PT: For those who haven't watched it before McHale's bit was certainly was more topical and better constructed than Ray Romano or Jay Leno's bits, but of course I appreciate that it made the beltway mafia uncomfortable

8:07 PM PT: Thanks to all who participated....

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