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Polls close at 7:30 PM ET in North Carolina and Ohio. Indiana is also holding its primary, but there's nothing interesting on the statewide or federal level. Our guide to tonight's key races can be found here. We'll be bringing you the results as they come in. Remember that if no one clears 40 percent in a North Carolina primary, the top-two vote-getters advance to a July 15 runoff.

Results: North Carolina | Ohio

5:43 PM PT:
In Statehouse races, social conservatives are big winners. They defeated two incumbents while #HJR3 author Turner won. #INelect14

5:45 PM PT (Taniel): NC-Sen: Some confusion regarding North Carolina results, as it's now coming to light that the Board of Election is misreporting the number of reporting precincts. For instance, the Mecklenburg County elections director is saying that not all county precincts have reported, as the SBE claims. No sign yet that this is affecting the raw votes, but at the very least we no longer know how much of the state (and of the different precincts) is reporting.

5:46 PM PT: NC-Sen: The AP has crept ahead of the SBOE in terms of votes counted. With 19 percent in, Tillis leads with 45 percent, looking good to win outright tonight.

5:48 PM PT: NC-02: With 31 percent in, Clay Aiken narrowly leads Keith Crisco 40-42. Ellmers posts a pretty unimpressive 61-39 lead over Roche.

5:49 PM PT: NC-03: GOP Rep. Walter Jones leads challenger Taylor Griffin 52-45 with 21 percent in. This looks like it could get interesting.

5:51 PM PT: NC-06: 11 percent in here, and Berger leads Walker 33-25, with VonCannon far back at 11.

5:52 PM PT: NC-07: With 26 percent in for the GOP primary, Rouzer is leading White 62-33.

5:59 PM PT: OH-14: 31 percent reporting and Joyce's lead is down to 59-41. Lynch will still need a lot to go right to have a shot.

6:05 PM PT: NC-12: 12 percent reporting here, and Adams narrowly above runoff threshold at 42 percent. Graham far back at 25.

6:06 PM PT: NC-12: The SBOE has more votes in and gives Adams a hefty 48 percent edge.

6:14 PM PT: NC-02: The SBOE leads the AP in votes here, and gives Aiken a 44-39 lead. Ellmers has a weak 56-44 edge.

6:16 PM PT: NC-06: The SBOE also is ahead of the AP here, and gives Berger a 37-24 lead over Walker.

6:19 PM PT: So yeah...

NC SBOE spokesperson tells me the initial precinct numbers were off due to a "display error" but underlying data is valid. #ncpol #ncsen

6:20 PM PT: NC-03: The AP has more votes in here, and Jones leads 53-44 with 43 percent in.

6:23 PM PT: NC-Sen: The AP has called the race for Tillis. Will face Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan in November.

6:28 PM PT: NC-12: The AP gives Adams a 46-20 lead over Graham with 28 percent reporting.

6:30 PM PT: OH-14: With 36 percent reporting, Joyce's lead continues to drop. He now leads 57-43 over Lynch. The good news for Joyce is he leads in every county except Portage, which isn't particularly large.

6:33 PM PT: NC-02: The AP has called this for Ellmers. With 51 percent in, she leads underfunded opponent Frank Roche 60-40.

6:35 PM PT: NC-12: The SBOE is ahead of the AP, but both have Adams well over 40 percent. Looking good for her to win the nomination outright tonight. The district is safely Democratic.

6:35 PM PT (Steve Singiser): Taking a brief look at the state legislative goings-on, we see a couple of  Republican legislative incumbents have already gone down in Indiana. They are Rebecca Kubicki (HD-22) and Kathy Heuer (HD-83). Their unpardonable sin, it appears, was voting against HR3, a proposed same-sex constitutional amendment in the state which was passed easily by the heavily GOP state legislature earlier in the year. That amendment, however, will not be on the ballot till 2016, since the most controversial part of the bill (which would've also, in effect, banished civil unions) was stripped via amendment.

Alas, Democrats will not benefit from these coups by the Right. Heuer's district did not see a Democrat file for the seat, and Kubicki's is a pretty deep-red slice of the state.

6:37 PM PT: NC-07: The AP has called the GOP primary for Rouzer. He currently leads White 59-34, with 52 percent in. Team Red is overwhelmingly favored to take this seat in November.

6:38 PM PT: NC-03: The AP is far ahead of the SBOE. With 51 percent in, Jones up 52-45.

6:41 PM PT: Races still up in the air: NC-02 Democratic primary, where Aiken narrowly leads. NC-03 GOP primary, where Jones appears to have the edge with a lot to go. NC-06 GOP primary, where it looks like we'll have a Berger-Walker runoff. NC-12 Democratic primary, where it looks like Adams will win outright tonight. OH-14, where Rep. Joyce looks like he'll defeat Matt Lynch but not overwhelmingly.

6:43 PM PT: The liveblog continues here.

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