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Bundy's thugs are losing what little minds they had to begin with.

The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that on Tuesday a BLM agent was terrorized by what they believe to be Bundy's separatist thugs.  On Interstate 15, deadbeat thugs who use the same tactic Bundy's separatists used when they illegally pointed weapons and threatened BLM and Federal agents who were executing a Federal Court order against Cliven Bundy in April.

... two motorists brandished a gun and displayed a threatening sign at a federal wrangler who was driving Tuesday in Juab County.

The wrangler was driving a load of horses and burros north on Interstate 15 about 11 a.m. near Mills when a dark blue Dodge 1500 extended-cab pickup pulled up alongside the wrangler. The two occupants "told him he was No. 1 with that certain gesture," said Eric Reid, the wrangler’s supervisor at the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s Fillmore Field Office.

The Tribune goes on to report that the thugs threatened the federal wrangler's life:

The pickup fell back and the wrangler continued north. A few minutes later, the pickup reappeared, Reid said. The men, wearing hoods, held up a sign, apparently scrawled on a piece of paper, that read, "You need to die." One of the men pointed what appeared to be a Glock handgun at the wrangler.
"wearing hoods" hmmm ...

The Tribune goes on to say that the domestic terrorists covered their license plates which is the same tactics Bundy's separatist thugs used:

Because the wrangler’s travel was slowed by the trailer full of animals, the pickup’s occupants had plenty of time to pull over and cover their license plates with tape — a strategy used by Bundy’s supporters who rallied with him against federal agents in an armed standoff over BLM grazing fees, Reid said.
(Hat-tip to StevenD for passing the link to me)

On another violent note, back in Nevada, Right Wing Watch reported that on Friday, May 2, this same separatist, Santilli harassed a local reporter and told the reporter he does "not deserve even 1st Amendment rights."

SANTILLI: “Who do you work for?

CASTELAN: : Channel 3

SANTILLI: Channel 4 News?

Castelan holds up 3 fingers

SANTILLI: Channel 3. Do you feel uncomfortable with your questioning?


SANTILLI: Who do you work for?  Do you work for the American people or do you work for another entity -- the -- the

CASTELAN: (inaudible)

SANTILLI: Do you believe that the media is state-run and that some of your line of questioning are not representative ...

CASTELAN: No, I don't think it's state-run.

SANTILLI: You don't think so?

THUG IN THE CROWD: Why aren't you questioning Harry Reid about his billions

SANTILLI: Do you think your questioning was completely and totally bias?

CASTELAN: I believe I was bias.

SANTILLI: You think it was completely and totally bias?

CASTELAN: Yes, As a Mexican-American I don't think I'm biased.

SANTILLI: You don't? Why -- why are you makin it -- Wh -- As a Mexican American you say.

CASTELAN: I am not biased.

SANTILLI: Wh -- why do you believe that you need to inject Mexican-Americanism into your line of questioning?

CASTELAN:  Because what he said is about race.

SANTILLI: IT'S ABOUT RACE! Is that what you said? Do you believe it's about race sir?

(Separatist thugs start screaming and yelling at Castelan.)

SANTILLI: Is that what you said? YOU BELIEVE IT'S ABOUT RACE?!?

(Separatist thugs in crowd screaming & Santilli cross talking over Castelan)

SANTILLI: No sir, his words were taken out of context. His words were taken out of context. It's not about race.

SEPARATIST IN CROWD: What you did was cowardice OK! (points finger seemingly at Bundy's ranch direction) that is a God-fearin man and we're all here and this isn't about -- none of us...

(Separatists start to encircle Castelan)

SANTILLI: I'll tell you what he's protectin your interest regardless of your bias. Ok.

(Someone touches Castelan's shoulder and whispers to him. Castelan walks away from crowd forming)

SANTILLI: As a Mexican-American you should know that we’re defending your rights, and you’re working for the state-run media, and you need to know that.

CASTELAN: No I'm not.

SANTILLI: You sure are,  especially by the bias in the line of your questioning,”

CASTELAN: It was not bias.

SANTILLI: It sure is. You are not serving the American public and you do not deserve even First Amendment constitutional rights, sir!

hmmm ... yet again Bundy's separatists show they do not like the US Constitution and have no use for Due Process, Right to Trial and Right to Counsel before convicting someone and stripping them of their 1st Amendment rights.

This same Bundy's separatist, Santilli, is very agitated that the media are reporting residents are un-easy with armed militia running around town and at schools.  One of Bundy's separatists, Pete Santilli, audio taped himself giving a fictional rant between him and an imaginary Congressman Steven Horsford.

SANTILLI: Let's go in front of Bunkerville residents and let's have you present your side and see how many people are scared  and then let's take a vote and what we consider to be quote, unquote "Democracy." Alright. And at the end of that vote Congressman Horsepucky if that vote is not in your favor you resign right then and there ON THE SPOT! Ok and then you go get deputized by somebody at the sheriff's department and then you start arresting people you cowardly, effing Communist! Put your money where you're mouth is homey!

um ... "homey" naw that deadbeat thug wasn't being racist using that word -- and -- ah ... yeah ... "let's take a vote" seems Bundy's separatist here is not smart enough to understand that the Congressman was already duly elected by his district's constituents.  This deadbeat thinks one town, Bunkerville, are the only constituents with voting privileges -- sheesh -- you really can't make this crap up.

Bundy's separatists mush not recall that in April, local MyNews3 reported, video here, that police were called to Cliven Bundy's Mormon Church with complaints form parishioners that Bundy was showing up with armed guards.  Bundy's Church eventually told Bundy that he was not allowed to have his goons bring weapons on Church property.  

In April MyNews3 also explained that the Bundy's took their son out of high school in April because the school would not let their son have armed guards on school property.

That same Bundy separatist, Santilli, is livid that the hotel has the nerve to think that they, the hotel, would lose future hotel guests (revenue) once those future guests learned the hotel recently had been hotel that received 9 bomb threats. ">subjected to 9 bomb threats.  In fact, he's so livid that he shared, with a woman, an audio taped conversation he had with the hotel manager.

This partial transcript is a little hard to understand because the Bundy separatist, Pete Santilli, is speaking to a woman and cutting in and out of his conversation with the hotel manager.

(Speaking to a woman)
SANTILLI: Do you want to hear the Holiday Inn? ... We have a very sensitive 90s guy at the front desk that says (using desperate voice paraphrasing hotel manager) 'Oh my god, you can't put me on recording' -- And I said 'Ok, has your business been impacted?' (using desperate voice) And he said "YES! UGH about everything!'  -- And I said "isn't this the building that was choc-full of BLM agents that left? And that's how you lost you money because WE KICKED THEM OUT?!

(using desperate voice to quote manager) SANTILLI: 'NO! We've received threats'


(break in audio)

(speaking to a woman)
SANTILLI: Let's start off though with this -- this ah -- Holiday Inn Express that has emptied out thanks to us KICKING the BLM out.  Alright.

(to hotel staff) SANTILLI: Is - um- one of your managers here? .... here comes the manager .... He comes out ..... he's a sweet -- he's a sweet young soul.  Here he comes.

MANAGER: You're not going to record anything in here

(breaks from live audio with hotel manager and speaks to a woman)
(quoting manager with using feminine voice) SANTILLI: 'You're not going to record anything here.'

(to manager) SANTILLI: I record everything everywhere.


(breaks from live audio with hotel manager and speaks to a woman)
(imitating manager with sneer) SANTILLI:  He said 'sorry.'

MANAGER: I'm not going to talk to you ...


MANAGER: ..unless you turn that off.

SANTILLI: unless I turn it off (makes grunting noises) ok, it's off (grunting and laughing).  Turn it off and then you'll talk to me?

MANAGER: All the way off, completely.

(breaks from live audio with hotel manager and speaks to a woman)
(quoting manager while using a feminine voice) SANTILLI: 'All the way off -- you must turn it' --- He -- he was waving his metro-sexual finger at me.  I just want you to know that ok.  This is -- this is somebody that does not like cattle! Alright, lets put it that way.  Ok, that's all we'll say.

WOMAN: Giggles.

SANTILLI: (to manager): How come?

MANAGER: There's no reason for you to tape me.

SANTILLI: Well, the-- the only thing -- the only thing I wanted to ask, I understand that -- let me tell you why I'm here is because there are concerns that you guys have received some sort of threats or something like that -- from- the Bundy ranch thing. Um- I -- that's all I wanted to find out about.  Just let -- I mean - obviously the public is concerned because we don't want anybody ta receive any threats whatsoever  -- So -- I mean ya don't -- if you don't want to respond ta that -- that -- there ya go.

MANAGER: There's my response (hands Santilli hotel's official statement).

SANTILLI: (reading statement out loud) So media statement regarding the Holiday Inn Express -- Holiday Suites Mesquite -- holds -- ok -- So 'Holiday Inn Express Hotel Suites Mesquite, Nevada holds the safety, comfort and well being of our guests and employees as our top priority and concern.  The ho -- hotel has received threats of various natures and the Mesquite Police Department is currently investigating' all of that. That's all -- that's all I needed ta get.  AhK.

(breaks from live audio with hotel manager and speaks to a woman)
SANTILLI: (with desperate voice) But if they had a pressure cooker we'd find out they were Chechnya  rebels like in an hour and a half -- yeah.

WOMAN: Giggles.

SANTILLI: (to manager) Um -- how about the -- your business -- I understand you guys have complained because you've -- you've lost a lot of business as a result of -- of those threats -- or as a result of the BLM leaving.

MANAGER: No, just all ...

(breaks from live audio with hotel manager and speaks to a woman)
SANTILLI: (with desperate voice)  He just said 'everything' and he just made this motion - of ah - ya know - 'all the world has caused this' -- and he just so in a very -- very -- ya know --

WOMAN: Did he do 'the' finger snap too?

SANTILLI: He did the -- he did the little head nod and the -- the (using feminine voice) 'Oh yes' here.

MANAGER: ... the whole thing.

SANTILLI: Because of the whole thing?

(breaks from live audio with hotel manager and speaks to a woman)
SANTILLI (quotes manager using strange, desperate voice) 'whole thing -- every thing'

(to manager)
SANTILLI: So the BLM staffed the entire -- not staffed - but they occupied all of your rooms?

MANAGER: No, only some.

SANTILLI: No, they didn't?

(breaks from live audio with hotel manager and speaks to a woman)
SANTILLI (using desperate voice) Just 250 out of the 206 --- 60 -- right?

WOMAN: giggles.


I emailed Santilli to ask him, among other things, why he was surprised to learn that a hotel would lose future guests (revenue) when a hotel has 9 bomb threats issued against them in a month's time.  He did not respond to my email yet but if he does I will pass along what he says.

Originally posted to TeamSarah4Choice on Thu May 08, 2014 at 11:20 AM PDT.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA and Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA).

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