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So I went into DC today to see what 30 million people looked like. I was on the Mall for Obama's first inauguration along with 2 Million other people. At the inauguration, the sea of people was wall-to-wall from the Capitol to the Washington Monument and with the crowd scattered all the way back to the Lincoln Memorial. So I thought this would be, by far, the largest human gathering in the history of the planet, with the crowd blanketing the city and extending all the way to the Pentagon. However, it appears that the bulk of the projected attendees went, instead, to the Mall of the Americas, because they certainly did not show up in DC.

The first picture is of the demonstration at the White House. There were 12 people there.
The second picture is of a crowd marching from the Washington Monument to an area on the Mall in front of the American History Museum.
The organizers were allocated approximately 1 block to accommodate their 30 Million. Also, they would have had to take out a permit. This size of space would have required a permit for only 5k - 10K people.
I used the counting tool in Photoshop to sample the size of the march in the photo. I have the crowd at about 300 people.
If you do the math, you will find that only 1 in 100K of the people expected actually showed up. That is one ten thousandth of one percent of the number the organizers were claiming.
Certainly a few more will show up - maybe as many as a thousand! But it is unlikely to be enough to arrest Obama and overthrow the government in an act of "patriotism". Such an assault on the government would seem to be more of an act of treason, which is pretty much the opposite of patriotism. But never fear - It was all just another teabagger wet dream wildly divergent from reality, rooted in ignorance, and based on a staggering level of innumeracy.

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