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A funny thing happened on the way to the Capitol yesterday. I actually met some people! Of course, we couldn’t come close to your 30 million in amazing camouflage that stormed DC and overthrew the government. Then again, since we only have 3.8 million humans on the island give or take a point, I hope you can forgive us for falling so far short of the incredibly high bar you set. Incredibly high.

Maybe it was the flag we gathered under, so non-treading and all… perhaps that’s where we went wrong. Or not...

 photo hoy1763a_zpscf0037c8.jpg

As I headed into the city, my heart sank a bit. There were black clouds over San Juan and it had started to rain. Now, if I were a real tea-patriot, it would be at this exact moment that I take the first exit and head back to my bunker camp.

 photo hoy171_zpsf026bc32.jpg

Thank goodness I’m not the real deal, right? Because, not 15 minutes later, this is what greeted me in Old San Juan :O)

 photo hoy173_zpsc08d18b1.jpg

 photo hoy174_zpsf096248f.jpg
Castillo San Felipe del Morro

 photo hoy175_zps00097b62.jpg

It turned out to be a gorgeous day, and according to El Nuevo Dia Online, just over a thousand of us gathered at the Totem Pole in Plaza Quinto Centenario to begin our march to the Capitol. The crowd was much smaller than last year’s, and I'm not sure if we had a thousand folks turn out, but everyone around me seemed in great spirits, it was wonderful to see so many old friends and hopefully make new ones.

Off to the staging area!

 photo hoy175a_zps91186158.jpg

 photo hoy176_zpsd51c1f27.jpg
Loving is not a crime

 photo hoy177_zps35fb1348.jpg
We are All Equal

 photo hoy178_zpsa01711e9.jpg
People of Faith Supporting Equality and Non-discrimination

 photo hoy179_zps73fe65d1.jpg

 photo hoy1711_zps4677f246.jpg

And we’re off!

 photo hoy1719_zps8876971b.jpg

 photo hoy1720_zpsf293806f.jpg

 photo hoy1721_zps94c4adce.jpg

It was at this point, after the march had already begun, that a great group of supporters finally made it through the traffic and were frantically trying to get their “gear” together and join the march. My friend, Gerardo and I helped them get ready, we made some wonderful new friends, and it was such a meaningful moment for me personally. It was almost as if Sara and Ann were here with me :O)  This group was representing Bordados por la Paz Puerto Rico (stitching for peace!), and what they had done is hand stitch panels for everyone who has died of a hate crime here in Puerto Rico. It was so moving, and these folks really touched my heart. We’ve remained in contact and I’ve sent them these photos (and lots more)!

 photo hoy1731_zpsc632703b.jpg
Stitching for Peace Puerto Rico

 photo hoy1730_zpsb1651ff9.jpg

 photo hoy1734_zpsbf1bc758.jpg

 photo hoy1732_zps347a3266.jpg

 photo hoy1733_zps33aa8acb.jpg

 photo hoy1735_zpsf41967e1.jpg

What a wonderful experience… and we’re off, again!

 photo hoy1740_zpsab33540f.jpg

 photo hoy1741_zpsaabeafd4.jpg

 photo hoy1742_zps5f508528.jpg
That’s the sky blue Governor’s Mansion, La Fortaleza, in the background

 photo hoy1744_zpsab55fadf.jpg

 photo hoy1745_zps680a5b04.jpg
Passing in front of the Mayor’s Office, looks like we have a guy on the inside :O)

 photo hoy1749_zpse7100042.jpg
The old city is so beautiful

 photo hoy1751_zps6b3b9af9.jpg
I march so that when my children are born the word gay will no longer be an insult

 photo hoy1755_zps475ae046.jpg
The Butterflies Trans Foundation

 photo hoy1753_zps2e6a0afe.jpg
Happy :O)

 photo hoy1750_zps0ca7ba0a.jpg
The Right to Marry Now

 photo hoy1747_zpse9aa8d88.jpg
Homophobia is Abhorrent

 photo hoy1746_zps082648a0.jpg
Iglesia de Puertas Abiertas (Open Doors) educating with the teachings of Christ to combat homophobia and discrimination
We also believe in God, Don’t Preach Homophobia God is Love

 photo hoy1754_zps3134f4a4.jpg
Way to go med students! Marching for a world of equality, struggling for healthcare with solidarity

 photo hoy1757_zpsbe26119c.jpg
and doctors!

 photo hoy1758_zps7a31d3c0.jpg

 photo hoy1756_zps5eb52d1c.jpg
My dear friend, Gerardo Méndez

 photo hoy1761_zps4f5f746b.jpg
now we’re nearing the Capitol

 photo hoy1760_zps4466ca68.jpg

 photo hoy1762_zps3612e1cd.jpg

 photo hoy1763_zpse8371d32.jpg

 photo hoy1767_zps34ca53eb.jpg
Lawyer and activist, Ada Conde ~ she was so inspiring!

 photo hoy1768_zpsae86b5d2.jpg
Pedro Julio Serrano, activist and coordinator of Puerto Rico para Todos

 photo hoy1769_zps5147c7be.jpg
Go Butterflies!

 photo hoy1771_zpsee342316.jpg
Senator María de Lourdes Santiago (PIP)

 photo hoy1773_zps8342d9c9.jpg
Senator Maritere González (PPD)

 photo hoy1764_zps9d8389ba.jpg

 photo hoy1766_zpsf72049fd.jpg
the soul does not distinguish gender, no law prevents love

Today's march was also in honor of Jesús David Hernández Otero, a gay volleyball player brutally murdered in March. His mom, Leticia Otero Rodriguez, and his step-dad, Walter Encarnación, were truly inspiring.

 photo hoy1777_zps84393af1.jpg
the family of Jesús David (center), together with Senators Maritere González & María de Lourdes Santiago, Pedro Julio Serrano and Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto
Foto via Twitter

So, you 10-30 million tea-patriots, show me exactly where I went wrong here…

And for the rest of us, I hope we all have a fantastic Sunday – pa’lante!

:O) I just checked the online article in El Nuevo Dia, and the pic they are using is of Bordados por la Paz on the Capitol steps!!! So happy for these wonderful ladies and gentleman :O)

 photo cap_zpsfaf83bf1.jpg

Originally posted to newpioneer on Sun May 18, 2014 at 08:49 AM PDT.

Also republished by LatinoKos.

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