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Just in case you were wondering.  I know most of you blew these OAS idiots off days ago.  We all had a big laugh on Friday, a few chuckles on Saturday and forgot about it by Sunday.  I'm off work nursing a sprained ankle and have been spending far too much time glued to their Face Book pages than I should admit but, if anyone's interested, here's what I've learned.

They still think this thing is going to happen.  Sure it started out as a one-day event.  March into DC, scare the you-know-what out of the president (so much so that he and Biden went to the Shake Shack for lunch), and by Saturday they'd have President Cruz granting all their wishes.  That didn't work out (it rained).  They swore they'd stand up to Obama's drones but rain ... not so much.  So it became a weekend event, then a week-long event.  After all, Raging Thunder is rolling into town for their big Memorial Day events honoring POWs, MIAs and vets.   OF COURSE, they're going to stand with OAS.  That's the ticket.  I've scoured every Rolling Thunder event I can find on the net and there is no statement whatsoever that suggests they support OAS.  No doubt some individual bikers will stand with them but the only statement from a RT coordinator that I found, actually posted on one of the OAS FB pages, said they did not believe  this event was the proper way to change control of the government.  Well, if the bikers don't do the trick, they're prepared to stay until the November elections, Occupy-style.  We should get a pot going on the day the last protester leaves.  I'll take June 14.

At this point, I almost feel sorry for them, well, the ones who aren't calling for armed revolution, burning down the WH and other acts of violence.  They remind me of a class of preschoolers being told there is no Santa Claus.  Its. Just. Not. Possible!  But not all are discouraged.  All they need now is to take over the media.  You see, Obama has blocked all their transmissions.  Every time they lose a feed, a cell phone drops a call or somebody's laptop battery dies, it's Obama's fault. Heck, he was accused of seeding the clouds Friday morning so it would rain on the group.

Which brings me to the so-called media blackout.  This is the most entertaining part. He (Obama) has this diabolical plan to black out media coverage so the ignorant masses remain unaware of the revolution.  If only they knew what the patriots are doing on their behalf, they'd all rush to DC straightaway and run the tyrant out of town.  The CW is the Obama administration has ordered all media, tv, cable, radio, not to cover the event or face sanctions.  Even their favorite  personalities (Beck most often but Limbaugh and Hannity are also mentioned) have abandoned them.  Why aren't they  interviewing people?  Apparently Beck warned people not to attend on his broadcast Thursday.  I'm guessing he was trying to save them the embarrassment but they were having none of that.  At the time, they assumed, if he didn't organize it and get credit, he wasn't supporting it.  Today Beck was suspiciously absent from his program (so they said.  I don't listen so cannot confirm). Now they talk about how he's beefed up security because of threats against his family.   But enough about him.  The plan they're pushing now, especially for those who could not make the trip to DC, is to protest at, or even take over, the local tv or radio stations.  That will get the people riled up (it would, but not in the way they think).   They talk about how they've spammed Fox News (et al) comment boxes or their FB pages but when I check those pages, nothing about OAS.  I'm guessing somebody is scrubbing them as quickly as they can be posted.  Even Fox Nation has nothing on it, other than an article from the 16th about the poor turnout.  And unless I've missed them, no statements from Cruz, Gowdy or the others they've called to lead them.  I did read an undocumented claim that Palin supports them but I don't see it on her FB page (that was a painful experience).  I'm not saying she didn't make a statement for OAS but a quick search on DuckDuckGo didn't reveal anything.  I'm not going to waste any more time on her.  

One last thing I found incredibly amusing and have to share.  As you would expect, there are lots of misspelled words, but don't make fun of them.  They do it on purpose to fool NSA.  They actually posted, on a public FB page, how to misspell certain words or place 7s between the letters.  Yes, they are telling people to spell it as O7S7A so NSA can't track them.  I guess they think their cereal box decoder ring is more sophisticated than the NSA.  

Well, I could go on and on with specific anecdotes but I think you all get the picture.  I haven't posted any links here because the (semi-sane) moderators of the pages I've viewed scrub the craziest posts before some nut job liberal blogger gets a screenshot.  That is not a guess on my part, the administrators have actually posted that.  They don't want any racist posts or photos of old, successful protests at the mall re-titled OAS.  They know it will come back to bite them later.   I wish I knew how to do screenshots but I'm pushing my tech skills just writing a diary.  If interested, just go to Facebook and search for Operation American Spring.  There are plenty of pages to chose from.  The one I watch most often are OAS Live Broadcast and News, and PFA/OAS American Spring.  Personally, I'd stick to lurking.  If they get too many trolls, they may make the pages private and what fun would I have then?

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